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  1. Bucks Returns

    Thinking of getting new boots... Can't decide what though. Always had a thing for Red boots. And love the Nike VNM Elite. But then I do like the Black / Red Adidas X18s. Not so keen on the Red X18s. Hmmm! But then the Black ones look too much like the Predator 18s I already have?
  2. Yes hello chaps. As you may remember I was quite a regular poster on here and then disappeared in January. Basically I had a few non football related issues to deal with and actually stopped playing completely, the 22nd January was my last game. Finally after 7 months out of the game and feeling very rusty I played my first game at Goals on Sunday and we lost 12-7. As the game progressed I felt myself getting more into it and getting loose but I won't lie the first half in particular was a real eye opener with me conceding a few goals I know usually I would be stopping. Unfortunately cannot play this Sunday due to work but will be back next week. Kit: All Black Sevilla 2017/18 Keeper kit. Gloves: Puma Evospeed 1.3 Black / Red Boots: Puma Evopower 4.3 Red / Black.
  3. Bucks Returns

    Today was doomed from the off. Players turning up 10 mins before kick off in a Cup Quarter Final, our captain and top scorer went on the piss last night and didn't turn up, the referee called five minutes before the game to say he wasn't coming, both teams spoke to the Surrey FA as neither wanted to play without a proper ref, to be told the game has to be played today. We were awful from the off, no composure, passes going astray, second to every 50/50, not reading the play and letting them play their game. I can't be arsed to go into great detail about it so here is a brief run down of their goals... Goals: 1. Penalty, which never was. Their player headed it at our players hand from a yard away and our player had his back to him. 2. Ball over the top player flicked it over and past our CB and volleyed top corner. 3. Ball over the top player beat CB and rolled it across me in off the far post. 4. Ball over the top, beat our CB, controlled with his arm so shouldn't have been allowed, fired it past me. 5. Shit defending ball fell to their CM edge of the box who curled it top corner. Half Time... 6. Foul on our CB not given, player ran through slotted it past me 1 on 1. 7. Corner no one tracked the man who ran near post and side footed it in. 8. LM ran at us, knocked it to the forward about 12 yards out, took a touch and stuck it bottom corner. So yeah. We pretty much embarrassed ourselves, and I basically conceded every shot they had. Pffff! So fucking annoying! Kit: Black Leverkusen Shirt, Red Shorts & Socks. Boots: White Adidas 18.1 SG's. Gloves: Seismic Salamander's.
  4. Bucks Returns

    Lost 8-0. We were awful from the off. :-( Conceded 8 from like 10 shots on goal. Pissed off ain't the word right now.
  5. Bucks Returns

    Training... What's that? 🤣 The last team I played for who trained was probably 2011/12. No joke! I'd struggle to make training most weeks if there was any as I work shifts.
  6. Bucks Returns

    No but I do like to give gloves a wear or two in a warm up sometimes rather than go straight into a match with them.
  7. Bucks Returns

    Not to mention that I have washed my Orange kit FOUR times and still not all the stains have come out FFS! 😫
  8. Bucks Returns

    They are ok. The grip is very good, but slightly different to what I was expecting. They don't really feel like a VG3 on hand, and they are quite a lot more padded than a VG3 to be honest. I guess it depends on preference, and to be honest I still prefer the fit and feel of the originals. I think I am going to go with the Salamander gloves next Sunday. I was only meant to wear these in the warm up yesterday to wear them in, then couldn't be bothered to change before the match. Kind of messing with my OCD now considering how poor I played. 🤣
  9. Bucks Returns

    So yesterday we faced off against AFC Rio again for the third time this season, and again we lost... Apparently both teams have been in the same division for a few seasons now and they are a bit of a bogey team. Earlier in the season we lost 3-4 in Extra Time in the League cup when they equalised with the last kick of the game, then we lost 2-3 in our Home league game which we missed about 7 great chances. After a good run recently we fancied our chances, but I just had a feeling two weeks "off" whilst on our decent run wasn't going to do us any favours. The game started pretty end to end, and I was disappointed to concede from the first shot on goal... We failed to clear the ball properly which fell to their Centre Back. For some reason both Midfield and Defence let him run with the ball like they wasn't there and from 25 yards he hit a low drive, I dived low to my right, and having gotten a good hand on it, I was disappointed to see it roll into the net 1-0. We equalised after some good play around their box and Del our CM hit a hopeful shot from about 30 yards which hit a defender and looped over their keeper, 1-1. We failed to clear a Free Kick properly soon after, the ball fell to their striker edge of the box, unmarked, unchallenged he took a touch, and I don't even know why but I anticipated him curling the ball to my left, he hit it to my right... If I hadn't taken that step I'd have caught it, instead all I could do was stick out my right arm, again I got a good hand to it but it bobbled in. I basically made his mind up for him before he hit the ball and I don't even know why, so disappointed in myself. 2-1. I didn't have many saves first half mainly sweeping up and that was how it finished. Second half was all us to begin with, we huffed and puffed and eventually the pressure told, a free kick was swung in, headed on to the bar and Jay our Centre Back nodded in from about 7 yards out, 2-2. There was a bit more end to end play, then a break, the ball played to their Left Mid, as soon as I saw the ball going to him I thought if he hits this right I have no chance... He curled the ball right around my CB, into the top left corner. I was across full stretch but he had pretty much hit it perfect power, swerve... 3-2. Again we went on the front foot, and kept them hemmed in, a few dodgy refs calls done us no favours and then with minutes to go, a penalty... Kieron another Centre Back stepped up and 3-3. Then as per always we basically gave the ball up from the kick off, let them run through again, God knows where our Midfield was. The ball was played to our Right, I came out to close the angle, the player turned back and Kieron slipped over. Realising it was now 1 v 1 I charged out, and I don't know how but the guy somehow shot, it clipped my wrist, missed Kieron who was trying to head it whilst getting off the floor and went between Jay and Marcel who were running back to the line... 4-3. I was just so disappointed with myself. One mistake and two goals I know I should have done much better with, and again a loss to a team who are not better than us. Next Sunday we play Sporting Santos Away in the Surrey Cup Quarter Final. They are in our Division, we played them opening day and lost 5-2, but we were awful then and should give them a much tougher game this time. My kicking was decent all game for once though. 😅🤷‍♂️ Kit: All Orange Crystal Palace keeper kit. Boots: Black Adidas 18.1 SG's. Gloves: Seismic Ogma Rapit's.
  10. Bucks Returns

    Argh!!! I knew no good would come of having 2 weeks off. Not happy with how I played today, will post up a full report later, but so pissed off. Lost 4-3, probably should have done better on 2 goals, possibly 3. Grrr!
  11. Adidas URG latex

    I know it's fairly quiet on here these days so not expecting a mass rush of responses, but has anyone tried this new URG latex from Adidas? The last few pairs of Adidas I have used (all the Predator range from December 2017 - October 2018) the latex used on them was absolute crap if I am honest, gripped for a game then died. Is there a huge upgrade with this new latex whether the 1.0 or 2.0 versions? Cheers.
  12. Adidas URG latex

    Not a lot online about the URG latex yet. One video from Sherlock Gloves I think the guy who tested them (The 2.0 rather than the 1.0 latex), said the grip is phenomenal in the dry, but almost useless in the wet.
  13. Adidas URG latex

    I thought the grip on the Predator gloves was crap. A vast step down from the previous Ace Trans models.
  14. Bucks Returns

    Grrr... Due to the snow we have no game again this Sunday. Not good!
  15. Bucks Returns

    No game today but next weeks opponents Mondial smashed bottom of the table West Woking Wanderers Reserves 17-0. Hope they don't take too much confidence from that.
  16. Bucks Returns

    No game this Sunday unfortunately, everyone else in our Division issued with a League game or Cup and we are the odd one out, which is really rather annoying. We now face Mondial on the 3rd February who were really very good. Well going forward they are, defensively they are susceptible and we have been in great form recently, so hoping we might give them more of a match than the 8-3 loss in December. I think myself, our Captain and Vice Captain are going on a scouting mission this Sunday though, Alexandra Utd Irons the team we have just played twice in a row are at Home against Sporting Santos who are our Surrey Cup Quarter Final opponents, so it would be handy to see what they are all about (we played them opening week but we were absolutely awful back then!), and see if there is anything we can plan for.
  17. Bucks Returns

    One of the opposition players asked if I was available Saturday's as his team need a decent keeper, unfortunately I had to respectfully decline due to work commitments.
  18. Bucks Returns

    Good morning gentlemen from a cold and wintry Surrey (-4°c as I type). I am very happy to report that we are into our second cup quarter final within two weeks, both by beating Alexandra United Irons, this time a fine 4-1 Victory at Home, rather annoyingly we came so close to a first clean sheet of the season but for a soft penalty. Right from the off we hit them hard knowing after last week they didn't like being put on the back foot, racing into an unassailable 3 goal lead before they even really registered a meaningful attempt on goal. In fact first half apart from a couple of simple stops I didn't have a lot to do. There was a moment where my Centre Back played a back pass to me under pressure (I think at 2-0), as I came to kick it I could tell it was bobbling a long horribly so didn't try to put my full weight through it. Just as well as it skipped up over my foot, but luckily I was able to recover and scurry across to put it out for a corner. 😅 Phew! The final nail was hammered in after a scramble from a long throw, we headed goalwards and the opposition player dived and handled it off the line... Down to 10 men and 4-0 to us at Half Time. To be honest I don't really know what happened second half, usually we come out at the start of the game slow and get better, this week we smashed them apart then second half somehow let 10 men run all over us, we were resolute in defence especially from their bombardment of set pieces and long throws, a few smart stops from me, a free kick from 35 yards I parried away from the top corner, a block and catch from a header 6 yards out, among a few others, then they got a penalty, a ball down our Right which clearly went out for our throw but the opposition lino claiming he couldn't see because one of our watchers was in the way on the line, the ball got played into the area and whilst it probably was a penalty, I would say their player was looking for it, he couldn't wait to throw himself on the floor. Needless to say their CM stepped up and went right, I dived left, 4-1. Annoying!!! I had a couple of late saves but we saw the game out to put us through in the League Charity Cup, bear in mind our opponents are still unbeaten in the League this season. As an aside I decided to give a pair of Seismic Salamander gloves a run out yesterday having pre washed them in September, Lol! What a fantastic pair of gloves! Really impressed with the Quartz latex on them. If that is how they perform on wear one, then give me more!!! 😁 Kit: 2018/19 Orange Crystal Palace kit. Boots: Black Adidas Predator 18.1 SG's. Gloves: Seismic Salamander's.
  19. Bucks Returns

    Too late to pre wash for tomorrow now so will give them a pre wash and use them in my warm up on the 3rd Feb. Not got a game next Sunday annoyingly.
  20. Bucks Returns

    How is the latex on them? It's the same on the Queltic Emeralds I have which I never used, mainly because I couldn't get my hands in them properly, but also because the latex never felt like it had much to it.
  21. Bucks Returns

    I've got a couple of pairs of Seismics I have had and pre washed for months but never used them so I might try out the Salamandars on Sunday. Did see these on their website earlier this week though so did have to buy a pair. 😲
  22. Bucks Returns

    So we have drawn Sporting Santos Away in the Surrey Cup Quarters. We lost 5-2 to them on the opening day of the season and quite honestly we were absolutely abysmal, we have come a long way since then and I think they can expect a tougher match this time around. The only shame is it is Away as their pitch is dire, it was like playing in a kiddies sand pit the last time.
  23. Bucks Returns

    I did think about getting their glove wash, and actually warmed up before my game in a pair of Kaliaaer gloves. I do like the Wash from the people who make Glove Glu though, really does a decent job, had been struggling for a while since Great-Save stopped making their own glove wash.
  24. Bucks Returns

  25. Bucks Returns

    I'm not sure I have got them to their full potential yet. For years I have been wearing gloves in size 7 but over the last year I have noticed 7s seem to be getting smaller and smaller to a point where they don't really fit now. In truth I would say I am probably a 7.5, but as Sells do 7 or 8 I went with the 8. They fit ok... I wouldn't say they are perfect but then Sells (including Adam himself - shameless name drop!) do say roll finger gloves should fit a bit loose so they are ok, just feels a little strange catching in them. As I say though the grip is decent and true, but I feel like I haven't got them at an optimum level yet. Durability wise they are superb, worn them twice so far on what I'd describe as damp but firm pitches and there's not a scratch on them so far. Shock absorption is also very good, did hurt my wrist a bit yesterday but that was more my fault, the guy hit that volley from 35 yards and I dived full stretch for it but rather than open palm parry it away I punched it top of the first which probably wasn't the best idea but hey ho, it done the trick. Shame they scored from the resulting corner. I've also been using what I now call my lucky ferret the last two games instead of a towel. I know Sells do one similar but it was sold out everywhere so I got the Kaliaaer one instead... Does a decent job of cleaning dirty off the palms and keeping them reasonably damp during games, I find with a towel often after a few wipes it gets dirty then you can't clean your gloves properly during the game.