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  1. Now the thumb (injury)

    Thankfully the thimb seems to have healed up now. Although if it takes a particularly hard hit sometimes it still feels a bit numb afterwards. Played a game recently where both thumbs seemed to be an issue. That was interesting!
  2. Bucks Returns

    We have proper gone to crap now... Lost 2-3. Both our goals were down to fortune rather than good play. First goal player got in behind CB who chose not to give away the foul, I came out to close him down and he squared it. Imagine my horror when their *ONE* player somehow scored when surrounded by *FOUR* of our players. Second goal guy played a low cross, I tried to cut it out but the glare of the sun blinded me a bit, CB cleared but not well, I got up and ran across my goal as their RM was about to shoot and set myself and two of my defenders ran right in front of me. I literally saw the ball as it was going over my head. I'd have saved it if they hadn't blocked my view. Third Goal was a penalty that I almost saved. Needlessly given away. Kit: All Green Nike kit. Boots: Black Adidas Predator 18.1 SG's. Gloves: Adidas Predator Hybrid's.
  3. Bucks Returns

    Lost 5-3 today against a team who only had ten men from the start. Fair to say we played awful, before they took the lead we should have scored about six. As it was we went in at half time 3-0 down. The team lacks discipline and players every week seem to have an excuse not to play. Only once in 8 games or so so far have I had the same back four in consecutive games. First goal they got in behind our LB and played it across the six yard box, we should have cleared it but our RB made a hash of it. I've gone from front to back post and he fooled me a bit as I thought he was going to smash it back from where I was coming and he rolled it in at my near post. Second goal they broke our offside trap, the whole backline stopped claiming offside, I've come out thinking I had to do something and ended up with the guy lifting it over me. Third goal from a free kick their tall CB got a powerful header, not really too sure what happened but I dived across to it somehow missed it with my hands and it hit my chest. It was a save of sorts, only trouble is no one picked up on the loose ball and their player reacted first to tap into the empty net. Fourth goal again they got in round behind our LB and a square ball to an unmarked player 8 yards out, he had practically the whole goal to aim at. And finally... Fifth goal. A break when we were pushing to get back into the game I narrowed the angle down, player hit a shot but my RB had slid in to block and as I dived to my left the ball flicked up off of his boot and over my despairing right foot that I was trying to adjust to get something on it. All in all not a great day at the office. Really frustrating especially when you consider 3-4 weeks ago we drew with top of the league and beat second, to turn out a performance like that was absolute garbage. And now the manager is thinking of jacking it in as he's had enough of being let down by players both on and off the pitch. Kit: All Black Nike kit (different shorts and socks to usual though). Boots: Black Adidas Predator 18.1 SG's. Gloves: Adidas Predator Hybrid's.
  4. I feel like I might have been a little harsh after last week. Sunday just gone I ended up wearing these mainly due to not being happy with my Popes after the warm up where I dropped practically everything into the goal. I think maybe these needed a bit of wearing in as they didn't feel as annoying Sunday. I do still feel like they need some tweaks but after last week I'd have probably rated them 4 out of 10 after this week I'd say a solid 7.5 going on an 8. I hope Adidas keep the hybrid for future colourways now. Or again at least resize the Fingertips. I've noticed a few pros in the Fingertip model, Ter Stegen, Trapp and Soria and they all look a lot more tailored.
  5. Bucks Returns

    And back down to Earth with a resounding bump. We lost 3-4 after extra time... 3-2 up in injury time and our players tried to go for goal... Conceded with the last kick of the game to go to extra time and then our team were just gone. Most of extra time the opposition were all over us and in the end with 5 minutes to go they scored the winner. I made a few decent saves today including tipping over a pile driver of a free kick I initially went the wrong way for. Although I seem to find one on one I'm not doing as well as I should. First goal we failed to clear a corner properly and their CB swept it bottom corner from the edge of the box through a crowd of players. Second goal we lost possession, quick break found their striker in the box 12 yards out and he hit it past me, I can still feel the ball whistling under my hand, so annoying. The equaliser we failed to deal with a long throw and their striker hit it on the turn and volley. One of those I was full stretch and as I was diving in the air I could just see the ball getting further and further away from my outstretched hands. The winner the ball was played through the middle of our defence, Centre Back didn't chase as he was trying to play offside. I came out ut the guy slotted it low to my left. I got a hand to it but it slithered under and in. Definitely think I could have got a stronger hand to it at least. Gutting really as we were our own undoing and the team we played we should be beating, I guess on the bright side being out of the cup means it's less likely we will have to play double headers as we are still in two other cups yet anyway. Kit: All Green Nike kit. Boots: Adidas Predator 18.1 SG's. Gloves: Adidas Predator Hybrid's.
  6. Finally got to wear these today. I've got to be honest though I'm really not sold on them right now. The latex at the ends of the fingers really isn't as well done as on the actual fingertip models and kind of makes the stitching dig into my fingers. The palm also isn't very wide at all so it feels like there's not a lot of latex to ball contact. And I haven't been THAT impressed with the wrist bandage on any of the new Predator gloves. Used to get a decent right fit on the wrist. Even if I tighten these as much as I can before I run out of velcro they aren't that tight and then you end up with a massive flappy bit of wrist strap. I think the idea is good but Adidas need to iron out some of the flaws... OR, Make the Fingertip model properly like they used to rather than massively over sizing them.
  7. Bucks Returns

    A fine result today in what was an even affair for the most part we found ourselves 2-0 down to SCR Reserves with 20 minutes to play and came back to win 2-3. In a game I didn't have a lot to do really just clearing up balls. 0-0 at half time. A few tip overs but as I say no major saves, first goal swung across from our left, Centre Mid should have hooked it clear but to mine and my RBs despair he left the ball and it went straight to their Right Mid who took a touch and drilled it low. It was one of those where I got an arm to it but not sure if I should have done better, or was just a bit unlucky. Second goal the ball was switched across the pitch, our LB was caught out of position, he got back but the man back heeled it to a team mate unmarked who took a touch and again drilled it low past my dive. Still as I say we got the win due to our set pieces. To be fair I claim part of it as I purposely told the captain to go Down hill and with the sun behind us second half. I'd like to think both played a part. Hip is still got great and kicks from the ground are really suffering at the moment. Kit: All Black Nike Kit Boots: White Adidas Predator 18.1 SGs. Gloves: Adidas Predator Hybrid's.
  8. Bucks Returns

    Played indoors last night. Wish I hadn't, was really average and we have a big game this Sunday.
  9. Bucks Returns

    So frustrating not having a game today. Hopefully we can start picking up a few results now and drag ourselves back into the title race. We are 7 points off top with a game in hand right now.
  10. Bucks Returns

    No game Sunday. Turns out the team we were supposed to be playing in the Surrey Cup have folded, so we have a Bye into Round 2. And the only team in our Division without a game won't play as they have told their players last week they wouldn't have a game. A bit annoying and hoping there is some sort of training or something going on to tide us over rather than just taking a week off.
  11. Prepped these for their debut in the Surrey Cup this coming Sunday.
  12. Wyatt's 2018-2019 Season

    It all sounds way too rigid to me. Like the coach wants his team to play this way every time they have possession of the ball. It is actually very American in mentality, and reminds me almost of a play book type scenario seen in the NFL or NBA. It almost goes completely against how football (soccer) is played. I think the coach is in the wrong sport. Lol.
  13. Wyatt's 2018-2019 Season

    Some of the coaches sound like complete jackasses to me. I really don't get what they expect from Wyatt at all half the time.
  14. Bucks Returns

    What a strange game today, playing Alexandra United Irons who were top of the league. I have to say despite our slow start really there isn't many teams in our league so far we should really fear. We ended up drawing 3-3, the ref was absolutely useless and even though it swung one way then the other at times I think we can feel hard done by not to have got the 3 points. First half started well and we were on top, I didn't have much to do early doors. Then I pulled out a top corner save. Luckily though as it was a cross cum shot and I was going to leave it as I thought it was going wide, then last second I thought what if someone is coming round the back to head in so I dived full stretch and clawed it out for a corner. Luckily I did as it was going about a food inside the post... Lol. Oppo went 1-0 up, Centre Back played the ball back to me, I had loads of time, went to play the ball out to the right wing but completely shanked it to their Centre mid, who played it through, trouble was the position of the sun as the forward, my CB and the ball came towards me they all just looked like silhouettes. I came out and the guy dinked it just past my right foot into the bottom corner. Afterwards one of my players said the CB could have cut it out but let thr ball run behind him. That was it first half. Second half we started fast, a goal kick from me flicked on by the AMC, then the striker played in our left mid who rolled it past their keeper, 1-1. End to end action then our striker got the ball, surrounded by 4 of their players he held it up, managed to wriggle free into a bit of space, then from 35 yards smashed it straight over the keeper to make it 1-2 to us. They came straight back and their left mid hit a shot across me that I saved with my left arm and leg and my Left Back cleared. In the end we got trapped in under a barrage of corners and long throws. Eventually pressure told and a very long throw I went for and must have missed by centimetres was smashed in with his head by their CB at the back post. 2-2. Again end to end then we got a free kick 35 yards out, our striker lined it up and hit it high straight over their keeper again top corner... 2-3. Then controversy... One of our CBs got cramp and had to go off. A CM dropped back, ball down our left by line, no idea where our Left Back was but CB tried to see it out, their played went sliding straight through the back of him... Should have been a free kick and a card, player got up, ref waved play on, HOW?! Squared the ball, their forward took a touch which wrong footed the other CB, shot, I dived away to my right and parried it away, unfortunately everyone was so incensed by the "foul" that no one was concentrating or following up and one of their players came in to tap into the empty net. I tried desperately to get up and across but in truth I wasn't even close. 3-3. In the ensuing arguments I ended up booked. No idea how, 6 or 7 of our players surrounded the ref, swearingat him, in his face, I went over and said "ref you don't know what you are doing!", after it calmed down he called me over and booked me. WTF?!?!?! In the end the game died out, still time for one of our players to get sent off... Arguing with the ref then as he went to book him Harry walked away muttering, "What a wanker!", and got a straight red. The ref was useless though, he failed to give us a blatant penalty after their keeper spilled one first half, our forward took it past him and he brought him down. Then one of their players was running with our RB, fell over his own foot, ref gave a free kick, the player got up and said no ref it wasn't a foul I fell over my own foot... Still have them a free kick... And this guy was being assessed by the League Refs assessor today! Wow! Anyway onwards and upwards and the Surrey Cup for us away next week to Sanderstead Reserves. Kit: All Black Nike Kit. Boots: Adidas Ace 15.1 SGs. Gloves: Pope's Captor Pure.
  15. Wyatt's 2018-2019 Season

    Always fancied an all white kit myself but always avoided it for exactly that reason. Yellow also seems no better as stains are almost impossible to get out.