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  1. Thames Ditton are a funny team. They have lost all 4 games this season, 3 in the League and 1 in the League Cup, but they score goals. Off the top of my head they have lost 6-2, 7-3, 6-3 and 5-3 so despite them being bottom of the league we certainly shouldn't take that for granted this weekend.
  2. Wyatt's 2019-2020 Season

    100% with his wrong foot. Sorry but not even most professional keepers can kick that well with their wrong foot so bit of a weird one to pull a kid up on if you ask me.
  3. Surrey Junior Cup 1st Round action today, against Hersham FC who had a decent start (6 points from 9) in Division 5, so a league above us. Not the easiest place to find to be honest, but eventually our team turned up, and on a sunny yet slightly chilly morning in the Surrey countryside we put in arguably one of the best performances since I joined this team. We started off a little slow but picked off their through balls, and defended resolutely. A shot from the edge of the area had me sprawling to my left, clipping the outside of the post. Then a corner which left their striker unmarked 7 yards out with a decent header I got a good hand to then gathered the loose ball. After that we grew into the game, but missed countless chances, finally getting the break through just before half time. Second half again was mainly sweeping up, my first save coming after I came out for a ball down our left channel I thought I could get to, but having got there realised trying to get the ball back into my area was a no go, so I took it down the line then tried to hit a wonder pass down the line only to pass it straight to an opposition player. Having got back into my area their striker hit a tame effort which I dived to my left and gathered. After more missed chances we finally made it 0-2 with about ten minutes to go. The opposition had a couple of half chances but we held firm for a first clean sheet of the season, coming a lot sooner than the one I got in the whole of the 2018/19 season. A good solid win and team performance for us, and into the next round of the Cup. Next week we face bottom of the table Thames Ditton back in League action having lost twice to them (1-4 and 6-0) last season. Kit: All Purple Nike Goalkeeper Kit. Boots: Black Adidas Predator 18.1 SG's. Gloves: Reusch Prisma Pro G3 Duo Black Hole.
  4. FLine S Line Glove

    Probably doesn't help Reusch have reintroduced the Arrow gloves over the last year.
  5. Had a training session with Andy my keeper coach on Wednesday. It still amazes me how shocking my fitness is, so I have taken his advice and joined a gym. 🤣 Done some core and resistance work and when I next go in a few weeks to see him he wants to do a "Right side workshop", because I am so much weaker at diving / saving on my Right which has always been the case. 🤦‍♂️ Looking forward to Sunday's game, in the Surrey Cup although typically we are Away and it is bloody miles against Hersham FC who are in the Division above us. I fancy our chances and we have a full squad almost to select from so we should give them a decent game, I just hope we don't start how we did last week. We need to start playing to our ability from the off for once as we have been slow starters in every game so far this season. The oppo play in Yellow so we will be in our Red Away kit, and thus I shall be lining up in Purple once again this week.
  6. It's all of course in the name though. Same reason why a tshirt from Gucci probably cost £300 yet one made exactly the same and to the same quality in Primark is £8. 😅
  7. I just wanted to make the point that I'm not scared of getting hit by another player, I seem to have become scared of coming for the ball and missing it. 😅
  8. I know the bigger brands are a bit notorious on various keeper sites, mainly gloves but I do love Nike kits lately. Used to always be Adidas but they all seem a bit gamey, Nike have really impressed me with their kits last season and this. I've tried all sorts of gloves as you can probably tell. But for some reason I find it hard to find a really good fitting roll finger these days. Usually they tend to be too baggy like the Sells ones I used last season or too tight. And I have never particularly rated negative cut gloves, I've never really seen what all the fuss is about, but flat palms, I love the way they fit, the feel they give me on the ball and I feel like they give a better catching area than a negative. I avoided Reusch for years because of their prices, but I have picked up a few for sale pairs (which are still probably top end prices of some other brands), but the build quality, and grip / durability on Reusch really impresses me. Also on the Reusch I have always been a fan since the first pair in 1999 of their gloves with the Duo latex.
  9. To be fair the Leatherhead League is quite impressive. When I joined a team in the Morden & District leagues in 2009/10 there was a Premier Division and then down to Division 9 so ten leagues in total. Last season there was 2 divisions and now the Morden & District has folded with a lot of teams moving over to the Leatherhead & District Leagues. Also never seem to get a lot of trouble if any at all. The Morden Leagues were notorious for punch ups. I think you are right about me, in that I massively over analyse myself, I think mainly because I know how good I can be, so when I do let a soft one in I go massively hard on myself. I actually really enjoyed Sunday, I felt more relaxed and that allowed me to try and be a bit more aggressive in how I played. I used to play a lot like that when I was younger, my Dad and some of the other Dads used to call me a sweeper keeper years and years before the likes of Manuel Neuer started doing it, but when I fucked my ankle up at 18, I've never been that aggressive, and probably hold back a bit since. Also I had a couple of times I slid out for the ball and missed it or gathered and then fumbled the ball and it has really put a doubt in my mind about coming out for through balls.
  10. Two all draw today against a very youthful Ewell Corinthians team. I would say actually the result was probably fair on the run of play, but it took a late equaliser from us to get a valuable and well earned point, and we almost stole it at the death, but it was cleared off the line. I decided myself that I needed to be a bit more positive and aggressive in my play as for too long I have held back a bit and put my defence under pressure at times last season and this. First chance came about 2 minutes in, a ball through which I thought I could get to, so I ran out for the ball, and yet realising I wasn't getting there I knew I had to just carry on and do the best I could, and as I threw myself at the ball their left mid smashed it high and wide. Another chance fella to their forward who cut inside and from about 9 yards out smashed a shot goal wards. It was a bit unorthodox from me but I managed to get a strong hand on the ball and over the bar as I dived to my left. Then a free kick from deep was pumped towards their big centre back and I came and punched the ball away. Their first goal was a travesty, twice our lads had a chance to clear it and took too long, the ball falling to Piercey our CB inside our box about 8-9 yards out, just had to go! But for some reason he decided to try and dribble past their striker who robbed him, took a touch and rolled it into the bottom corner. 0-1. Stayed that was until half time, and to be honest we didn't play at all well first half and that goal summed it up. Second half we started slow again, but held firm at the back they had one shot across goal I got finger tips on but the ref gave us a throw in. 😂 I would say probably 70ish minutes in we managed to equalise, a shot from Jay who was playing RM went across goal and Mike came in at the back post and bundled the ball home, making it look a lot more awkward than it should have been. 1-1. By this point we were the team on top but then typical of us a lapse at the back, a high ball over the top, I called to Dan another CB to head it back to me, but fuck knows what he done, he kind of let the ball drop and spun around it, their striker stealing it off him and one on one he rolled the ball across me into the far bottom corner, just inside the post. 1-2. Again we got ourselves back in it, Mike finishing off a nice move to make it 2-2. Then almost straight from the kick off again the ball down our left, their guy played a lovely ball along the deck of the area, I closed the guy in coming who hit it first time straight at me. Then another through ball late on and I came rushing out and slid out to clear ahead of the same player. 2-2 the final result, I think a win for either team would have been unjust really. Oh and my kicking was better today. Kit: All Red Nike Goalkeeper kit. Boots: Black Adidas 18.1 SG's. Gloves: Reusch Prisma Pro G3 Duo Black Hole.
  11. I've asked my manager to bring the orange bollards down next week and I will do a little proper warm up to the side of the goal from now on. Not a great standard, just Leatherhead & District Division 6. My biggest problem is I am better than I have been showing and I know it and it is really starting to piss me off.
  12. Too many! 😅🤷‍♂️
  13. I do have another pair of Puma's to try out, the Future Grip 19.1's the new Black / Yellow colourway. But then I also have some of the new Purple Kaliaaer gloves too. 😂 Decisions decisions.
  14. I have to admit I have been feeling a bit crap the last few weeks. Today at work I have been thinking how I have a whole week until the next game to try and make amends. I still enjoy playing but the stark difference when I am with my GK coach to when I play at the moment is night and day. I feel like I am nervous and hesitant when playing at the moment and because of that I'm not reacting to shots properly. I play much better when I am relaxed and confident, I have told my manager I am setting up a mini goal pre match and doing a proper warm up now. I don't think standing in goal with players smashing the ball top corners before games is helping my mindset. I haven't used the Puma's in a couple of weeks, mainly because I love the Reusch but also I wanted to give those Black Uhlsports a run out too. The grip on the Puma's is good though, they feel soft but not too soft. The sizing is much better than in the past, the one thing I will say though, they seem to fit better when they aren't too wet. When I put them on now they are dry they fit fairly snug, but when I wore them quite damp in the game the other week they kind of felt a bit looser than I would want, if that makes sense?
  15. League Challenge Cup today, and yet another struggle to field a team resulted in basically a bare 11, with a 42 year old and our 63 year old manager on the bench. We started well and went behind to a really strange goal. The ball found its way to one of the opposition players on the edge of the box and he hit a decent but not exactly taxing shot, which happened it would seem just as the sun came from behind a cloud. I literally lost the ball completely and only caught sight of it again about 2 foot away from me, I tried my best but even with a strong ish hand on the ball it still went in. We then equalised from a set piece and the first half ended 1-1 and to be honest we could have been in front. Second half we came out of the traps slow. A corner swung in from our right deceived my RB on the post, I managed to dive backwards and push it onto the bar and out, their player fired in again which I saved on the line with my leg then another player followed in and I stopped it again on the line before at the fourth attempt one of their players poked it home. 😒 We then fell apart a bit, our RB Sam having a torrid time and was beaten by their LM who slotted it across me into the bottom corner to make it 3-1, then a ball through past Sam again and the LM ran through, again I closed him down, this time taking the ball round me for 4-1. We managed a goal back after a scramble in the box for 4-2, then a lofted ball beat Alan the 42 year old who was playing CB and their guy was through on goal, one of those awkward ones do I come, do I stay and in the end the guy hit a wicked half volley over me and into the fsr side of the net. 5-2. We did get a penalty late on for two of their players fighting (is that a thing?) to end up 5-3 and out of the cup. I made those saves as I say for the second goal, and I tipped one drive from distance over the bar with finger tips but other than that not much to note. My kicking this season both from the ground and from hands has been absolutely atrocious though and I am not sure why. 🤔 Kit: Red Puma Shirt, Black Puma Shorts & Socks. Boots: Adidas Copa 19.1 SG's (Black / Red). Gloves: Uhlsport Absolutgrip HN Black Edition.