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  1. I didn't notice much difference to be honest, but then my kicking has been rubbish anyway lately. Also in my warm up I wore the Roll Finger ANNIHIL8AER gloves and I don't know what it is as I always used to wear RF gloves, but I just cannot get on with them these days, they are just far too bulky for my liking now.
  2. Another victory as we march on, a 2-3 win in an absolutely abysmal game. I knew it would be a damp squib after last week, I just had a feeling. We played poor throughout and found ourselves both 1-0 and 2-1 down before roughing it out for the win. Not really sure why, possibly the crap warm up today which went back to the ways of old of people smashing it top corner over and over, but I really struggled today, hesitant a few times whether to come or stay. To be honest I didn't really put a foot wrong, and made no mistakes that led to goals, but I just didn't feel as confident today as I have the last 3 months or so. I had a couple of simple stops but their first goal came from us failing to clear our lines from a FK, the ball fell to their CM about 12 yards out, he fired left foot to my left which I dived across for, but our CB played on their RM who from about 4 yards out toed it back to my right as I was already diving. Second half was crap, made a couple of saves, their second goal their RM kept it in play on the bi line and looped it up towards the back post, I shouted at Vaughan my CB to have it out, and for some reason he decided to control it virtually on the goal line, got himself in a muddle and smashed the ball into our own net. 🤦🏻‍♂️ They had a FK the evaded everyone and just went wide and I came for one high ball into the box, about it really, just glad to get the win. My kicking for some reason has been absolutely crap recently, not really sure why. Kit: All Purple Nike Goalkeeper Kit. Boots: Adidas Predator 20.1 SG's. Gloves: Kaliaaer ANNIHIL8AER Positives.
  3. I shall let him know when I get to use them. 👍🏻
  4. I don't know how kicking in them is going to be yet. When I tried them on I tried a few kick ups etc and the ball kept spinning backwards towards me without me even doing anything. 🤣
  5. When you can't decide... 🤔🤷🏻‍♂️ civic sport 0 60
  6. I actually changed my mind and got the new Adidas Predators in the end. I just couldn't resist the red. I ordered the pack of all four gloves on Black Friday and I sent them back for exchange, I found the Negs and the Roll Fingers in that particular model to be quite big, but then I got them all in size 8 and I find Size 7 in Kaliaaer fits me so much better. My purple model of these are still going strong, I might break out the Pink Negs this weekend though, it's been a while since I last wore them.
  7. Bloody ripped a tiny chunk out of one of the palms diving on the frozen pitch in my warm up. 😒 Was not impressed with that!!! I like them, but I find they perform better in drier conditions which is why I switched gloves at half time, plus I seem to perform better in the Flat (Positive) cut. 😜 I actually went with different boots to the Nike's for my new long term boots, which I am pairing up with a pair of Kaliaaer's when they both arrive.
  8. A fine 4-2 victory for us today in a game that was 50/50 whether it would go ahead due to rain through the week, and then a frozen pitch this morning, but an 11am kick off against Epsom & Ewell Old Boys the only team to have beaten us in the League season got off to the worst possible start, from kick off they played it back and launched the ball over which my RB completely misjudged and their left winger was through, I came out one on one but the frost and Sun really confused me and the player and ball all I could make out was silhouette's, and the guy slotted it between my legs and in, 7 seconds in and 0-1 down. In truth the first 10-15 minutes we were awful and we had to hold our nerve and keep tight defensively. We started to get back into the game when a sucker punch, the ball found it's way to their striker just left of my goal, he took a touch and drilled a shot which I stuck out a strong right hand to keep out, but their CM was quickest to react and stole in to tap in from 6 yards out, 0-2. As the half wore on we started to play it about and got a goal back to go in at half time 1-2. Given this lot had been giving it large on twitter before the weekend it gave us the motivation to go out second half and in the end a hat trick from Mike and a tap in from Marcel saw us romp home 4-2 winners, second half I only really had one save, against a drilled shot from my left which I stuck my right hand out to save. People from both our side and theirs said it was brilliant save, to be honest for me I actually thought I got massively lucky as I completely misjudged the shot, but I will take it. 😅 We kept strong and held out to see home the win, and that leaves us 4 points behind them now with 2 games in hand, and 5 points off top placed Ewell Corinthians with 3 games in hand, so really it is in our own hands. I thought I done ok today, I felt a bit nervous but maybe that was because there was a lot riding on the game, but I didn't really do anything wrong. Could have been a bit more decisive off my line, but just annoying when you only have 4 shots on your goal and concede from 2 of them. 🤔 Next week we face second bottom Thames Ditton, Away which will be a tough game. Kit: All Red Nike Goalkeeper Kit. Boots: Black / Energy Red Puma One 19.1 FG's. picture to url Gloves: First Half Kaliaaer XLR8AER PWRLITE Xtension's, Second Half Kaliaaer Annihl8aer Positive's.
  9. If they were all Red with the White tick I would be all over them as they would look better than the ones I just bought.
  10. One of the new colourways.
  11. I don't know if it is odd or not but I have always had a fascination with red football boots. Although I mean RED, not they silly ones like Solar Red and Energy Red etc which are basically fluorescent orange colours, I've always felt that Red looks hella cool, and pretty much goes with any colour kit, unlike say Blue or Green. Two of my all times favourites and boots that I owned were these two Adidas Predators, the 1998 Accelerators. And these from around what... 2006ish The Predator Absolute's.
  12. Nike February release boots.
  13. Difficult question to answer after this first wear. Mainly because the pitch was firmer than I was expecting and I only had two pairs of boots with studs, these being the shorter ones of the two so it was quite hard to get under the ball. But also the conditions were so varied in the two halves it was quite difficult to gauge. First half the wind was coming towards me, and we were slightly up hill and I really struggled from hands and the floor to clear 25 yards with the ball. Second half as I said I was almost clearing the length of the pitch from hands, and up to halfway from the floor. I think I'd like to give them more time, although I have been thinking about trying some Nike Mercurials or Phantom VNMs soon as their new colourway in February is Red!!! The boots are comfortable though, my only annoyance was I found the tongue kept coming unstuck from the velcro.
  14. I did try the One Glove Slyr Martin Dubravka gloves in my warm up. Quite nice, but seem a bit overly on the thing side for me. Latex feels better than I remember from previous The One Glove models I have used, and I quite like the little silicon bits in these as ones I had before just felt like they were there for the sake of it. Nice gloves, not too sure they will be displacing my Kaliaaer's anytime soon though, same can be said for the T1tan Red Beasts I also have.
  15. A win today in a tough scrappy League Charity Cup 2nd Round match Away to AFC Cannons, much like when we played them in the League last season. The pitch was bloody awful, and it is telling how differing the conditions were, first half we went into the wind and up Hill. My kicks were fucking awful, could barely clear 20-25 yards from the ground or hands, and my defenders struggled too. Second half I was clearing half way from the floor, and hitting the oppo penalty box from hands. Anyway scrappy first half, had a couple of saves of note, one their striker found some room in the box, tried to curl it top right, I dived and got fingertips to it, to tip it round for a corner. The irony is I worked with my keeper coach Andy on Wednesday at diving to my Right, my weaker side. From the resulting corner a bit of a scramble saw the ball drop to one of their players two yards out, knowing I had to get something in the way I dived full stretch and got both hands to the ball from point blank range to keep the ball out. Having gone one up we did concede an equaliser to a complete fluke, the pitch was quite narrow, a corner in from our left just as the wind picked up and the Sun came out saw the ball deceive Josh my CB at the far post and drop in over his head. Second half we came out the much better team, and took the game to them taking a 1-3 lead eventually. I only had a couple of simple gathers and claims to make, then with two minutes to go their striker got into the box, and Josh took him out, Penalty. I went the right way but the guy hit it high into the roof of the net, 2-3. We then went down their end from the kick off and scored again, 2-4 game over! Really big game next Sunday against Epsom & Ewell Old Boys in the League they are unbeaten and the only team to beat us in the league, 3-2 on the opening day. We are 7 points behind them at the moment with 2 games in hand. Win and it is 4 behind with 2 games in hand, and in our hands. Lose and we go 10 behind and will be relying upon other teams to do us favours, so it is important we get back to our best as we were still a little iffy today. Kit: All Black Puma Goalkeeper Kit. Boots: Red Nike Premier II SG's. Gloves: Kaliaaer XLR8AER PWRLITE Xtension's.