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  1. Hi parents and keepers. Please see below flyer for my UK & Spain tour departing Adelaide South Australia September 28th. For the first time we travel to Spain to visit Valencias amazingfacility for a day or two and then depart for the north west of England for 2-3 days before possibly 2 days in London followed by 2-3 days on the south coast. Planned sessions at the moment although always subject to change are Valencia, Everton, Accrington Stanley, Fleetwood Town, Crystal Palace,Bournemouth, Brighton and Southampton. We are always welcome at other clubs especially as well as St Georges Park and sessions with scouts The tour is usually 11 days on the ground and we usually have around 9 training sessions of a high intensity and it is a fast paced tour. Please contact me for further information Kind regards, Chris Higgins l Owner Chris Higgins Goalkeeping Academy/HGK gloves/CHGK UK talent tour's 0419 809 255 chris@chgk.com.au www.chgk.com.au