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  1. Tuto Review

    Kept an eye on these... Seen them on Pro Direct but never consider now reading the above. Great review!! :)
  2. Purely and simply, not being a good enough "footballer". Technically it's there, as I can read the game & know what I'm doing during play as a GK, just fitness I think which is a major downfall to take it to the next level. I wasn't getting into my first team at local level, (in Preston). So, donn'ed the foam catchers in a indoor 7 a side 4G pitch at the time, and took it from there. Sure they didn't score all training. 5"11 and 14st 8lb doesn't bode well. Anyhow, currently 3 points off the league leaders (6 games left for Sundays) & playing in a Cup final in 3 weeks time (retaining our cup we won last season). Got to be doing something right eh!!