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  1. FLine S Line Glove

    Lovely looking glove mate, need to give F-Line a go in the future.
  2. Behalt Double B Review

    Not at all mate go for it. I've still not had a chance to get the pics uploaded but will get it done soon.
  3. Behalt Double B Review

    Glove Make & Model : Behalt Double B Cut : Roll finger Latex : 4mm Pro Contact foam Internal Latex : No Wrist Strap : Latex Wrist Entry : Bandage Glove Body : 3+3 Embossed latex with Red and Black detail Finger Protection : None Price : £40 plus postage & packaging Where from : www.behaltgoalkeeping.com First Impressions First impressions were that they were a great looking glove. Nice design keeping it simple but effective with no gimmicks. I opted to drop to a size 9 in these as the website states that they do feel slightly bigger on our hands and the fit was superb. One of the best fitting gloves I have had. Very snug on the hand but not causing any discomfort to my fingers. I would say I’m normally a 9.5 but usually opted for a 10 as I preferred a slight bit of room in my gloves, but since having these on I now go for a more snug fit when buying my gloves. Straight out of the bag they were tacky, but I wouldn’t have used them right away without a pre wash. I gave them one pre wash and they felt fantastic and the grip really came to life. Use I’ve used these around 20 times now, they were initially bought in April 2017 so have been used on and off for almost a year now and the latex is still in great condition and is showing no signs of drying out. The majority of these uses were in matches, with a small handful (maybe 3-4 max) were in training. Right after that first pre wash the grip was outstanding. My first use actually brought me my first clean sheet of the season. Coincidence… Maybe. I have used the gloves in a mixture of wet and dry conditions, mostly on astro but with some uses being on grass. The grip has never let me down and I have had full confidence in the gloves no matter what the conditions were. One of the uses was on a grass pitch where the goalmouth was particularly sandy. This had no effect on the gloves whatsoever and they are still going strong. I would still have the confidence to wear these in a match to date. Due to dropping a size and the gloves having a snugger feel to them, it has changed my view on how a glove should fit and like mentioned before, I now like my gloves to be snug rather than roomy. This has given me a really natural feel on the ball and I think that this had really improved my handling having a glove that fits better. The 4mm palm gives great shock absorption but like mentioned, still allows a very natural feel on the ball. These have been used on and off for a year now and I still carry them in my match day bag to date. The durability on them has been excellent considering most games have been on astro. Ratings (out of 10) Looks 8.5 Fit 9 (I’ve given this rating as it is stated on the website they are large fitting and by following this have personally found it the best fitting glove I’ve had in a long time) Build Quality 8.5 Dry Grip 9 Wet Grip 8.5 Durability 8.5 Overall 8.6 Conclusion I have thoroughly enjoyed using these gloves and still do a year down the line. I would have no issues getting these out of the bag to use in a match day. I have been really impressed with the build quality and loved the fit of the gloves, which has completely changed my outlook on how I like my gloves to fit. Performance wise these have never let me down, even in the most challenging wet conditions and also in unnaturally sandy conditions. I would definitely recommend these gloves to anyone. Pictures Pictures will be added once I get them uploaded to Photobucket.
  4. How can we make GT better for you?

    what about an area for brand owners to post discount codes and promotions for members to use? And also for anyone who knows any discount codes or good deals from online retailers?
  5. Oneglove Geo Flux

    May need to add them to the list of gloves to try. Looking forward to getting my Sells Aqua delivered though!
  6. Your Strengths & Weaknesses

    My strengths are my handling and my kicking and organise well. Struggle with cross balls as I'm not the tallest and don't have the biggest of springs and I'm not the greatest at throwing the ball. I have recently joined a new club that has goalkeeper specific training so feel myself improving with that and hopefully turn some of the weaknesses into strengths.
  7. Oneglove Geo Flux

    Great review. The other keeper at my club swears by these. has 3 pairs of them at the minute.
  8. Bucks Returns

    Didn't know you beforehand as I'm a relatively new member, but glad to see you got things sorted and back at it!
  9. Cant seem to see anything online. Everything is about him being released by Cardiff. Nothing on his twitter bio either.
  10. Best ground you've ever played at?

    Nice, can't compete with that unfortunately. Next best thing to that was playing on the 1st teams training pitch at Real Madrid training camp against the Real Madrid Legends team.
  11. Silly mistakes

    As Fraser says, need to try put the mistakes out of your mind. And work on them at training. My dad always told me concentration was key and some of the mistakes could be down to concentration. He used to tell me to commentate to myself throught the game. Especially when the balls in the other half. It certainly keeps your mind in the game.
  12. Best ground you've ever played at?

    I played a charity game at Ibrox. Team of my boyhood heroes so has to be that for me.
  13. What got you into goalkeeping?

    I used to play RM when i was younger. My dad was always a keeper and used to coach at our team. One week the keeper got sent off and gave away a penalty. I was volounteered to go in goals. Saved the pen and the rest is history.
  14. Glovecare Guide credit of Oneglove Co

    I think i know where your coming from. I've never heard of it done before mind you. If ive not used goleves for a while sometimes ive found the thumb or fingers of the gloves have stuck together whilst in storage. Suppose this is a good idea to help prevent it.
  15. Hes definitely a greak keeper. Very underrated, but the best in the world? Perhaps not!

    I Pre washed mine in the machine and havent had any issues.
  17. Pulse P1 Review

    Link to pictures below: Pulse P1 Neg Photos
  18. Pulse P1 Review

    The glove has a 4mm contact latex in negative cut with a single wrist strap and come either with or without finger protection. They come in at £25 plus £5 shipping. The gloves come with the usual plastic film on the palm as with most contact latex gloves. I found the film extremely easy to remove compared with some other brands I have used that come with the film attached. Out of the bag (and with the film removed) the gloves are very tacky. I opted for one pre-wash using only warm water and gently rubbing the palms. Fit & feel: I’d say the gloves are true to size. I opted for my usual size 10 and they feel nice and snug on my hand with no bagginess on the backhand. The gloves feel very natural on the hand. Being my first pair of negative cut gloves, initially I thought the negative stitching inside the fingers would irritate me, but this was not the case at all. The gloves are very comfortable with no movement when on the hand. Although the wrist strap is only a single, it provides a nice, secure fit around the wrist without having to overtighten or constantly adjust it during use and there is no excess strap hanging around once tightened. Looks: These gloves keep it plain and simple. Full white palm and backhand with the Pulse logo in black and a black personalisation strip on the wrist strap. Although I am a fan of gloves which come in different colours, I really liked the simple approach to these. Performance: So far I have used the gloves in one 11 a side game (which was in dry conditions on 4g) and I was impressed. The grip right away was extremely good with no time needed to wear them in. As normal, I dampened the palms with some water pre match and topped up as required throughout the game as it was quite a warm day. I found the grip was spot on throughout the match whether it was coming to claim crosses or dealing with shots I had complete confidence in the gloves. The 4mm latex provides good shock absorption for the more powerful shots, without taking away any of the feel of the ball. I have also used these for one training session, which was in slightly wet conditions and again I have been impressed. The grip was great again and no movement on the hands when the gloves got wet and muddy. Again I found that the shock absorption was very good and I felt like I was getting good contact on the ball. Durability: As I have only used the gloves a couple of times, I cant provide much informaton on the durability. There are some slight marks around the fingertips, which is consistent with most gloves used when playing or training on astro. I will provide a further update on the durability once I have had more use out of them. Value for money: These gloves come in at £25 plus £5 shipping. Although it is a simple colourway/design, there has been a lot of work put in to making these gloves right. The grip, fit and comfort of these gloves are all very good, which in my opinion, is essential when buying a glove. My initial thoughts are that I think these gloves will compete well with some of the top brands and for £30 all in these are an absolute steal. Looks: 4.5/5 Fit & Feel 4.5/5 Performance: 4.5/5 Durability: N/A – Will update when I have had more use from the gloves. Value for money: 5/5 Overall: 4.75/5
  19. Behalt R.14 Review

    Link below to photos: Behalt R.14 Photos
  20. Behalt R.14 Review

    Glove Make & Model : Behalt R.14 Green/Blue Cut : Roll finger Latex : 4mm Elite Quartz Internal Latex : No Wrist Strap : 3mm Embossed Latex Wrist Entry : Bandage Glove Body : Embossed Latex with some micromesh Finger Protection : None Price : £42 plus postage & packaging Where from : www.behaltgoalkeeping.com First Impressions Nice simplistic glove with nice detailing to the backhand and a few flashes of colour which complements them nicely. They are a true to size fitting and are extremely comfortable on the hand. Straight out of the bag they were very tacky but I gave them a prewash anyway just to be sure. Use I have used these gloves between 15-20 times now on and off for 2 seasons in various conditions on both grass and artificial surfaces in games and towards the end of their use in training, Right away these were extremely grippy. The 4mm palm gives the perfect balance between shock absorption and feel. In the dry these are one of the best gloves I have used to date. In the wet of course the grip isn’t as good, but still more than useable in wet conditions. I had complete confidence in them every time I’ve worn them in all conditions. The only negative thing I could say about these is the durability of them. I could see signs of wear after about 5 or 6 wears. Now this may have been down to poor technique and poor surfaces as its mostly the finger tips which have worn, the palm is still in excellent condition. Ratings (out of 10) Looks: 8.5 Fit: 9 Build Quality: 8.5 Dry Grip: 9 Wet Grip: 8 Durability: 7 Overall 8.3 Conclusion I thoroughly enjoyed using these gloves and still do so in training to date. The grip and feel is excellent on these. As I mentioned the wear on I have experienced could be poor technique. I would certainly buy this model again but more recently have opted for the Double B model to give them a go as I was so impressed with the performance of these. I would say they are priced slightly higher in the “Indy” brand market, but definitely out perform some of the “big” brand gloves I have used in the past. If buying these I would suggest using them as a match glove only due to the wear I found and the price. It would make sense to only use them in games to maximise use. I have had these 2 years now and although the fingertips are worn, the grip is still excellent. If it wasn’t for the wear I would still have the confidence to wear these in game.
  21. Behalt R.14 Review

    I do mate but haven't had the chance to set up a photobucket account yet and wouldn't let me upload them without it
  22. Pulse P1 Review

    Yeah mate we spoke about this when I originally done it and done an update before the forum lost all the content. I hadn't saved the updated version so thought I'd post this anyway.