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  1. Pope's Captor Pure

    Must say, i do love the look of some of the Pro Issue gloves they have. Looking forward to seeing what they release to the public upon launching.
  2. Samba Infiniti Giga Rolls

    Been waiting for a Samba review, and this didn't disappoint. Great review Fraser.
  3. Wyatt's 2018-2019 Season

    Good to see the updates for Wyatt will be back for the 2018-2019 season. In regards to Goalkeeper Gloves, there are many American glove brands that I can recommend, the main two being Gometta (LINK), and Aviata (LINK) If those don't interest you, check out this list of over 100+ glove brands.
  4. Wrist injury

    Because you mentioned a pulling feeling, I don't think you have broken a bone, but more torn a tendon/ligament, or some pressure on the carpal tunnel. I hope its nothing serious. Goodluck.
  5. Feeling scared

    Best piece of advice I can give you; if the club community and coaching staff is toxic, the best thing for your football, and mental health is to just leave. Especially in your situations, where you want to play for fun!
  6. The BIG goalkeeping glove brand list

    Another two to add to the list: Fly Goalkeeping - https://www.flygoalkeeping.com/ Arcitor - https://www.arcitor.com/ Edit: Might as well add well known Australian brand TEE-3 http://tee-3.com/Home.html
  7. Fantasy Football 2018-2019

    Looking to bounce back after my midtable finish last year.
  8. Tape is your friend.
  9. injury

    Well considering they can see the issue, and you can have a proper conversation, you're still going to find a lot more help from them than us. If your current Doctor/Physio doesn't listen, find a new one.
  10. injury

    I'd be asking your doctor/physio this question.

    Done, sounds like a worthwhile cause. I hope more people jump on this
  12. Transfer News

    Ridiculous asking price, if Liverpool follow through with this, they need to fire the whole financial department.
  13. Feet pre shot

    That's the key to it I feel, just repetitive practice and forcing your body to commit it to muscle memory, so eventually you don't have to think about it.
  14. The BIG goalkeeping glove brand list

    Just a heads up, GLUPRO have a different URL; www.glupro.com Aviata have changed their URL to www.aviatasports.com from www.aviatagk.com An ':' needs to be added to the Calma URL after http, as it currently doesn't work. J19 has a %20 at the end of the URL that needs to be removed. Kronis has a %20 at the beginning that needs to be removed. The LOTTO link goes to their website, but the Goalkeeping section is now non-existent. SHG needs a %20 moved from the end of the URL. And the following Glove brands aren't running any more / websites are down; - D1VE are done. - DC1 - I don't think that FOOTBALLMASTERS URL works, but that might be my internet. - Infinity Goalkeeping - Kipsta - SKKITS is no-more - Templar - TomPro - I can't get anything from Zapcam, though might still be kicking. - I can't get anything from POKER - Realtec - RK1
  15. What got you into goalkeeping?

    Central Coast Mariners, playing for their Sydney based academy North Shore Mariners.