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  1. How can we make GT better for you?

    what about an area for brand owners to post discount codes and promotions for members to use? And also for anyone who knows any discount codes or good deals from online retailers?
  2. Oneglove Geo Flux

    May need to add them to the list of gloves to try. Looking forward to getting my Sells Aqua delivered though!
  3. Your Strengths & Weaknesses

    My strengths are my handling and my kicking and organise well. Struggle with cross balls as I'm not the tallest and don't have the biggest of springs and I'm not the greatest at throwing the ball. I have recently joined a new club that has goalkeeper specific training so feel myself improving with that and hopefully turn some of the weaknesses into strengths.
  4. Oneglove Geo Flux

    Great review. The other keeper at my club swears by these. has 3 pairs of them at the minute.
  5. Bucks Returns

    Didn't know you beforehand as I'm a relatively new member, but glad to see you got things sorted and back at it!
  6. Cant seem to see anything online. Everything is about him being released by Cardiff. Nothing on his twitter bio either.
  7. Best ground you've ever played at?

    Nice, can't compete with that unfortunately. Next best thing to that was playing on the 1st teams training pitch at Real Madrid training camp against the Real Madrid Legends team.
  8. Silly mistakes

    As Fraser says, need to try put the mistakes out of your mind. And work on them at training. My dad always told me concentration was key and some of the mistakes could be down to concentration. He used to tell me to commentate to myself throught the game. Especially when the balls in the other half. It certainly keeps your mind in the game.
  9. Best ground you've ever played at?

    I played a charity game at Ibrox. Team of my boyhood heroes so has to be that for me.
  10. What got you into goalkeeping?

    I used to play RM when i was younger. My dad was always a keeper and used to coach at our team. One week the keeper got sent off and gave away a penalty. I was volounteered to go in goals. Saved the pen and the rest is history.
  11. Glovecare Guide credit of Oneglove Co

    I think i know where your coming from. I've never heard of it done before mind you. If ive not used goleves for a while sometimes ive found the thumb or fingers of the gloves have stuck together whilst in storage. Suppose this is a good idea to help prevent it.
  12. Hes definitely a greak keeper. Very underrated, but the best in the world? Perhaps not!

    I Pre washed mine in the machine and havent had any issues.
  14. Pulse P1 Review

    Link to pictures below: Pulse P1 Neg Photos