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  1. Kaliaaer XLR8AER

    Wore mine in one session and overall I like them and think they are well put together. Latex is excellent. I found the wrist after little adjusting but once I got it right it was nice and supportive.
  2. Pope's Captor Pure

    Agreed Bucks, excellent gloves and if looked after the latex holds up excellent. Just a nice solid grip.
  3. Kaliaaer XLR8AER

    Great start, have these ordered and should be delivered tomorrow, looking forward to getting them. Fingers look different with pointed tips.
  4. Adidas URG latex

    You reckon these are worth the money Bucks? I don't mind lack of durability. Just for grip.
  5. Reusch

    Thanks Bucks!!! Do you remember the first release? The arrow was a lighter blue and font on index was all black not an outline? Ian Bennett of Birmingham and Stefan Klos of rangers wore them off the top of my head.
  6. Reusch

    Also I find some tape around the wrist keeps the glove in place. The G3 will tear up but overall has good durability.
  7. Reusch

    Yeah the were an expensive glove at the time but we're one of the top of the range at the time. Very simple glove but excellent at the same time. From memory and I could be wrong on this Reusch released the aqua gloves around this time, all white with blue arrow, another classic. On the AX2 gloves I have beeno wearing in all weather and once kept damp they are solid grip wise.
  8. Reusch

    Yes that's the version of ax2 I have, I like the cuff on them, sits nice and comfortable I find. Really impressive collection of Reusch there Bucks. The Freccia gloves look excellent aservice do the duo blackhole gloves. I remember those old Reusch gloves they wereally excellent gloves. I had a few pairs of them always great gloves.
  9. Reusch

    Reusch make the best flat palms I think, fit is perfect. I'm wearing a pair of the ax2 flat palm and they are excellent. Overall myself I wear negative alot. Although one of my favourite gloves I have worn is the Precision Surround quartz. Great glove.
  10. Reusch

    Hi Bucks, I wore the serathor X1 Rolls but wasn't impressed with latex, I heard good things about it but I found it average, wore in damp conditions was good but when I wore in an absolute down pour in took them off after 10 mins.
  11. Adidas URG latex

    You reckon they are worth the money Bucks? I'm debating whether to get a pair.
  12. Bucks Returns

    How did you find the Seismic gloves?
  13. Bucks Returns

    Stay positive and get ready for the next day weather it's training or a game. ..
  14. Bucks Returns

    Good decision, this time of year ball been wet and mud certain gloves will need to be prepared. You see new Keeper id roll finger on just keepers? Look great.
  15. Bucks Returns

    I prewashed them and wore them for ten mins of a warm up, washed again and let them dry, on second use the grip started to come through. Grip by third use was very good but it does need some washes as will be slick to start off with.