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  1. Nike Phantom VNM boots

    I had two pairs, that both ripped along the striking element in the same month. Apart from that, they felt great. Wasn't happy at all with that outcome though.
  2. Drawn toward the Puma mitts.
  3. Only thought Adidas gave you replacement mental studs. :/
  4. Where can you grab those FG stud replacements for SG boots? Been meaning to grab some for a long time.
  5. When you say interchangeable studs, do you mean SG to FG?
  6. Wyatt's 2018-2019 Season

    Thought it could come down to the coach, because watching that it didn't seem like Wyatt was willing putting the ball in that area. Hope things work out for both you and him. The amount of politics and rubbish involved in youth football is a joke.
  7. Wyatt's 2018-2019 Season

    Watching the video from the game last week, I have some feedback for Wyatt, mainly relating to his distribution. I feel as if he turns the ball over too easily by putting up a long bomb straight down the middle of the pitch most of the times that he gets it in his hands, if the coach wants him to go long, I suggest he doesn't blindly smash the ball forward, but instead plays a flatter ball to a wide area of the pitch, so his team doesn't get caught unaware. Just my opinion though! Other than that looks good.
  8. Bucks Returns

    Sounds interesting enough.
  9. Bucks Returns

    What profession?
  10. Bucks Returns

    Good to see you get a win. Hope that boosts morale and makes the atmosphere a bit better.
  11. Bucks Returns

    Not impressed then.
  12. Bucks Returns

    So true, especially here in Australia, you have to travel to the most expensive areas of Sydney to find a store that stocks a decent glove, and generally it'll only be a pair or two of Predator Pros.
  13. Bucks Returns

    90% sure they've fixed the sizing issue, but from what I've heard 1/2 a size down is still recommended.