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  1. Uhlsport Eliminator Supergrip

    I used the aquasoft fangmaschine I think 2 seasons ago and they were superb in the wet and dry and were very tacky and surprisingly durable but I wouldn't pay full price for them as they were 70 euro at the time but its worth a try if you can get a cheap pair.
  2. : Report post Glove Make & Model : Calma Clasico Supergrip Cut : Square Roll finger Latex : 4mm Profi Supergrip Internal Latex : None Wrist Strap : Full latex strap with personalization window Wrist Entry : Elastic Glove Body : Mesh Finger Protection : Removable didn't use them personally Price : 30 euro and free postage to Ireland Where from : www.netgoalkeeping.net First Impressions I had to go half a size down for these my usual being 9.5 and the fit straight out the bag was brilliant also the grip at the start wasn't amazing and felt very glossy so I gave them two prewashes before the grip really came alive Use I used them for around 20 times on mostly very hard grass pitches (15 training session and 5 matches) and they were outstanding in the dry the grip was the best ive ever had and was almost magnetic with the ball the cushioning was very well balanced and felt like just the right amount and the durability on the palm was far better than I expected only downsides are the length and width of the strap which I felt was very short and thin and the backhand durability which tore up very quickly. Ratings (out of 10) Looks : 7 Quite a basic glove being all white not quite to my taste Fit : 8 had to go half a size down but it was very snug and comfortable Build Quality: 8 Quite decent compared to others ive tried Dry Grip : 9 Incredibly tacky and grippy with the ball Wet Grip 8 No tackiness but still very solid Durability: 7 palm was decent but eventually dried up completely just recently backhand could be a bit better but was still good for the price Overall: 7.8 Conclusion Absolutely brilliant for the price and definitely a solid choice for matches I would definitely recommend these
  3. Hi Guys.

    Not the best got motm twice so far out of about 10 games but I broke my wrist early on in the season and then I did something to my back and was out for 3 months but I'm back playing now!
  4. Hi Guys.

    For my local team.
  5. Hi Guys.

    I'm kinda bad at these introduction things so yeah here's a tiny bit about me. I've been goalkeeping for about 2 years now I live in Cork in the south of Ireland I currently wear the Reusch Repulse Pro M1 Roll Finger and the Nike Vapor Grip 3 I thought it would be great to make an account and finally talk to some other goalkeepers that's why I'm Here! Hope to talk to you guys soon! :)