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  1. T1tan GK Gloves

    I was looking at some of their newer range having seen Florian Müller has switched to them from Adidas. The Beast gloves really intrigue me, basically like the Adidas Predator Pros but negative with fingertips.
  2. Nova Type 2: Spectre Goalkeeper Gloves

    I had the Nova Type 1. I really wanted to like them but they just seem like they were jinxed gloves for me. I also wanted to like the cut but something just didn't feel right about it for me. Same with a similar pair of KAs I got recently.
  3. Pope's Captor Pure

    I should probably add that I like the snugger fit the only issue with the 7 is the fingers are a bit short so they feel quite stubby.
  4. Pope's Captor Pure

    As you lot can tell down the years I have often opted for the big brands more than the smaller / independent ones. I do have to say though I waited patiently for months to see what Pope's came out with. Initially I admit I was a bit underwhelmed by the one Colourway option (still not changed there!), however I've got to be honest the grip on these is bloody excellent, I can't knock it, in fact I think I prefer it to any of Adidas, Nike or Uhlsport. The shock absorption and durability too is top notch, and I'm hoping my new pair in a 7.5 will solve the slightly tight fit as I want them to be my match gloves. Even the cut... I love flat palm but find with most they flap about a bit, these feel like a flat palm to wear. They look like a negative but they feel more like a flat and I like that, they offer the feel I like in a glove with a snugger fit so win win for me. I don't like how most true negatives tend to puff out at the sides. Hoping the new pair arrive before the weekend although I am tempted to go with the 7s anyway in the match.
  5. Bucks Returns

    No game this week due to a fuck up by the league and we don't have access to our home pitch until the 30th. Had s bit of a kick about for an hour then an hour of attack vs defence. The kick about I couldn'tbe arsed to be honest, it was on Goals 4G and it justfelt like a waste of time. The drills after though we're good and I found myself making save after save and only got beaten once in that time. Ended up saving a shot with my head which some how bounced off and caught me right on the end of my thumb. I carried on a bit longer but the last 10 minutes I sat out as my thumb was starting to ache and I didn't want to cause any more damage. Roll on next week where we continue back into our league fixtures Away to Kingston Boys.
  6. Pope's Captor Pure

    I've been a bit quiet on here but worn these about 3 or 4 times now and they are absolutely superb. I have had to send back the new VG3s I got as they fit weird... So I have decided to buy another pair of these in a 7.5. I can get away with the 7 don't get me wrong, but I do worry continued use will eventually damage the stitching as they are quite at their limit. Grip though, amazing, and the durability is second to none so far for me. I even let one of the divs in out team use them in training today after I hurt my thumb on 4G and even after his crap technique using them they are still unmarked. I hope some alternate options come out soon but I'mreally liking what I am seeing from these gloves, and I do like the Black / Pink anyway.
  7. Totally agree. The VG3 was the cut, I thought that was the point of it.
  8. I have so many gloves to try out but these are even better than I expected. Also had a pair of the new Nike VG3 RS Promos come today. The fit is so tight, and I'm not sure how I feel about the new "VG3" as it's basically the same as any other roll/flat or roll/neg hybrid you can buy so it's not really the VG3 anymore.
  9. I am sure you all know by now that my absolutely favourite gloves ever are the Adidas Fingertips. However over the last 9-10 years there has been a bit of a sizing issue with them coming up big. In fact the Ace Trans model (Aqua ones) fit quite well, however the new Predator model fits about 1.5 sizes too big!!! Anyway... Whilst not strictly a Fingertip model, I did pick up a pair of these newfangled Adidas Predator Hybrids. They are effectivly a flat / negative hybrid with "tipped" ends to the fingers and I have to say I am in love. They remind me so much of the original late 90s, early 2000s Fingertips, the way they fit, the way the fingers sit kind of in an odd way when not wearing them and even the fact the latex folds over at the ends of the fingers so you can't quite get your fingers right to the ends. The only thing missing for me is the squared off tip to the thumb but these are a much closer resemblance to an old school Fingertip model than even the current Fingertip models. Anyone who wants a bit of nostalgia needs to give these a try.
  10. Strange Issue with kicking

    It's fair to say I won't be wearing my Adidas Predators anytime soon. I don't know what it is as they feel the same as my Ace 15.1s but I just can't seem to kick the ball as well with them, it's very odd.
  11. Bucks Returns

    Wow what a way to come back down to Earth with a bump. We went into today full of confidence bit poor preparation really undone us from the start with several players turning up with less than half an hour until kick off. We started poorly. I mean really poorly and the opposition were all over us from the get go. A few sighters without me being truly tested then a ball in from our left, their player had the time to flick the ball up 10 yards out and smash a volley past me straight over my head. 1-0. Then a nice move from us saw us pull it back to 1-1 our RW with the goal. No sooner had we equalised we let them take control of the game again, nobody closed their left mid down who came inside and hit one from 35 yards, I read it and dived full stretch to get a hand to it to keep it out, only for the same player to be racing in to tap into the empty net, quite why not one of our players reacted I have no idea, awful team play. 2-1. Then another nice move saw our LW get in around the back, and bang 2-2. Half Time was drawing near. All we had to do was see it out, but a failure to clear a set piece saw their CB nod the ball back across the box from around the penalty spot and thwir forward from about 10 yards again overhead kick right inside the post, poor marking and we were 3-2 down and it stayed that way until the half. Second half was pretty end to end, and not a lot happened then a lost possession in the midfield saw us chasing the ball and a 30 yard through ball straight through the defence saw their striker race through on goal, I came out to narrow the angle and tried to stay big as long as possible but a couple of quick dummies had me stumbling all over the place and I fell straight on my arse in the end for an easy tap in, no defenders bothered to chase back... Thanks guys, 4-2. We pushed to get back into the game but to no avail then to my horror we lost the ball in the middle, a ball straight through the middle of the defence again and I was in the same situation as before, I came out big and expected the guy to lob me as I was right on the edge of the box, but he took an early touch wide and at full stretch I just couldn't reach the ball and the guy slotted home into the unguarded net again and again with the nearest defender up on the halfway line pretty much. 5-2. And that was how it stayed! Thankfully the manager told me earlier the very good CB who played in one of our friendlies the other week will be signing. I have played 3 games now with 3 different CB pairings and it's showing a bit as our communication and understanding is suffering. The sooner we get a settled back line the better. Kicking was hit and miss today, I really seem to struggle in the new Adidas Predators. No game next Sunday so we will be training. Kit: All Black Nike Kit. Boots: White Adidas Predator 18.1 FGs. Gloves: First Half: Aqua Adidas Ace Trans Fingertips, Second Half: Nike GK Premier SGT Promos (I swapped as the end first half had about 3m tonnes of dry sand / dust in the goal mouth and by the end I literally could not grip the ball).
  12. Strange Issue with kicking

    You sound like me. I think it's rushing basically as stupid as it sounds. My team I am with now have been amazed with my kicking since we started playing friendlies as I was struggling with kicking at training mainly due to a similar issue. The pitch was too small so I was finding it difficult to find a decent range to kick so I kept rushing the kicks. It does sound pretty similar anyway.
  13. Bucks Returns

    I won't lie. I had next to sweet FA to do today in a 1-7 victory. First half was quite even and we went in at the break 1-2 ahead, but the opposition's best player (the son of Chris Coleman no less!) got injured and they kind of lost any impetus. Had a few claims and one save if you can call it that low down, but most of my 90 minutes was taken up watching or taking Goal kicks. Still given two days ago I was diagnosed with Vitamin D deficiency I took the opportunity to bask in the sunshine. As for their goal, really frustrating to concede given how the game turned out but nothing I could really do. Ball down our left, player done our LB for pace, I came out to narrow the angle expecting a shot and the guy cut it square across the 6 yard box, our CB facing the wrong way tried to flick it with the back of his heel, which in turn bamboozled our RB covering back, the ball hit him and spun towards the goal line where one of the oppositions players was following in for a tap in from quite literally on the line. Kit: Green Nike Goalkeeper Kit. Boots: Adidas Ace 15.1 SGs (Black / Volt) Gloves: Nike GK Premier SGT Promos (Volt / Black).
  14. Nike Retail vs Nike Promo Shirts

    As far as general fit goes they fit exactly the same. The only real difference I have noted is that the sleeves seem tighter and a more stretchy lycra type material on the retail shirt as opposed to the promo version.
  15. Wyatt's 2018-2019 Season

    I can back that up. The first team I played for I was the back up keeper for my first two seasons purely because the other goalkeepers Dad was our managers boss at work. From an ability point of view I was the much better goalkeeper but I had to wait for my chance and then no one got a look in once I finally got a proper go.