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  1. Bucks Returns

    Oh my word what a frustrating evening... So at one point we were down to 5 players then I managed to get 1. Then just before kick off we had 9 players (only allowed 8 for a 5 a side team). 6:45 kick off the manager gets a text at 6:42 from the opposition saying they aren't turning up. 5-0 white wash to us... Half way through the season 5 Wins from 5. So we found one extra man and played 5 v 5. I have to say I don't know if it was the lack.of a warm up or just the fact it was a friendly but I was absolutely appalling! I am so glad we didn't have a league game with the way I played. I was actually embarrassed with how I performed and let in probably 8 goals I should have saved in an 11-10 win for the team I was on. So annoying!!!!!!!!!!!! In some better news Struggling Albion the team who are second only drew tonight so we are now 5 points clear with 5 games to play. Sutton on Tour next week.
  2. As I say I thought he was wearing Reusch last night but it looked like the Reusch was covered over to me.
  3. Just noticed tonight Handanovic playing for Inter seems to be playing in "modified" Reusch gloves... As in they are Reusch gloves but he's not an endorsee so he has altered them having been with Uhlsport for bloody years. Also noticed Mattia Perin of Genoa this season been wearing blacked out Uhlsports having been with Puma as long as I have known him to play. Always strikes me as slightly odd when keepers wear gloves like that. Do they buy them themselves?
  4. Transfer News

    Also the fact he has played for Spain before you'd think he might fancy a pop at least of being in the squad. Although I think De Gea, Reina and Kepa is looking pretty settled as their three now.
  5. Bucks Returns

    This is a size 7. The smallest they do. Although if you are an 8 or bigger I do highly suggest dropping a full size.
  6. Transfer News

    The point being is that he's more than happy to sit on the bench at Madrid (weird I know!) than move to England and play.
  7. Bucks Returns

    A couple of sneak peaks as I don't plan to use and thus review them until 2018. I do have to say VERY briefly though if I was still playing 11 a side these would probably be near on unwearable they are that BIG for size. Funny the gloves are so big yet I could barely get my hand through the wrist entry. Lol.
  8. Transfer News

    The phrase used was... "Why would he leave Madrid for Newcastle?"
  9. Transfer News

    Kiko Casilla won't move to Newcastle. Trust me I have that on very good authority.
  10. Transfer News

    Going to say it... On current form Bernd Leno should be the German number one. I have never thought Ter Stegen is as good as they seem to make him out to be. Remains to be seen how Neuer will recover from his injury at the moment.
  11. Transfer News

    I love Iker Casillas. Been a fan of his since he broke through at Real Madrid in 1999. But he is well past it now.
  12. What got you into goalkeeping?

    Had the same issue. Commented on by loads of scouts including a Charlton scout *spit* that at 18 if I was 6 inches taller I would be playing in the Premier League already. Took that as a massive compliment but also very gutting at the same time. Even Non league clubs wouldn't look at me because I am 5'7". :-( Dislocated my ankle the day after that comment at my A Level PE moderation and have never quite been the same keeper since.
  13. Bucks Returns

    upload photograph upload photograph
  14. Bucks Returns

    Just ordered these Gloves and Boots to start wearing from 2018, the new Adidas Predator Range. Fingertip gloves and 18.3 AF boots. Also got them embroidered (both!) with I.J.B my Dad's initials. Unfortunately my Dad passed away in April 2017 after a short illness. He was my biggest fan and always supported me throughout my "career" and always bigger me up about my Goalkeeping ability to anyone and everyone he ever met. :-D As for the boots / gloves. I have worn Predators practically every year until they stopped making them in 2015. And Fingertips are my favourite glove model of all time.
  15. Jimmy Glass is the obvious one but pure emotion and drama.