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  1. Goalkeeper/ GK Coach Survey

    legend Fraser cheers
  2. Reading penalties.

    I had a great article on this a view years ago from the FA coaches supplement were data was supplied from major tournaments which showed favoured targets for right and left footed players. I'll try a dig it up.
  3. Wrist Strength

    I will have a great answer for this very thing in about 3 weeks
  4. Hi All, I'm looking to get a handle on some goalkeeper skills and would greatly appreciate your help in answering the questions on this Survey. https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/HCC3VYG Thanks GaryM
  5. I'm only to happy to help if I can
  6. Hi I am a goalkeeping coach here in Ireland, I have played and coached in the league of Ireland and now I focus on coaching the keepers in Gaelic Football. Really enjoying coaching at the moment and love to hear hints and tips from every coach I come in contact with as well as the keepers. You can never ever learn enough. Looking forward to chatting with you all over time and please say hello and if you ever need a tip for training I'm only happy to help. Gary