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  1. Bucks Returns

    So we have drawn Sporting Santos Away in the Surrey Cup Quarters. We lost 5-2 to them on the opening day of the season and quite honestly we were absolutely abysmal, we have come a long way since then and I think they can expect a tougher match this time around. The only shame is it is Away as their pitch is dire, it was like playing in a kiddies sand pit the last time.
  2. Bucks Returns

    I did think about getting their glove wash, and actually warmed up before my game in a pair of Kaliaaer gloves. I do like the Wash from the people who make Glove Glu though, really does a decent job, had been struggling for a while since Great-Save stopped making their own glove wash.
  3. Bucks Returns

    I'm not sure I have got them to their full potential yet. For years I have been wearing gloves in size 7 but over the last year I have noticed 7s seem to be getting smaller and smaller to a point where they don't really fit now. In truth I would say I am probably a 7.5, but as Sells do 7 or 8 I went with the 8. They fit ok... I wouldn't say they are perfect but then Sells (including Adam himself - shameless name drop!) do say roll finger gloves should fit a bit loose so they are ok, just feels a little strange catching in them. As I say though the grip is decent and true, but I feel like I haven't got them at an optimum level yet. Durability wise they are superb, worn them twice so far on what I'd describe as damp but firm pitches and there's not a scratch on them so far. Shock absorption is also very good, did hurt my wrist a bit yesterday but that was more my fault, the guy hit that volley from 35 yards and I dived full stretch for it but rather than open palm parry it away I punched it top of the first which probably wasn't the best idea but hey ho, it done the trick. Shame they scored from the resulting corner. I've also been using what I now call my lucky ferret the last two games instead of a towel. I know Sells do one similar but it was sold out everywhere so I got the Kaliaaer one instead... Does a decent job of cleaning dirty off the palms and keeping them reasonably damp during games, I find with a towel often after a few wipes it gets dirty then you can't clean your gloves properly during the game.
  4. Bucks Returns

    What a game, what a team performance!!! Having spent most of the first half doing our usual we came from 3-1 down at half time to win 3-5 and book our place in the Surrey Cup quarter finals. We started slow and an early long throw was headed at the far post that I got finger tips to to turn it around the post. Most of the early play was the opposition trapping us in and I had a couple of other smart stops to make, then of course a corner... Swung to the back post, I back peddled but it was just out of my reach and a free header saw them equalise after we had gone 1-0 up. Then a rasping volley from 35 yards from their CM had me diving full stretch to claw it out, from the resulting corner our CB misjudged the flight got trapped under it and from 6 yards out their player powered a header into the roof of the net. One of those annoying ones where it was straight above me, if it had been to a side I'd have probably had a better chance to react. 2-1. And then a break down our right their player crossed it low, Jay our CB cut it out, then proceeded to blast the ball straight at an opposition player who was stood about 3 yards away, off his shin and in, 3-1. Kind of summed up our half. Second half we came out flying, the manager switched it up and it was soon 3-3. We were resolute in defence, we defended their corners, free kicks and long throws valiantly and held firm. To be honest second half I didn't really have any saves of note to make. Late on we managed to nip in front, 3-4, and with 2 minutes left a long punt clear from our RB was misjudged by their keeper and Lee our striker tapped in to the empty net for 3-5. 3 wins in a row now and you can tell the team have confidence now, and we have really gelled. Such a shame we have probably left it too late, but a Surrey Cup Quarter Final to look forward to and we face the same opposition again next Sunday in the League Charity Cup second round, this time at Home. Kit: 2018/19 All Orange Crystal Palace kit. Boots: Black Adidas Predator 18.1 SG's. Gloves Sells Elite Aqua Wrap Campione.
  5. Pope's Captor Pure

    Really sad... I spoke to Christoph the company owner last week and he said they won't be producing any other gloves in smaller sizes any time soon as they just don't have the market for them, so all I can buy is the Captor Pure. All the others like the Green ones mentioned are usually 9s or 10s which are too big for me. A bit of a shame. :-(
  6. Bucks Returns

    I don't know why I never posted this up either but this was a picture of me playing at a Charity 5 a side tournament at Selhurst Park in May last year, which convinced me to take the plunge and go back to playing 11 a side again after 2 seasons out.
  7. Bucks Returns

    Found this picture the other day from my Under 18 season for Wickham Wanderers in the Bexley & District League. The picture is from 2001/02, specifically 2002 as I didn't start wearing those Reusch gloves in the picture until the back end of the season after my Selsport Wrappa's couldn't grip the ball anymore. Oh and I got the White Predator boots for Christmas 01 too. 😁 Weird I just looked up the 2001 Reusch catalogue which has these two pairs of gloves. My gloves had the backhand and strap of the top pair, but a negative cut like the bottom pair. But no such glove in their 2001 or 2002 catalogues. 🤔
  8. Bucks Returns

    League Table after Sunday. We are Erskine Rovers. So our results have been: AFC Ewell: W 5-2 Home, L 5-3 Away Mondial: L 8-3 Away AFC Rio: L 2-3 Home (and L 3-4 in League Challenge Cup at Home!) Alex Utd Irons: D 3-3 Away SCR Reserves: W 2-3 Away Sporting Santos: L 5-2 Away Thames Ditton: Not played yet Kingston Boys: L 1-0 Away Team H: Not played yet AFC Cannons: D 2-2 Away West Woking Wand Res: W 14-1 Home. In my opinion we should be at least 4 points better off than we are right now, arguably 6 but that's football.
  9. Bucks Returns

    Not seen that. Although I did buy mine from Great-Save as they were £80 and everywhere else was £100. Got Alexandra United Irons two weeks running. Away in the Surrey Cup Fourth Round this coming Sunday and then Home in the League Charity Cup Second Round on the 20th January. Funny team Alex Utd Irons. Unbeaten in the league so far this season, only loss is in the League Challenge Cup to SCR Reserves. When we played them Away in the League they were top and we drew 3-3 with them which should have been a 2-3 win to us but some diabolical refereeing cost us. I really don't get how they have only lost one game in 4 months as I really didn't think they were that good. They even beat the team who beat us 8-3 just before Christmas. Strange how football plays out sometimes.
  10. Bucks Returns

    Funny you say that as mine looks like the stitching is coming off the tab already. I have tried the Total Contact before but 4 years ago and I didn't really rate it, shots bloody hurt as the latex seemed a lot thinner than the wraps. I want to try their flat palms. These are decent, think the grip isn't at its optimum yet though, and I got these for £80 instead of £100.
  11. Bucks Returns

    Happy New Year everyone! I hope you all had a lovely festive period?! We kicked off back in action yesterday against High flying AFC Ewell who were somehow top of the table. We played them a few months ago and lost 5-3 against ten men but I thought that was more down to how poor we were than how good they were to be honest. Our manager almost folded the team after that game! Anyway on to yesterday... We came out all guns blazing and won 5-2. We move up to 8th in the table but it was arguably our best performance of the season. 3-0 not long until half time then I had a bit of a faux pas which let them back into it. As we are so crap at defending set pieces we decided to try something new, so when they were about to take one a Centre Back would shout RUN and I theory everyone steps up and they all end up offside. Trouble was first time we tried it the half asleep Left Back stood there and played them on, second time again we played them on, trouble was I got caught in two minds to let it run out or gather and then I noticed a player running in, went to gather a rather simple ball and fumbled it, their guy hit it which I blocked, but it looped up and towards the back post. I tried to scramble across but my legs weren't having it and one of their players tapped it in from about half a yard out. So bloody annoying! Second half I had a couple of routine saves to make, we went 4-1 up then let them back in again, a ball down our right, their player swept it across the box, our left back got a tackle in on their right mid with an open goal, unfortunately the blocked bounced into the right Mid path, my left back now on the floor, I got across but he hit one of those annoying shots from about six yards out as I spread myself which clipped the inside of my thigh and went in. On another day it would have bounced out or I'd have landed sitting on the ball or something. All in all pleased with the win, annoyed with my error and trying to get used to my new gloves. Did bobble a simple high catch late in the game but putting that down to the earlier mistake I had made. Surrey Cup Fourth Round next week against Alexandra United Irons who are in our Division, hopefully we can build a run of form from this now and at least finish top half. Promotion now would be a miracle as we'd probably have to win all 12 remaining games and hope for favours everywhere else. Kit: All Green 2018/19 Crystal Palace kit. Boots: White Adidas Predator 18.1 SG's. Gloves: Sells Elite Wrap Aqua Campione.
  12. Bucks Returns

    New year, new kit...
  13. Pope's Captor Pure

    If anyone is umming and ahhhing over these, Pope's are doing a Christmas special at the moment, 2 pairs of gloves with personalisation, and a pair of their new Grippy Socks for €99.95. Great deal in my opinion.
  14. Pope's Captor Pure

    Really hope they bring out some new gloves soon, can't try any of the specials as they are all too big. Just picked up my Third pair of these this week though. Not often I buy a pair of gloves more than once so says a lot about the quality of these gloves for what it's worth.