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  1. Bucks Returns

    Sooooo yesterday was interesting, we played DM FC a team we have never played as their first season they got promoted as we got relegated. Anyway it was a tough game to begin with but one of their players is also a ref at Goals and he seemed to think he had a sense of entitlement. Anyway the game was 1-1 at half time... We took the lead but conceded to that guy who fooled me with a little dummy and shot to my left as I moved right and couldn't adjust. At half time I made rhe point of telling our boys not to try to force it and to play our natural game. Within seconds of the kick off a couple of swift passes and we were 2-1 up. Then 3 and 4... Anyway we went 6-1 up then had a mad 3 minutes where we gifted them 3 goals... Second goal the guy shot and again I seemed to double guess myself and dived too early, got a hand on it as I was going the wrong way but it went in. Then almost straight away we gifted the ball one on one I came to close but could only got a hand to it. Fourth goal I conceded was a shot through a crowd of players, got a toe to it but not enough. I did make a few decent saves including one on one's and in the end it was in vain. We went on to lead 9-4 when it all started getting a bit first, their div of a guy was sin binned then he came on and started trying to start on our player again, and it all got a little unsavoury and ended up in a mass brawl (after he had tried fighting two of our subs when sin binned), needless to say when the ref tried to restore order and it calmed down a bit the guy tried to start a fight again and the ref abandoned the game and awarded us a 5-0 victory. :-D Lol. Oh and the guy who works for Goals now has a 6 week ban from playing there. What an idiot!!! I don't think I played too badly considering I didn't even land back from Leverkusen, Germany until 15:40 yesterday afternoon. Kit: Blue Bayer Leverkusen Fourth Kit. Gloves: Nike VG3 Promo Fire Pack (Red). Boots: Nike Hypervenom Phelon FG Fire Pack (Red). image hosting api
  2. Bucks Returns

    So first game of the new season in the Premier Division. We started against a team called The Mighty Ducks. I knew nothing about them but apparently we played them when I was on hiatus. Anyway the result probably says all you need to know, a 1-20 victory for us to stamp our authority from the off. Their goal was a ball across and our player didn't track their man and it was a little toe punt almost between my legs as I closed the guy on the edge of the area. I didn't have a lot to do but I did make one very good full stretch save in the second half and a couple of decent one on one's, I made some low stops but parried them only half clear. I think I just need to get used to the different gloves. The cut and latex are different to the Adidas I have been using and I reckon I would have held them had I been wearing those gloves. Anyway no issues I am sure it will come together with a couple more uses. Kit: Orange Bayer Leverkusen Goalkeeper Kit. Gloves: Nike VG3 Promo Fire Pack (Red). Boots: Nike Hypervenom Phelon FG Fire Pack (Red).
  3. If anyone else has used these or other recent Adidas gloves I have a question. I thought the point of the Zones was that the finger latex was meant to be more grippy than the palm, do you also find that the grey palm latex seems to have more grip / tackiness than the fingers?
  4. This is still is going... Been using the Ace Trans Fingertip as the Predator model is just too big to use if I am being honest. I must say though the gloves have held up well thus far. Really impressed with them. The grip is phenomenal both on dry and damp 4G surfaces and the durability is holding up thus far. Only real blemish came the last Sunday just played where I dived full stretch to make a save and I must have landed palm first on the ground but all is good so far. I definitely recommend the Ace Trans Fingertip if you can pick them up cheap (most are on sale now) and you like roll finger gloves. I don't find myself readjudsting the strap at all either which I tend to have to do with most gloves at some point in games.
  5. Just looked at a still and it looks like he is still wearing Adidas Predators but in White and Red which I can't find anywhere.
  6. I didn't see the Sevilla vs Getafe game tonight and it's not clear from the highlights I saw but was Sergio Rico wearing Puma One Grip Gloves (and Boots?) instead of Adidas Predators? That's what it looked like anyway.
  7. Bucks Returns

    Last game of the season against Newman FC. Having played them once in a friendly and once in a league game in the last 4 months we knew we could beat them but we had struggled to contain a young team from scoring against us before. However we ran out 13-1 winners, although they did have quite a few chances and I made some decent saves, but I must admit I was gutted to concede especially as it was a typically us goal to concede, one player failed to pick up a run around the back and their guy got loose and shot across me into the far bottom corner. So we finish the season with 10 wins from 10 games... And we ended up with the best Defence across both divisions conceding 24 goals, which for me is a great personal achievement. On to the new season and it is looking like we will be in one big division of 10 teams rather than two divisions of 5 which for me works better, and I have set the team the aim of finishing top 3 whether it is one division or two. Realistically we should be pushing to win the League but it all depends on what team we get out and who the opposition field. Either way a great end to a successfully first season as the newly formed Cheam Royale. Kit: Blue Bayer Leverkusen Fourth Kit. Gloves: Adidas Ace Trans Fingertips (Aqua). Boots: Adidas Predator 18.3 AFs.
  8. Bucks Returns

    A game tonight and we made real hard work of it. However a 4-2 Win and the three points is all that matters. For me personally I was getting wound up in the warm up until I decided on a new tact. I am only 5'7" so thought getting low wasnt an issue. But I find if I stand up like I would in 11 a side I struggle to get down to low shots in 5s. So I decided to get lower... And guess what... I saved more shots. It seems that playing 5s really is completely different to 11 a side from a Goalkeeping situation. I find getting lower I can watch the ball and react better. Is that normal? Feeling still I should be doing better from a standard set position. Their two goals... First one was a ball across the box. My player should have cut it out but left it and their player had a tap in at the far post. Second goal was a classic shutting off just after we scored to go 2-1 Up, their player lost his man and drilled it low into the far bottom corner. Kit: Orange Bayer Leverkusen Goalkeeper Kit. Gloves: Adidas Ace Trans Fingertips (Aqua). Boots: Adidas Predator 18.3 AFs.
  9. Silly mistakes

    It's a tough one. And it only seems to get worse with age. For me you just have to play your way out of it. I didn't play at all in the 2013/14 season then my friend asked me to play for his new team in 14/15. Didn't matter how good I was before... Literally EVERY game for about 6 months I made some sort of stupid mistake that lead to a goal. There wasn't one game I didn't cock up. I actually considered jacking it in 4 months in but I kept at it. Eventually I found my form, and when I did I then went on to perform much better for the second half of the season and the full next season too. In fact I just find not playing really buggers with my play for a while. I didn't play January - September last year and when I started playing again I felt like every game I was culpable for quite a few goals. You need to play your way out of a slump and then take confidence from when you do good things or make an unexpected stop. It's all about confidence. The worst thing you can do is to let it get to you like I almost did. When you are standing there in goal hoping the opposition don't shoot in case you make a silly mistake and let a soft one in, trust me it is much more likely to happen.
  10. Feet pre shot

    HI guys just a quick one. Obviously I only play 5 a side now. But I have found a lot of the goals I concede tend to be because I am Slow to move with my feet when awaiting a shot. What would you guys say is the best method? What I THINK I do (hard to say as I can't watch myself) is move my feet until the shot then I tend to end up a bit stuck in a position and can't react quick enough. I remember when I used to play 5 a side years ago even in one on one's if the striker beat me quite often I could still stick out a leg and divert it onto or around the post, but lately my legs don't seem to react quick enough. Any pointers much appreciated.
  11. Bucks Returns

    No game this week. We were due to play a friendly at 6pm but our opposition pulled out about 3:30.
  12. Bucks Returns

    So there it is chaps... An 8-6 victory means that we clinch the League with 3 games left to play. It's fair to say you could tell we hadn't played in 3 weeks as we were a bit slow off the mark. Personally I thought I done alright and didn't really have a chance with any of their goals apart from maybe a bit of positioning but that's probably down again to not playing for 3 weeks. Wore my Adidas Ace Trans Fingertips tonight. I have to say wow! I have used Adidas for years but this latex is something else. Not even just holding the ball. There were a couple of saves I made where I stopped the ball dead or rolled my hand over the top of the ball and it stopped it going under all due to the latex. Wouldn't get that with other gloves that's for sure. I hope everyone had a great New Year. Kit: Red Crystal Palace Shirt and Socks, with Black West Coast Goalkeeping padded 3/4 length trousers. Gloves: Adidas Ace Trans Fingertips (Aqua). Boots: Adidas Predator 18.3 AFs.
  13. Did anyone get some great goalkeeping stuff for Christmas? My wife refuses to buy me football stuff so all mine is what I have bought myself but still... Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year to me. 😁 • Adidas Ace Trans Pro MN • Adidas Ace Trans Next Gen Green • Adidas Ace Trans Fingertip Aqua x2 • Adidas Ace Trans Fingertip Promo Solar Red • Adidas Predator Fingertip
  14. Adidas Promo Glove question

    I did read that the Promo is more lightweight and has climachill material in it. Absolutely no idea if that is true or not though. The promo red model seems a little bigger than the Aqua normal model to me. And the extended palm feels a little shorter and a different pattern.
  15. Hello chaps and a Happy New year to you all. Just a quick glove question. I just received a pair of the Adidas Ace Trans Fingertips this morning in the Solar Red Colourway and noticed I have been sent the "Promo" edition rather than the regular model. All I have noticed different is Fingertip isn't written on the backhand like the normal ones I have in Aqua Blue and the Adidas three stripes isn't on the back of the wrist entry. Other than the lack of logos is there actually any difference between regular models and the Promo?