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  1. Jim Buckley (Bucks) Season 2019/20

    Get yourself a teammate you trust with serving proper balls at you, go to edge of 18 yard box at end line and get him to warm you up, when you feel ready step into the goals, getting frustrated in the warm up transfer to a game and will effect you if things don't go your way. Good to hear about the Puma gloves as they look class.
  2. Jim Buckley (Bucks) Season 2019/20

    Good warm up is vital Bucks, this drill of outfield players just taking pot shots only drains a keeper of confidence if he hasn't done around 20 mins of handling and match preparation. What pumas are they?
  3. Kaliaaer XLR8AER

    I mostly wear negatives for a long time but these are proper fitting rolls, really well fitted and backhand material works perfect with the cut ..
  4. Kaliaaer XLR8AER

    Bought the roll finger model last week, have to say one of the best fittings gloves I've put on my hands.
  5. Pope's Captor Pure

    100% agree. The latex on Captors was excellent, really solid grip all the time but agree with what you are saying on the contact latex, very appealing to some.
  6. Pope's Captor Pure

    I found the grip on the captor gloves excellent, but all the new models with the contact latex grip on a par with one glove and KA. Maybe I am wrong but the first edition of the captors might have been manufactured in a different factory?
  7. Pope's Captor Pure

    They are excellent gloves, but having worn one glove and KA, they are all on a par with grip and quality. One glove have excellent sales as do KA so this will keep them ahead.
  8. Kaliaaer XLR8AER

    Been wearing my pair of the negative cut gloves, huge step up on the original I feel, I liked the original but the fit and comfort of the negative gloves is excellent.
  9. Pope's Captor Pure

    From the pictures I have seen of the Adidas hybrid cuts worn by pros, they seem to be very similar to the original Sells total contact gloves. I think Pope's will be ok as having worn a few different pair of them they are very good quality gloves, only thing that might go against them is the KA gloves and One glove are slightly cheaper than them.
  10. Jim Buckley (Bucks) Season 2019/20

    Good to see ye back at it Bucks!!!
  11. Kaliaaer XLR8AER

    Wore mine in one session and overall I like them and think they are well put together. Latex is excellent. I found the wrist after little adjusting but once I got it right it was nice and supportive.
  12. Pope's Captor Pure

    Agreed Bucks, excellent gloves and if looked after the latex holds up excellent. Just a nice solid grip.
  13. Kaliaaer XLR8AER

    Great start, have these ordered and should be delivered tomorrow, looking forward to getting them. Fingers look different with pointed tips.
  14. Adidas URG latex

    You reckon these are worth the money Bucks? I don't mind lack of durability. Just for grip.
  15. Reusch

    Thanks Bucks!!! Do you remember the first release? The arrow was a lighter blue and font on index was all black not an outline? Ian Bennett of Birmingham and Stefan Klos of rangers wore them off the top of my head.