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  1. Hey Y'all

    Elkhart, Indiana. For reference that's about about 20 miles away from Notre Dame University.
  2. Hey Y'all

    Hi everyone, Have taken a break from goalkeeping for the past year and a half due to injury but have recently decided to start back up again. Currently still attend high school here in the land of Mr. Trump (err..president :blink: ). We are a small school but have a very successful soccer program, competing with the biggest of schools in area. One of the best coaches in our school's history has decided to start coaching at our school again, and he has been encouraging me to resume playing. Looking forward to being a part of the community here, seems like a good group of guys (and gals). I have quite a bit of work to do to get to where I once was, but I am excited to be back between the posts. Nick Edit: I'd had several concussions over a span of a couple years, so I decided to take a break after my most recent one.