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  1. How I take Goal Kicks

    Goal kicks are the bane of many amateur keepers so thanks for sharing! Mine are sometimes good, sometimes awful but always inconsistent. They used to be a real weakness to my game but they have definitely improved since I've started playing regularly again over the last couple of years.
  2. What got you into goalkeeping?

    I don't even remember, I was too young. My dad always tells me that when he first started taking me down the park to play aged 4 or 5, I always insisted on going in goal and had no interest in shooting, so I guess it's just the way I've always been inclined!
  3. Post a Picture of Your Gloves.

    Let's bring this thread back to life.... Currently using the yellow/green ones in the dry and the white ones in the wet.
  4. The BIG goalkeeping glove brand list

    These guys are starting to make a name for themselves: http://spartagk.com/ They sponsor Chelmsford City (National South) and England C goalkeeper Ross Fitzsimons and few other non-league and foreign keepers.
  5. Definitely agree on this one. Let's not forget that he's still only 24... At least another decade in him and is only going to get better.
  6. Hello again

    Glad to see that the forum is back up and running guys, well done!