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  1. Pope's Captor Pure

    Hello all, I'm very excited to get started with this product review today as I have been waiting bloody months (about 3 or 4 to be precise!) to get my hands on a pair of these since I first saw Ramazan Özcan of Bayer Leverkusen wearing an unusual pair of gloves against Borussia Dortmund. After asking about on the Goalkeeper Talk FB page (before my self exile!) the company founder and owner a very nice chap called Christoph Nowak replied and informed me they were his companies gloves, Pope's, named as such as he is considered the Pope when it comes to Goalkeeper gloves. Anyway I had seen a few different gloves and thought they looked smart especially the German flag Colourway Alex Nübel wore for the Germany U21s so I just had to try some of these. Anyway onto the gloves, here's a little description from the brand website: Hashtag of the campaign - this stands for the simple, functional competence of our products: #RationalDefense Our POPE's Goalkeeper Gloves have been created solely from the greatest passion for the product. This impresses us with an ingenious simplicity and offers each goalkeeper a fantastic grip and feel for his job, without any described in any great words, but in the end useless bells and whistles, which makes a goalkeeper glove unnecessarily expensive. Cut: Special, novel and exclusive POPE's cut that perfectly combines the comfort of a regular-cut goalie glove with the perfect fit of an inner-seam model. The thumb and the outer edges of the palm are stitched normal and thus provide a casual wearing. This prevents seams from bursting due to extremely high tension due to too tight a seat and the keeper has to deal with annoying and time-consuming complaints. The negative cut of middle and ring finger as well as the inner sides of the index finger and the little finger guarantee in combination with a basically more waisted cut the necessary fit with increased grip surface - a complete novelty at the glove market. Adhesive foam: "4mm Magic Grip Foam" - a truly outstanding top product, which guarantees a really outstanding grip on all types of balls in all weathers and on any surface. The experience reports of our professionals, who get exactly the same foam adhesive material as our customers, speak in this case of a surprisingly long service life of this rather soft premium adhesive foam. In addition, our covering does not require a sewn-in protective foil, which does not entail an advantage for the goalkeeper and only an annoying teasing off. The grip is improved a bit more before the first wear by washing with lukewarm water and subsequent air drying without UV radiation. Many supposed foamed foams are today chemically equipped and convey a superficial adhesive feeling when unpacking. After a few washes, however, these become dull and brittle. An honest natural latex foam like ours, however, gets better with prolonged use and proper care, rather than losing its functionality. The upper hand: The processed on the back of the hand, embossed and robust latex material impresses with its resistance, is very lightweight and guarantees the final man additional security for effective fist defense with an attractive print appearance. Top of the thumb: The most appropriate protection of the thumb, which is vulnerable to injury due to its exposed position on the hand, is a top made of sturdy latex due to our many years of experience and competence; it offers a certain hold without restricting the necessary flexibility. Glove body: Very comfortable, breathable mesh made from highly functional, state-of-the-art textile fibers "Simply-fixed entry": At the wrist, our bandage made of high-quality textile with all-round, continuously adjustable Velcro closure made of printed, flexible latex for protection and security on the wrist; It provides the best fit through its return system. A constant and annoying readjustment of the hook and loop fastener is not necessary anymore! So first impressions... The gloves come without a bag, which is fine for me as I don't tend to keep the bags anyway. You can tell they are a first attempt at a retail glove, some of the ways the materials are cut etc just seem a bit like they need a bit of work but that is something that will come over time. The left wrist strap is also a bit longer than the right weirdly, not sure why. I like the little system for tightening it though with the loop, something I have seen on Seismics before, handy to get that extra bit of leverage to tighten especially if you have small wrists. Size wise they are quite tight. The fit is like a flat / negative hybrid. It's actually quite nice as it fits well considering the two cuts don't necessarily cross over. I probably could have done with going half a size bigger but I will proceed with the size 7. Out of the packet the latex has a slight tackiness to it but not major, but it wasn't really dusty either. I have given them a quick rinse in lukewarm water as per the website and already they feel good to go so I am going to give them a first wear at training tomorrow and report back. Really excited about this brand and what Christoph and his team will produce in future, a decent first effort with a lot of potential. ammonium sulfate water treatment
  2. Pope's Captor Pure

    I've used all three brands, and all are brilliant in their own way. The durability on all three is phenomenal that has to be said. My only pointing personally would make is that I think the grip is better on Pope's. Maybe that is just me but I do find the grip on One Glove and Kaliaaer can fluctuate a bit, if that makes sense? So some weeks it can be outstanding and then the next I'm spilling simple holds.
  3. Kaliaaer XLR8AER

    I know The Dazzler mentioned these in his HO thread but I wanted to start my own thread for these rather than talking about different gloves in the same thread. So I went with a Size 8 as that seems to be what I am mainly wearing, and the last Size 7s from Kaliaaer I got were a bit short for me. Here is the blurb from the Kaliaaer website. What is Xtension Cut? - Hours in the gym, weeks on the training pitch, game day, full stretch, fingertip on the ball..... it goes in off the post. - Small margins make a big difference in our sport. - This was the inspiration for developing the Xtension Cut, a glove that provides that extra reach, that extra margin, that massive Game Changing Save. - We then developed the fit and feel with our Pro Keepers. They put your hands in a catch ready position, with exceptional hand to ball latex coverage. - Add this all together. Great Grip, Great Fit and Feel, Extra Reach ............ Game Changers ....TrustInYourHands Tell me about the Backhand? - 3D Printed Polyanswer Impact Ink. This creates the perfect combination of a light weight gloves, with structure when catching or punching. - Polyanswer are market leaders in Impact Protection Technology, utilising this technology in Goalkeeper Products takes the game to the next Level PolyAnswer Website What is The Wrist Strap Like? - The one piece backhand extends all the way onto wrist. The palm side has an elasticated entry with Quick Access Strap. Comfort and Security, now the choice of many of our Pro Goalkeepers. Touch Feel Technology Inside? - The inside of the glove features the Touch Feel Grip System. This technology creates a grip bed for your hands inside the glove, keeping them stable and secure when catching. The Grip System moulds to your hands after a few uses creating the perfect comfort and stability for each hand shape. What's the Latex Like? - aerTEK Latex is sealed under a protective film, locking in adhesion until you need it. aerTek is a 4mm latex with 3mm shock absorbing buffer. It provides great grip, catching security and piece of mind for goalkeepers in even the worst weather conditions. So my initial thoughts out of the bag... Simple yet smart to look at. They looked huge in the bag but having tried them on the fingers fit superbly and you cannot really notice the Xtension cut despite there being a bit of latex beyond the tips of he fingers. The gloves are cut well so it feels like your fingers are at the ends of the gloves. They are a little wide on the palm, but not wide enough that it's really a distraction I wouldn't say. The only flaw for me personally is that the wrist entry/ bandage is quite wide and I think I will have to wear these with tubigrip on my wrists, but this seems to be quite common with gloves now, I noticed it on the HO's I just sent back, and also in videos with the One Glove Speedsleeve, that brands don't seem to think people will mind excess material on the wrists. It's not really my cup of tea so I will remedy it as best I can. I mean the wrist fits fine, it's not too loose, but for me it's looser than I like. Not taken the plastic film off yet but here are a couple of photos to get you guys by. Oh just quickly I really like the gel grip bits inside these gloves. A lot of the time on The One Glove, and the older Kaliaaer models I didn't think they did much, but these hold my fingers in place really well.
  4. I've missed playing. Even though we have been back training about 8 weeks, nothing quite beats a good match, and I'm really happy with how I played and felt yesterday even if I felt so could have done better with one of the goals, ai feel really positive and I felt like I was a lot more proactive than reactive in a lot of my play. Although part of that I reckon is down to the fact we didn't have one of our CBs from last season playing.
  5. I've been back for a couple of seasons now so decided to break away from the Bucks Returns thread. Getting myself fit and in shape ready for pre season training to start in a few weeks. Got three kits for this coming season which I will post up later in the week, also got a good selection of gloves to try out this season including: • New Adidas Predator Hybrid's with the removable strap. • Two pairs of the new Kaliaaer gloves with the tipped fingers. • The One Glove Geo Auroras. I also have the matching Silver Adidas Predator 19.1 boots in a soft ground model (interchangeable studs), but I am deliberating whether to get these Mizuno boots as they are absolutely stunning, and if I do whether to get the pure firm ground model or the mixed sole ones? 🤔
  6. Pope's Captor Pure

    From what I have noticed of both Trapp and Ter Stegen their gloves are a bit more bulkier like a Fingertip model than the Hybrids still. And De Gea wears Predator Pros but with a positive (flat) palm rather than the negatives. I have spoken to Adam several times as we share a mutual love of Crystal Palace and yup you are pretty much correct, Sells are a big brand now but even they will just get outbid by the big sportswear brands like Adidas and Nike. It's a shame for Pope's they have lost their biggest asset as they are good gloves but with Nübel going I do worry how they will get the brand "out there".
  7. Pope's Captor Pure

    I see Christoph Nowak has been out in the press criticising Nübel for the way he has left the brand for Adidas. What I also noticed was his gloves from Saturday's game which to me look like a cross of a Fingertip / VG3 glove rather than the regular Adidad Predator Hybrid.
  8. First pre season game today against Ironside FC who apparently my team played before in the Morden & District Leagues. We had good numbers and everyone turned up in good spirits despite the rain. A very good game, where the 2-2 final result totally flattered the opposition. If we had taken our chances they wouldn't have been able to argue if we had run out 6-1 winners. I had a decent game, collecting loose balls and a couple of smart early stops. Kicking was awful though. We went 1 up then 1-2 down. First goal coming from a FK (remember last seasons theme), a ball swung into our box from the left, our CB ducked out of it, both myself and our RM decided we had to act and Jess flicked the ball over my head off the top of his head as I came to claim the ball... O.G. Second goal was a long throw from the right and the same CB wasn't strong enough and their 6'4" big old unit of a CB outmuscled him and scored a deft flicked header into the far corner from about 8-9 yards out. Totally undeserved but that is football. We got back into it second half and scored from a nice FK goal of our own, I had a couple more smart stops to make second half including one with virtually the last kick of the game. 2-2 definitely flattered them but a good work out for us (they had already played 2 or 3 games so were ahead of us in their prep), and a lot of positives going towards. Not sure what is going on with friendlies after today, the manager is faffing about a bit. Kit: All Purple Nike kit. Boots: Black Adidas X 18.1 SG's. Gloves: Pope's Captor Pure.
  9. Wyatt's 2019-2020 Season

    Oh to be young again! 😆 As long as he is enjoying it, and good that he is getting on with team mates. I couldn't think of anything worse than going all that way then not feeling part of the group.
  10. Kaliaaer XLR8AER

    I got the orange originally but having got both I prefer the Volt yellow in person.
  11. Pope's Captor Pure

    The gloves in the pictures below are the exact pair of gloves in this post, and that I wore for the first time on the 23rd September last year. Barely a mark on them. The gash in the left thumb is from last week when one of our cats got hold of the glove. 😒🐱 I have ordered 4 more pairs since these and still not had to use them because this pair still do the job.
  12. Pope's Captor Pure

    I would say the grip is a lot better on the Pope's personally. And they are just as durable.
  13. Pope's Captor Pure

    Well that didn't take long did it? Nübel pictured playing for Schalke yesterday against Drochtersen / Assel in the new Adidas Predator Hybrid's. Obviously now he is Schalke number one and captain Adidas see him as "valuable".
  14. It is definitely the team I think. Today I started well at training, then towards the end the team I was on gave up trying to defend and kept leaving me one on one or two on one, and then they wonder why I get pissed off when I start conceding goals. Meant to have a friendly next week, we shall see how that goes.
  15. To be honest I have always known I am a good goalkeeper, but way too often recently I was noticing I wasn't making saves that should be routine, and a lot of that is down to lack of proper training and bad habits I have picked up in the 2 years I didn't play 11 a side. I think if I can get at least one solid training session in a month it will really help me to stay focused during the season and iron out any mistakes and bad habits as I go along.
  16. Wyatt's 2019-2020 Season

    Bloody hell sounds like quite an adventure, I look forward to hearing how he is getting on out there.
  17. Went and had a training session with Andy Little, ex AFC Wimbledon, Crawley Town and Woking goalkeeper yesterday evening. My form in training had become a worry, and the silly mistakes / soft goals I was letting in. It is remarkable how one session and I already feel much better about myself and my game. Andy did highlight a couple of silly little technical glitches which were basically things I had picked up on myself like I am diving back rather than towards the ball and often have my weight back rather than leaning forwards, and also that I tend to move around too much, so we worked on a couple of bits that I will try to implement over the next couple of weeks then see Andy again for another training session. One thing to come from it though is I cannot believe quite how unfit I am. I was absolutely blowing after ten minutes. 😆 Overall Andy said I am a really good solid keeper, and I just need to work on those couple of flaws, and perhaps not let mistakes get to me quite so much too. I think a lot of my bad habits to be honest have developed from the fact I played 5 a side exclusively for 2 years pretty much.
  18. Pope's Captor Pure

    I haven't. I did consider giving them a try a few years back as my local team is AFC Wimbledon and at the time all of their keepers were wearing them, but when I went to order some they didn't have my size so I never ended up bothering.
  19. Pope's Captor Pure

    And I am sure Adidas will throw millions at him more than Pope's could ever afford. I think the brand is decent, I guess they just need to get a bit more out there, but Germany is probably the worst place they could be from as effectively four of the goalkeeping powerhouses in Adidas, Reusch, Uhlsport and Puma are from there and have probably wrapped up all the top pros and up coming youth keepers. Add in to that I believe a lot of Nike gloves are made in Germany too, it's a very tough market to break. One of the brands other top flight keepers last season Bredlow of Nürnberg jumped ship to Uhlsport midseason and I tell you now having used both brands gloves last season that is almost certainly due to £££ than glove quality. The only one of the top brands I would say from personal experience is "better" is Reusch who make phenomenal gloves, just a shame they are so damn expensive. But then I do just seem to love flat palm gloves these days and Reusch are definitely the masters of FP (these are also excellent even if they are a sort of Flat / Neg hybrid).
  20. Pope's Captor Pure

    I want the gloves Alex Nübel wore for Germany in the European U21 Championships. 😍😍😍
  21. Pope's Captor Pure

    I don't know what it is about these gloves, but I just keep going back to them. Been loving the Kaliaaers but had a few off weeks so decided to give some Seismics a go today, first session of training I was awful so I switched to these and I was just holding everything. The grip is so true on them I don't know what it is about them, I am starting to think because they are so slimline I get on with them better. The Seismic and Kaliaaer gloves as good as they are, are quite bulky on hand. Seriously still recommend Pope's gloves if anyone wants to try them. Shame they only make size 9 upwards now, luckily I stocked up on a few pairs of these to keep me going for the foreseeable.
  22. I think I need to warm up before training. Marked difference today from the first session where I was God awful again, and then when I was warm and focused second session I was making saves. Think we have one more training session next week then into friendlies.
  23. Been a bit quiet the last couple of weeks. After flying out of the blocks in pre season, the last couple of weeks I have come away feeling a little perplexed as I seem to be struggling. Not sure why but been letting a few soft goals in training, shots going through, under my hands, not moving or diving for shots withing my reach. It is all a little frustrating if I am being honest.
  24. Kaliaaer XLR8AER

    I have those VG3s. Still got them, fantastic gloves, the new ones are naff. I went up to an 8.5 and still can't get them on properly. But the Tiempo Premier gloves I got an 8 and they are too big. 🤦‍♂️
  25. Kaliaaer XLR8AER

    The latex is really good. Very reminiscent of what they used to use on the XGM Pro's about 9 years ago, not overly tacky as such when you touch them together, but grip the ball really well, and the durability is ridiculously good. Bloody annoyed as I wore the pair of Nike VG3s I got in April during a shooting drill yesterday and managed to sprain my wrist. I only wore them as I hadn't used them in the 3 months I have had them, and the wrist on them is so flimsy and now I have injured myself, add it to the list I guess. 😁