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  1. Bucks Returns

    The bloody annoying thing about sports shops now is they don't stock proper keeper gloves so you can try them on for sizing.
  2. Bucks Returns

    I really want to try the Puma's again, but Puma sizing is so off I never know what size to get. https://www.prodirectsoccer.com/products/Puma-One-Grip-1-GC-Mens-GK-Gloves-Roll-Finger-Puma-Black-Bleu-Azur-Red-Blast-195571.aspx
  3. Bucks Returns

    I get the confidence thing. And actually my confidence was at its highest when I was wearing the Pope's every week. But as soon as the grip faded on them and I started trying different gloves I feel like my form has dipped. Hoping to pick up over the final 7-8 games and end the season on a high and evaluate my options for next season in the close season.
  4. Bucks Returns

    I would say these are slightly better than the Uhlsport Supergrip, and I expect more to come from them to be honest. Think I am going to go with the Adidas Predator Pro's for the last 7 or so games now though. Feel like I need to give them more of a chance, I like the Reusch so will carry them as my back ups for now I think. Got so many gloves though that I need to use. Got a brand new pair of Uhlsport Next Level Absolutgrips I haven't even prepped yet. Over the last 12 months I would definitely say the best pair of gloves I have used hands down are the Uhlsport Tensiongreen HN Absolutgrips though. Amazing glove.
  5. Bucks Returns

    I got them Saturday and gave them a pre wash. Probably could have done with another wash to be honest. They remind me a lot of the Uhlsport Supergrip, insanely tacky but as soon as they got a bit dirty the stickiness faded. I carry my little ferret thing so I was always rinsing them during the game. Grip wise they are top notch as long as you keep them damp and dirt free. Sizing wise is a bit odd. I have been an 8 in most gloves this year, and both Martin from Great-Save and Christian from Keeperstop said to drop half a size as they fit a bit big so I went down to a 7.5 and if I am honest if they made it I possibly could have gone to a 7. The fingers are pretty long and my pinky don't reach the end in either glove. Once on though they are pretty secure, the half strap is quite secure once you find a decent setting for it (the fluffy velcro bit is quite large so you can have it done up high on the wrist or low). As for your question... The backhand is basically neoprene with silicone printing. In general I didn't notice a difference to be honest it just felt like I was wearing a glove. The few saves I did make including one reaction save that had all of the opposition praising me (about the one high moment of the game and my own team didn't even say anything!) the gloves felt no different. The one issue I found was punching. I punched a fierce drive in the warm up diving one handed and it fucking hurt my wrist quite a bit, then right at the end of the first half a cross came in which I punched away with two fists and it hurt a bit more I would say than a more bulky backhand, also I didn't seem to get much distance on the punch either. Not sure if that helps you or not. 🤣 They aren't really a new concept, they are very much like the Umbro Speciali Pros from about 2010 if I am being honest, even the cut on the gloves feels the same.
  6. Bucks Returns

    To be honest the team aren't that bad personality wise. But their ability to do the basics or their ability to take a rollicking are virtually non existent. The manager said last night he is considering folding the team at the end of the season but we will see how that goes. Don't get me wrong I've had quite an up and down season, started pretty well then hit a dip. Then another few games of highs and back very much on a low where I feel like every shot is going in, but comments like yesterday really don't help.
  7. Bucks Returns

    Calmed down a bit now. Enough to run through the goals anyway. 1. Ball through, our CB was injured at this point, couldn't chase their guy down. I decided I had to come, took it just enough around me to shoot in from about 16 yards out. 2. We said at HT keep it tight early second half. Within 30 seconds we lost the ball and it was played behind our RB, their LM hitting it across me, I got tips on it but it crept inside the far post. 3. Inswinging FK from our Right, missed everyone. I managed to get my body behind it but their CB stole in ahead of everyone to head home from 3 yards out, straight between my hands. 4. In behind our RB, cut back to the edge of the box and rifled in off the underside of the bar, as I was full stretch. 5. Let their player run about 20 yards with the ball, no one closed down, no one challenge and he drilled inside the post. This was the point it went Sour and I couldn't be arsed. 6. Ball behind our LB, I slipped as the guy shot and the ball bounced up over my hand. 7. Player got to the bi-line and laid it across the 6 yard box for a tap in from about 4 yards out.
  8. Bucks Returns

    Really fed up after today. Going to have to give it some serious thought whether I want to carry on next season or not. Think my confidence has taken a battering the last month or so, and when people start questioning if you are even any good as a keeper, something I have never had in 20+ years of playing Sunday's, it then starts to play on your mind. Lost 1-7 today, was 0-1 at half time. I can't even be arsed to write anything else right now to be honest, I actually feel sad today. Kit: All Navy Nike kit. Boots: Nike CTR360 Maestri II SG's (Black / Retro) Gloves: Reusch Pro Contact Evolution G3 Fusions.
  9. Bucks Returns

    Tough game tomorrow against top of the table Mondial. Just about got a team out, somehow as so many people unavailable. Not expecting anything other than a defeat, but going to give it my best shot to pull something out of the bag. Here are our opponents League Results this season.
  10. Wyatt's 2018-2019 Season

    I went to Leverkusen last year to watch Bayer Leverkusen play. In the big cities like Köln etc it was ok, but as Leverkusen is a small city, and you only really go there either for the football, or if you have an interest in pharmaceuticals, the locals didn't seem interested at all in trying to communicate with me other than in German.
  11. Wyatt's 2018-2019 Season

    The coach is punishing him. Wtf?!
  12. Bucks Returns

    Another week, another defeat, this time a 4-2 loss in the League Charity Cup Quarter Final. And to be honest we gave a much better team performance and I felt much better in myself today too, despite horrific conditions. We battled until the end, we gave our all and it probably didn't help the opposition who I think are a bunch of wankers personally, fielded a semi pro up top. SCR Reserves are in our division, and we beat them 2-3 in the Away League Game back in October time. Anyway the game kicked off... About 5 minutes in, PENALTY! Honestly probably the worst decision ever. Our CB and their forward chased the same ball, shoulder to shoulder, both got a foot on the ball at the same time. How the referee gave it I will never know, absolute shambles of a decision. I dived to my right, he stuck it bottom left, 1-0. I had a couple of little saves, and they had a goal wrongly (in my opinion) ruled out for offside, given by the ref, our linesman didn't even flag. 😕🤷‍♂️ That was the score at Half Time. Second half we were playing into the wind, anyway I played a goal kick up field, flicked on to Mike who was standing in up top as Lee our Captain and regular CF was unavailable and he slotted it low past the keeper. 1-1. Low and behold, in typical Erskine Rovers style, straight from the kick off the ball was played back to their CB, he punted it forwards. Kieron our CB went for the ball which got held up in the wind and missed it, Sam our RB misjudged the bounce under pressure from their LM who took a touch and smashed it on the half volley, at full stretch the ball soared past my outstretched hand and in less than a minute it was 2-1. Some backwards and forwards, before a FK on the right we played into the box, flicked on by Big Tone, the ball dropped on the 6 yard line and Mike pounced to slot past the keeper. 2-2. Yet more end to end play before a very dubious FK which should have been to us. Their CB swung it in from our left, the wind again held the ball up and their semi pro stole in ahead of Sam our RB to catch it on the bounce and into the bottom corner, 3-2. Can't really remember how their 4th goal came about. I think it was a ball over the top, the semi pro again took a touch, composed himself and from about 15 yards drilled it low past me. 4-2. We tried to make something happen late on but to no avail, in fact they had two good chances they missed to make the scoreline more flattering than it already was. Anyway onwards and upwards, we face top of the table Mondial next Sunday. A very good team but we matched them at times during the Away game. Hopefully the team spirit today turns up and not that from last week. Also tweaked my adductor again trying to get distance on kicks in the gale force winds, not had any issues with it for about 3-4 months annoyingly. Kit: Green 2010/11 Real Madrid GK Shirt, Black Adidas Shorts & Socks. Boots: Black Adidas Predator 18.1's. Gloves: Fluo Yellow Nike GK Premier SGT Promo's.
  13. Bucks Returns

    They have been ripped to pieces on Review sites for being the 18.1 with a bit of plastic stuck on the back and I have to agree. Also have to say not liked either colourway yet. In fact the best ones I have seen so far are the women's ones (which are made in mens sizes!).
  14. Bucks Returns

    Which 19.1s does he have the Red or the Blue?
  15. Bucks Returns

    I only found this out the other day that they only sell FG boots in the US. Shocking! I got the White Predator 18.1s in both and I cannot stand the FG model. Much prefer wearing the SGs and swapping between metal and plastic studs when needed. I just looked back through this thread, so I wore the FGs in a 5s tournament in May and struggled kicking. Wore them once in training and struggled kicking again then wore them first league game of the season, couldn't kick properly again so stopped wearing them. So a grand total of 3 wears in almost a year.