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  1. Transfer News

    Ridiculous asking price, if Liverpool follow through with this, they need to fire the whole financial department.
  2. Feet pre shot

    That's the key to it I feel, just repetitive practice and forcing your body to commit it to muscle memory, so eventually you don't have to think about it.
  3. The BIG goalkeeping glove brand list

    Just a heads up, GLUPRO have a different URL; www.glupro.com Aviata have changed their URL to www.aviatasports.com from www.aviatagk.com An ':' needs to be added to the Calma URL after http, as it currently doesn't work. J19 has a %20 at the end of the URL that needs to be removed. Kronis has a %20 at the beginning that needs to be removed. The LOTTO link goes to their website, but the Goalkeeping section is now non-existent. SHG needs a %20 moved from the end of the URL. And the following Glove brands aren't running any more / websites are down; - D1VE are done. - DC1 - I don't think that FOOTBALLMASTERS URL works, but that might be my internet. - Infinity Goalkeeping - Kipsta - SKKITS is no-more - Templar - TomPro - I can't get anything from Zapcam, though might still be kicking. - I can't get anything from POKER - Realtec - RK1
  4. What got you into goalkeeping?

    Central Coast Mariners, playing for their Sydney based academy North Shore Mariners.
  5. What got you into goalkeeping?

    Was always a midfield player either playing at 6 or 10, up until 8/9 years old, playing at a high level here in Australia. I think being Spainish and after watching Iker Casillas in our 2010 World Cup win, I had to give playing in goal a try. Fast forward 8 years and I've just turned 16 and signed a contract with a professional club in Australia! :)
  6. I'm paying $85 AUD for session here in Sydney, have had them vary from $60-$100+.
  7. tips

    I'd say that confidence is key. Along with enjoyment.

    Go for it Fraser, photos are up now too.
  9. I think we'd all like to see some more detailed photos, to understand what your actually creating? I'm all for innovation, and although they might not be to my taste, I'd still like a look.
  10. Glove Make & Model : SoloPortero MUSSA STRONG PRO CHR GLOVE Cut : Hybrid; Rolled index and pinky, negative middle fingers. Latex : 4mm of Gigagrip latex. Internal Latex : Yes, on all five fingers, although nothing on palm. Wrist Strap & Wrist Entry : "Extra long nepoprene wristband featuring a natural latex closure strap that is 2 cm wider, to reinforce even more the wrist area." Glove Body : "Micro Perforated Fabric (MPF) to enhance ventilation. Natural latex pieces to achieve a balanced glove. It incorporates gel as the punching element, used for clearances." Finger Protection : None available. Price : €69.99 $86USD £61 $109AUD Where from : www.futbolemotion.com First Impressions First impressions out of the bag, was the extra long neoprene wrist entry, with the extremely large wrist strap. The latex felt quite powdery straight out of the bag, and I only gave them one prewash before running out in them for the first match of the season. The backhand felt very solid at first, and I felt as though the glove was constructed quite well. The palm of the glove runs rather small though, and I felt that is finishes too high on the palm, this takes some getting use to. Use I have used the gloves in a total of 5 matches so far, all in dry hot Australian weather, as well as all 5 being on artificial grass. So as I said I ran out in them for the first match of the season, a big game against Sydney FC. I was extremely underwhelmed with their performance during the opening exchanges of the match, with the only positives being the comfort, and secure feel on hand. As the game began to liven up, so did the latex, toward the end of the match I felt a lot more confident and trusting in them then I did in the opening minutes. After another wash, I again went out into a game, this time the gloves still didn't feel up to scratch, and certainly not like a £60 gigagrip glove. As much as I wanted to love these they gave me no reason to, as in the third match and after the third wash they still didn't perform as I wished them to, along with huge chunks of the backhand beginning to come away. After 5 matches I've already decided to retire these gloves, as they do not provide me with any confidence at all, and they are beginning to deteriorate at a fast rate. I really hope I just got a dodgy pair from SP as they seem like a great company. I've got a pair of the Aqua Mussa gloves that I will be pulling out sometime during the middle of the season, and I hope they change my view. Ratings (out of 10) Looks- 8/10; Simple red black and white design, that always looks nice. Fit- 7.5/10; I ordered my usual size 10, and they fit really well, one of the positives of this glove, the wrist strap and entry is phenomenal, but my only qualm is the palm finishing too high. Build Quality - 6/10 The shape of these gloves is great, with not a baggy part of the glove, and none of the stitching has popped. The only issue is the chunks coming away on the backhand, along with the palm tearing very quickly. Dry Grip- 7/10 Its not bad, felt better when slightly damp. Wet Grip- N/A haven't had the opportunity to try. Durability- 6/10 The latex on the backhand has fallen apart, with huge chunks coming off. Along with this around the webbed part between thumb and index finger the latex on the palm has began to tear quiet badly. Apart from that the fingertips have just the usual chipping you would expect from playing 5 matches on artificial turf. Overall- 5.75/10 Conclusion I was really disappointed and upset with the performance of the Soloportero Mussa Strong CHR Pro, they were a glove I really wanted to love, but just couldn't get along with. As I said earlier I really hope I just got a dodgy pair, and that these are normally of much better quality. Pictures - https://imgur.com/a/c7hGR
  11. I understand where your coming from, but the glove would lack shape, and therefore protection wouldn't it? And the backhand would be torn and worn just as badly as the palm before it is even used? I'm all for innovation, but maybe a few more tweaks need to be made before I jump on this. Goodluck :)
  12. Insanity Blackbird Review

    Great review Fraser, just a heads up that the title and the review don't match.
  13. Glove addiction

    I'm in a similar boat, I buy multiple pairs per year. But instead of holding them, will generally sell them on if I don't like the feel etc. In almost every case use the ones I keep.
  14. Calma Shadow 3.0 (Bought)

    Note: This is my first review, any feedback would be appreciated. Glove Make & Model : Calma Shadow 3.0 Cut : Genuflect Cut - A modern pre-curved cut giving total contact Latex :4mm BLK Contact Grip Palm Internal Latex : No Wrist Strap : Latex Wrist Entry: Elastic Glove Body : FlexSmart Embossing, and Micro mesh Lining. Finger Protection: There are 3 options when purchasing the gloves; No spines, Heavy Weight Spines, and Feather Weight Spines. Price : £33.99 $60AUD Where from : http://www.calmagk.com.au http://www.calmagk.com/ CALMA GK WEBSITE INFORMATION: The Calma Shadow 3.0 - The shadow is the latest glove and 3rd release to come from the Calma Blackout Family. The Calma Shadow first launched into the glove market late 2011. And ever since, the brand has been renowned from releasing killer blackout designs and exceptional performance. Everyone knows that if you're ordering a Shadow model from Calma, it's going to be packed with the best features and designed with the performance in mind. The glove features: - 4mm BLK Contact Grip Palm - Genuflect Cut - A modern pre-curved cut giving total contact - FlexSmart embossing - Backhand embossing designed to give the glove complete freedom. We have embossed the glove with special groves purposely to give the hand a second skin feel and for the goalkeeper to experience glove versatility like never before. - Micromesh lining giving the hand total breathability to help reduce sweat and keep your hands fresh. First Impressions Straight out of the packet the gloves felt superb, although the protective plastic required a fair bit of effort to remove due to the Genuflect cut. I prewashed the gloves twice, and the grip was great. Use I wore the gloves for over 20 matches this season, and at multiple training sessions after the season, in rain, hail, snow, sun and mud, on dirt, grass and astroturf. In the wet the gloves struggled, and I didn't feel comfortable collecting any crosses or holding onto shots with power behind them. In the dry the gloves excelled, when slightly damp the gloves held onto most shots very well and were confidence inspiring, but this only lasted 5-8 uses, after that they were good, but nothing that made my eyes pop. The gloves become very heavy in the wet, and bunch up where the palm meets the fingers. The gloves were true to size, and I felt comfortable and snug in my normal size 10. The Genuflect cut provides a very good feel on the ball, although the 4MM of BLK Contact felt very bulky at times, and more like 5mm. The gloves took the sting out of the ball, and provided great protection. The durability I must say has been superb, the gloves have survived well over 30 uses now and still perform reasonably well in the dry. I did wash the gloves after every use. NOTE: I bought these through the Calma Australia website, and although I'm not 100% sure, this batch is slightly different to the gloves available on the UK site. Ratings (out of 10) Looks: 8/10 Fit: 7/10 Build Quality: 8/10 Dry Grip: 9/10 Wet Grip: 6.5/10 Durability: 7.5/10 Overall: 7.5/10 Conclusion: I enjoyed my first experience with Calma, and the customer service is amazing. The gloves are good for the price range, but I feel that there are better options in the Calma range. I would recommend these to anyone who likes a blackout glove. Pictures: I can add photos if anybody requests them.