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  1. Bucks Returns

    No game Sunday just gone and no game the next two weeks. Really frustrating as I was starting to get into a good rhythm.
  2. OneGlove GEO ZEUS

    My pair of these arrived this morning. I have to say these are one of the best looking pair of gloves I have ever bought. Stunning!

    I do have to say though. I am really impressed with the latex on these. I was a little dubious about trying them because I found the Contact Latex on The Nova Type 1s I had awful. Maybe I just got unlucky with a dodgy pair as the latex on these gloves is phenomenal. I have been holding some real screamers and even a few I have gone for one handed I have managed to claw out of the air / stop going towards goal because the latex is so good. Still find them a little bit big for size and have to wear tubi grip on my wrists otherwise they wouldn't fit properly but really impressed with the grip, shock absorption and durability of the latex on them so far. Think I will try the GEO Zeus as my regular glove.
  4. Bucks Returns

    Another battling performance with yet another make shift team. We had 8 as of Friday and ended up with 6 again. Played the team who beat us 12-7 in my first game back and lost 6-4. I can feel my sharpness coming back, second half especially where I only conceded once. A couple of early raspers I was a bit slow to react to and we gave away 3 goals in little over a minute (again!) otherwise we could have pulled off an upset. Still... Happy I am getting my game together again. Distribution still needs a bit of work though. Kit: All Red Crystal Palace 2017/18 Keeper kit. Gloves: The One Glove Geo McG's. Boots: Adidas Copa Mundials.
  5. Bucks Returns

    https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1431912360210702&id=156233944445223 Me in Illuminous Yellow. A few goals and saves from Sunday.
  6. Oneglove Geo Blade Review

    Fraser will you be reviewing the new McG gloves anytime? I am intrigued to find out how the new Cyclone latex holds up.

    I am a little surprised I must say. Wore them for the first time last night. Got my usual size 7. I have to say I find them SLIGHTLY big. If they made a 6.5 they would probably be more ideal. I found my fingers moved around a bit and the silicon strips didn't really help as they were damp from wetting the gloves so actually my fingers felt like they moved around more than normal.
  8. Bucks Returns

    First game after my first game back. A whole month apart. Still feeling a bit slow to react and not quite got the bravery back yet but still made a few decent saves and generally we done ok considering we played one of the best teams at GOALS and only had 5 players. Lost 14-4 in the end. Kit: Fluo Yellow / Black 2014 Spain Goalkeeper kit. Gloves: One Glove Geo McG's. Boots: Adidas Copa Mundials.

    Wont be doing that again. Washed them 30c in a mesh bag on a light wash. And now they aren't waterproof. :-(
  10. Uhlsport Eliminator Supergrip

    I love Uhlsport gloves but have often found them superb in the dry but average in the wet on all latex including Supersoft and Absolutgrip. Never tried Away latex so can't comment on that. Did have some Uhlsport Aqua gloves in about 2004 but pretty sure they weren't Aqua Latex though. Francesco Toldo used to wear them for Inter in about 2004 I think. :D
  11. Bucks Returns

    No game again tonight. Can't get enough players again.
  12. Oneglove Geo Flux

    Do they use the same latex as the AQs? Pretty sure in the new range (without looking) they have just released a roll finger version too?
  13. Bucks Returns

    Cheers guys. No game Sunday as we couldn't field a team. Think someone else is going to take over soon. We shall see.
  14. Yes hello chaps. As you may remember I was quite a regular poster on here and then disappeared in January. Basically I had a few non football related issues to deal with and actually stopped playing completely, the 22nd January was my last game. Finally after 7 months out of the game and feeling very rusty I played my first game at Goals on Sunday and we lost 12-7. As the game progressed I felt myself getting more into it and getting loose but I won't lie the first half in particular was a real eye opener with me conceding a few goals I know usually I would be stopping. Unfortunately cannot play this Sunday due to work but will be back next week. Kit: All Black Sevilla 2017/18 Keeper kit. Gloves: Puma Evospeed 1.3 Black / Red Boots: Puma Evopower 4.3 Red / Black.
  15. OneGlove GEO Argentum Gloves - Supplied

    I know I am probably being picky but I rounded up your scores and actually Overall they would work out as a 7/10. Lol.