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  1. Bucks Returns

    No game this coming Sunday , already been postponed due to waterlogged pitches apparently. Wouldn't even say it has been raining that much to be honest. One last game on the 16th, Surrey Cup third round then we are off for two weeks over Christmas.
  2. Yes hello chaps. As you may remember I was quite a regular poster on here and then disappeared in January. Basically I had a few non football related issues to deal with and actually stopped playing completely, the 22nd January was my last game. Finally after 7 months out of the game and feeling very rusty I played my first game at Goals on Sunday and we lost 12-7. As the game progressed I felt myself getting more into it and getting loose but I won't lie the first half in particular was a real eye opener with me conceding a few goals I know usually I would be stopping. Unfortunately cannot play this Sunday due to work but will be back next week. Kit: All Black Sevilla 2017/18 Keeper kit. Gloves: Puma Evospeed 1.3 Black / Red Boots: Puma Evopower 4.3 Red / Black.
  3. Pope's Captor Pure

    They have put a few limiteds out but only in size 10. I think this model is still their main one at the moment but hoping to see something new soon.
  4. Pope's Captor Pure

    Hello all, I'm very excited to get started with this product review today as I have been waiting bloody months (about 3 or 4 to be precise!) to get my hands on a pair of these since I first saw Ramazan Özcan of Bayer Leverkusen wearing an unusual pair of gloves against Borussia Dortmund. After asking about on the Goalkeeper Talk FB page (before my self exile!) the company founder and owner a very nice chap called Christoph Nowak replied and informed me they were his companies gloves, Pope's, named as such as he is considered the Pope when it comes to Goalkeeper gloves. Anyway I had seen a few different gloves and thought they looked smart especially the German flag Colourway Alex Nübel wore for the Germany U21s so I just had to try some of these. Anyway onto the gloves, here's a little description from the brand website: Hashtag of the campaign - this stands for the simple, functional competence of our products: #RationalDefense Our POPE's Goalkeeper Gloves have been created solely from the greatest passion for the product. This impresses us with an ingenious simplicity and offers each goalkeeper a fantastic grip and feel for his job, without any described in any great words, but in the end useless bells and whistles, which makes a goalkeeper glove unnecessarily expensive. Cut: Special, novel and exclusive POPE's cut that perfectly combines the comfort of a regular-cut goalie glove with the perfect fit of an inner-seam model. The thumb and the outer edges of the palm are stitched normal and thus provide a casual wearing. This prevents seams from bursting due to extremely high tension due to too tight a seat and the keeper has to deal with annoying and time-consuming complaints. The negative cut of middle and ring finger as well as the inner sides of the index finger and the little finger guarantee in combination with a basically more waisted cut the necessary fit with increased grip surface - a complete novelty at the glove market. Adhesive foam: "4mm Magic Grip Foam" - a truly outstanding top product, which guarantees a really outstanding grip on all types of balls in all weathers and on any surface. The experience reports of our professionals, who get exactly the same foam adhesive material as our customers, speak in this case of a surprisingly long service life of this rather soft premium adhesive foam. In addition, our covering does not require a sewn-in protective foil, which does not entail an advantage for the goalkeeper and only an annoying teasing off. The grip is improved a bit more before the first wear by washing with lukewarm water and subsequent air drying without UV radiation. Many supposed foamed foams are today chemically equipped and convey a superficial adhesive feeling when unpacking. After a few washes, however, these become dull and brittle. An honest natural latex foam like ours, however, gets better with prolonged use and proper care, rather than losing its functionality. The upper hand: The processed on the back of the hand, embossed and robust latex material impresses with its resistance, is very lightweight and guarantees the final man additional security for effective fist defense with an attractive print appearance. Top of the thumb: The most appropriate protection of the thumb, which is vulnerable to injury due to its exposed position on the hand, is a top made of sturdy latex due to our many years of experience and competence; it offers a certain hold without restricting the necessary flexibility. Glove body: Very comfortable, breathable mesh made from highly functional, state-of-the-art textile fibers "Simply-fixed entry": At the wrist, our bandage made of high-quality textile with all-round, continuously adjustable Velcro closure made of printed, flexible latex for protection and security on the wrist; It provides the best fit through its return system. A constant and annoying readjustment of the hook and loop fastener is not necessary anymore! So first impressions... The gloves come without a bag, which is fine for me as I don't tend to keep the bags anyway. You can tell they are a first attempt at a retail glove, some of the ways the materials are cut etc just seem a bit like they need a bit of work but that is something that will come over time. The left wrist strap is also a bit longer than the right weirdly, not sure why. I like the little system for tightening it though with the loop, something I have seen on Seismics before, handy to get that extra bit of leverage to tighten especially if you have small wrists. Size wise they are quite tight. The fit is like a flat / negative hybrid. It's actually quite nice as it fits well considering the two cuts don't necessarily cross over. I probably could have done with going half a size bigger but I will proceed with the size 7. Out of the packet the latex has a slight tackiness to it but not major, but it wasn't really dusty either. I have given them a quick rinse in lukewarm water as per the website and already they feel good to go so I am going to give them a first wear at training tomorrow and report back. Really excited about this brand and what Christoph and his team will produce in future, a decent first effort with a lot of potential. ammonium sulfate water treatment
  5. T1tan GK Gloves

    Has anyone had any dealings with this German brand yet? They look alright and seem to have mainly positive reviews (on their website) but they are €60 for a brand I have never really heard of and only seem to have one Pro endorsee (Rene Adler).
  6. Pope's Captor Pure

    They are very good to be honest and I still give them a run out every so often. Just be careful, I think I washed them too hot as I was in a bit of a hurry and the latex sort of suddenly stopped gripping as well as before. I'd definitely recommend them though. Feeling Flat Palms a lot lately.
  7. Bucks Returns

    Funny old game today where the result doesn't really tell the whole story to be honest. Ok so get the worst part out of the way, we lost 8-3! However the team we played were very good, they train twice a week (we don't train at all), and generally going forward I would say they are the best team we have come up against so far this season. Don't get me wrong they are good but we did help them out a bit too. We went into the game with no fit or available Centre Backs today so started with our Striker partnered by a guy who has played one game this season who usually plays right or left back. Our Right Back returned today after 6 weeks out through injury and holiday and at Left Back we started a Centre Mid because our LB turned up at 10:25 for a 10:30 kick off. Anyway we started well and went 0-1 up, then it all started, first spell we conceded 4 goals in 10 mins, their left mid got in behind, I closed the angle but he chipped it far post, our LB fell asleep and a simple header in at the far post. 1-1, then their left winger got in behind our RB and drilled a low hard shot across me, 2-1. Then we failed to clear a set piece properly, the ball fell to their Centre Mid who from 8 yards out smashed it, one of those where it was through me before I even had a chance to react. Then within minutes we failed to clear a set piece again and a high looping ball back into the box saw their player outjumped two of mine at the far post... 4-1. However two goals from us in quick succession saw us go in 4-3 at Half Time. Then second half we started strong and almost equalised, our Left Mid tapping wide from yards out. The first 20 minutes of the second half we started well and then another crazy 10 minute spell after I had made a few smart stops saw them put the game beyond us... First their second half striker came in the box, I made the initial first one on one stop but it fell to their striker who scored despite 3 of our players between him and the goal (a recurring issue!), then same player got in round the back and smashed a shot low and hard at my near post, I anticipated the shot across me and couldn't keep it out with my foot, so 6-3 by this point. Another few saves from me then I made one which our CB made a hash of clearing and the guy hit it edge of the box looping over me, 7-3. And finally they got in behind again, a ball across beat everyone for a tap in from 6 yards out, 8-3. They were a good team, but a right moany bunch of bitches, I think we can get at them next time. Annoying result but I actually felt like the score wasn't a reflection as a whole and I actually took some positives from the game. Reusch gloves were decent, definitely will use them for now. Kit: All Green Nike kit. Boots: Adidas Predator 18.1 SG's. Gloves: Reusch Prisma Pro G3 Duo.
  8. Bucks Returns

    Please excuse the mess, the wife and I are in the process of throwing a few bits out. Finally got my hands on this full kit beauty today though.
  9. Reusch

    I bought the Gloves in a 7.5 originally but the palm felt a bit short so I ordered the 8 before returning them, the 8 fits exactly the same length, and is only about 0.3 inches wider. The big difference is how much baggier the wrist bandage is. Glad I ordered the 8 first before returning the 7.5, the length issue isn't a game changer and rather have the tighter fitting glove. Cant believe they are the same length though.
  10. Reusch

    Has anyone used Reusch lately? How are they? Decided to pick a pair up as they were £35 off for the Duo G3s. Worth a go at that price. Last pair of Reusch I had was 2007!!! Black, Silver and Lime Green Goaliator Pro G1s. Awesome grip, tore up like a bitch though.
  11. Bucks Returns

    I prefer the SG to the FG ones. I just couldn't seem to kick well in the Firms to the point I'd rather wear the SG with plastic studs instead even on hard ground. I wish I could fix my Ace 15.1s though, I much prefer how a mid cut boot feels than one with the collar on to be honest but one of the stud threads on the boot its self has worn down that I can't screw anything in now annoyingly.
  12. Bucks Returns

    Another week and another disappointing performance. Against a team who had 1 point so far this season we struggled to a 2-2 draw, missing numerous chances, relying upon set pieces (particularly our centre forwards long throw) too much, and our own weakness to set pieces coming to the fore again. I didn't do much wrong and made a decent save or two in both halves. First goal was a long throw from our right, it went beyond me, but two of our players lost their men and still their player jumped to nod in at the far post despite being surrounded by three of our players at this point. Second goal again we failed to deal with a long throw properly and their guy shot from the edge of the area through a cluster of players which beat me and my Right Back on the line. Can't help feeling we missed an opportunity here and I don't really know what the answer is right now. I tried out my Uhlsport Aerored Supergrips first half and I have to say I can tell why a lot of pros go with Absolutgrip. The Supergrip as soon as it gets a bit dusty or muddy loses its grip rapidly, to the point I changed gloves to my trusty Uhlsport Tensiongreen Absolutgrip HNs. Given the fact the Absolutes are cheaper I would definitely recommend to anyone not sure which to get, save yourself a few quid and get the cheaper model, they are also the better gloves in my opinion. Kit: All Orange Nike kit. Boots: Black Adidas Predator 18.1 SG's. Gloves: First Half - Uhlsport Aerored Supergrip Finger Surround's, Second Half - Uhlsport Tensiongreen Absolutgrip HN's.
  13. Wyatt's 2018-2019 Season

    Not watched the videos but advocate the point. I myself find if I am going at 100mph trying to get the ball up the pitch as quickly as possible I find my kicks start to suffer. Should probably listen to my own advice really. 😂
  14. Hi chaps, just after a bit of advice really. Hadn't played for two and a half years prior to this season and I am really struggling coming out in one on ones, or for through balls over the top. I have always been a brave keeper, and was also quite good at the sweeper keeper thing, but this season I have really struggled when to come and when not to, especially today's game, and I just don't seem to go in for one on ones properly anymore, had one earlier where I went in for the ball twice with my feet rather than my hands. It's really starting to bug me now especially as I effectively conceded twice from it today. Any pointers oh great Goalkeepertalk community?
  15. Bucks Returns

    Hello chaps, so today was Surrey Cup week, and due to us pitch sharing we had to move as our pitch was being used by the other team, so we had to travel down to Reigate for the match and play at Reigate Priory. I must admit I thought the worst, with us having a bare 11 (our manager was a sub but the fella is like 50s/60s), and one of the 11 was playing with a pulled hamstring too. We started well and were pretty solid, in truth I didn't have a lot to do in the first half, a few punches from crosses and corners, then having gone 2-0 up we gave away a soft penalty, I saw the guy change where he was looking as he started his run up and dived low and hard to my left, stuck out a strong right arm and saved the penalty... Into half time still 2-0 up. Second half we started strong again with the slope and the wind in our favour this time and went 3-0 up. I dared to dream that at last I might keep my first clean sheet of the season, how wrong I was. a long throw into the box wasn't cleared properly and the ball fell to two of the opposition players 7 yards out with virtually their pick of where to shoot, I tried to get out but in truth I would have had to pull off a worldy to even come close to saving it... 3-1. Almost instantly we got down the other end and 4-1 it was. In my mind I even remember thinking even we cannot throw this one away now. Well... A stupid show boat corner from us trying to set up a volley on the edge of the area was easily intercepted, the ball was cleared down our end, realising my defenders were beaten I raced out, unfortunately both the forward and I fooled each other and we danced around the ball on the edge of the penalty area about 3 times each before he got the lucky of the bounce, he ran off with the ball and there were FOUR defenders between him and the goal and not one of them thought to close the goal down and he basically shot into the empty net from about 12 yards out. 4-2. More back and forthing before a moment I am not proud of at all, a cross from deep came in, should have been my ball, for some reason I saw it was going to take an awkward bounce and hesitated, came, then hesitated again and in that time the opposition striker nipped in and headed the ball past me as I came to get my hand to it. 4-3. Then after pushing to increase our lead with about 5 minutes left we lost possession, they played a ball straight through our defence, our Centre Back was easily held off and I came out to narrow the angle, but the guy managed to get it just wide enough of my hand to creep inside of the post... 4-4. Thankfully with minutes remaining a long throw from our striker found its way through their box and our Right Mid JUST tapped it in on the line... 5-4 and that was the final result. I have to be honest I made a couple of saves, including the penalty but overall I wasn't happy with my own performance, I seem to be really struggling with 1 on 1s at the moment. I have always been quite a brave keeper but since I have come back after 2.5 years out I seem a little reluctant to come out for them and through balls, and I'm not really too sure why at the moment, it isn't helping my thigh is buggered so I am quite slow to get moving and I cannot run properly. Anyway it was a nice win and was deserved, and shouldn't have been as close as it was in all honesty, but into the Third Round of the Surrey Cup we go, and much improved team spirit and morale today even when we were falling apart, hopefully we keep that up when we are back in League action next Sunday. Kit: Green Adidas Shirt, Black Adidas Shorts and Socks. Boots: Adidas Predator 18.1 SG's. Gloves: Pope's Captor Pure.
  16. Now the thumb (injury)

    Thankfully the thimb seems to have healed up now. Although if it takes a particularly hard hit sometimes it still feels a bit numb afterwards. Played a game recently where both thumbs seemed to be an issue. That was interesting!
  17. A couple of weeks ago we didn't have a game so trained and I made a bit of an unorthodox save, with my head which bounced off and caught my thumb clearly at the wrong angle. After a day or two it seemed fine but in my warm up last week I took a few shots and it caused it to hurt again. Again through the week it seemed to clear up of its own accord. Sundsy got through about 80 minutes no issues then one of their guys took a pot shot from distance, easy enough catch really but as soon as I caught it I felt my thumb go again. I can tell it's just a sprain and nothing is broken, I've been icing it and using deep freeze but I think it needs a bit of compression. Trouble is the thumb is so awkward to wrap, any ideas what I can do to stabilise it a bit? It's right at the base of the thumb, I guess kind of what would class as the knuckle on a thumb if it had one where it hurts. Today it's actually quite sore and stiff.
  18. Bucks Returns

    We have proper gone to crap now... Lost 2-3. Both our goals were down to fortune rather than good play. First goal player got in behind CB who chose not to give away the foul, I came out to close him down and he squared it. Imagine my horror when their *ONE* player somehow scored when surrounded by *FOUR* of our players. Second goal guy played a low cross, I tried to cut it out but the glare of the sun blinded me a bit, CB cleared but not well, I got up and ran across my goal as their RM was about to shoot and set myself and two of my defenders ran right in front of me. I literally saw the ball as it was going over my head. I'd have saved it if they hadn't blocked my view. Third Goal was a penalty that I almost saved. Needlessly given away. Kit: All Green Nike kit. Boots: Black Adidas Predator 18.1 SG's. Gloves: Adidas Predator Hybrid's.
  19. Bucks Returns

    Lost 5-3 today against a team who only had ten men from the start. Fair to say we played awful, before they took the lead we should have scored about six. As it was we went in at half time 3-0 down. The team lacks discipline and players every week seem to have an excuse not to play. Only once in 8 games or so so far have I had the same back four in consecutive games. First goal they got in behind our LB and played it across the six yard box, we should have cleared it but our RB made a hash of it. I've gone from front to back post and he fooled me a bit as I thought he was going to smash it back from where I was coming and he rolled it in at my near post. Second goal they broke our offside trap, the whole backline stopped claiming offside, I've come out thinking I had to do something and ended up with the guy lifting it over me. Third goal from a free kick their tall CB got a powerful header, not really too sure what happened but I dived across to it somehow missed it with my hands and it hit my chest. It was a save of sorts, only trouble is no one picked up on the loose ball and their player reacted first to tap into the empty net. Fourth goal again they got in round behind our LB and a square ball to an unmarked player 8 yards out, he had practically the whole goal to aim at. And finally... Fifth goal. A break when we were pushing to get back into the game I narrowed the angle down, player hit a shot but my RB had slid in to block and as I dived to my left the ball flicked up off of his boot and over my despairing right foot that I was trying to adjust to get something on it. All in all not a great day at the office. Really frustrating especially when you consider 3-4 weeks ago we drew with top of the league and beat second, to turn out a performance like that was absolute garbage. And now the manager is thinking of jacking it in as he's had enough of being let down by players both on and off the pitch. Kit: All Black Nike kit (different shorts and socks to usual though). Boots: Black Adidas Predator 18.1 SG's. Gloves: Adidas Predator Hybrid's.
  20. I feel like I might have been a little harsh after last week. Sunday just gone I ended up wearing these mainly due to not being happy with my Popes after the warm up where I dropped practically everything into the goal. I think maybe these needed a bit of wearing in as they didn't feel as annoying Sunday. I do still feel like they need some tweaks but after last week I'd have probably rated them 4 out of 10 after this week I'd say a solid 7.5 going on an 8. I hope Adidas keep the hybrid for future colourways now. Or again at least resize the Fingertips. I've noticed a few pros in the Fingertip model, Ter Stegen, Trapp and Soria and they all look a lot more tailored.
  21. I am sure you all know by now that my absolutely favourite gloves ever are the Adidas Fingertips. However over the last 9-10 years there has been a bit of a sizing issue with them coming up big. In fact the Ace Trans model (Aqua ones) fit quite well, however the new Predator model fits about 1.5 sizes too big!!! Anyway... Whilst not strictly a Fingertip model, I did pick up a pair of these newfangled Adidas Predator Hybrids. They are effectivly a flat / negative hybrid with "tipped" ends to the fingers and I have to say I am in love. They remind me so much of the original late 90s, early 2000s Fingertips, the way they fit, the way the fingers sit kind of in an odd way when not wearing them and even the fact the latex folds over at the ends of the fingers so you can't quite get your fingers right to the ends. The only thing missing for me is the squared off tip to the thumb but these are a much closer resemblance to an old school Fingertip model than even the current Fingertip models. Anyone who wants a bit of nostalgia needs to give these a try.
  22. Bucks Returns

    And back down to Earth with a resounding bump. We lost 3-4 after extra time... 3-2 up in injury time and our players tried to go for goal... Conceded with the last kick of the game to go to extra time and then our team were just gone. Most of extra time the opposition were all over us and in the end with 5 minutes to go they scored the winner. I made a few decent saves today including tipping over a pile driver of a free kick I initially went the wrong way for. Although I seem to find one on one I'm not doing as well as I should. First goal we failed to clear a corner properly and their CB swept it bottom corner from the edge of the box through a crowd of players. Second goal we lost possession, quick break found their striker in the box 12 yards out and he hit it past me, I can still feel the ball whistling under my hand, so annoying. The equaliser we failed to deal with a long throw and their striker hit it on the turn and volley. One of those I was full stretch and as I was diving in the air I could just see the ball getting further and further away from my outstretched hands. The winner the ball was played through the middle of our defence, Centre Back didn't chase as he was trying to play offside. I came out ut the guy slotted it low to my left. I got a hand to it but it slithered under and in. Definitely think I could have got a stronger hand to it at least. Gutting really as we were our own undoing and the team we played we should be beating, I guess on the bright side being out of the cup means it's less likely we will have to play double headers as we are still in two other cups yet anyway. Kit: All Green Nike kit. Boots: Adidas Predator 18.1 SG's. Gloves: Adidas Predator Hybrid's.
  23. Finally got to wear these today. I've got to be honest though I'm really not sold on them right now. The latex at the ends of the fingers really isn't as well done as on the actual fingertip models and kind of makes the stitching dig into my fingers. The palm also isn't very wide at all so it feels like there's not a lot of latex to ball contact. And I haven't been THAT impressed with the wrist bandage on any of the new Predator gloves. Used to get a decent right fit on the wrist. Even if I tighten these as much as I can before I run out of velcro they aren't that tight and then you end up with a massive flappy bit of wrist strap. I think the idea is good but Adidas need to iron out some of the flaws... OR, Make the Fingertip model properly like they used to rather than massively over sizing them.
  24. Bucks Returns

    A fine result today in what was an even affair for the most part we found ourselves 2-0 down to SCR Reserves with 20 minutes to play and came back to win 2-3. In a game I didn't have a lot to do really just clearing up balls. 0-0 at half time. A few tip overs but as I say no major saves, first goal swung across from our left, Centre Mid should have hooked it clear but to mine and my RBs despair he left the ball and it went straight to their Right Mid who took a touch and drilled it low. It was one of those where I got an arm to it but not sure if I should have done better, or was just a bit unlucky. Second goal the ball was switched across the pitch, our LB was caught out of position, he got back but the man back heeled it to a team mate unmarked who took a touch and again drilled it low past my dive. Still as I say we got the win due to our set pieces. To be fair I claim part of it as I purposely told the captain to go Down hill and with the sun behind us second half. I'd like to think both played a part. Hip is still got great and kicks from the ground are really suffering at the moment. Kit: All Black Nike Kit Boots: White Adidas Predator 18.1 SGs. Gloves: Adidas Predator Hybrid's.
  25. Bucks Returns

    Played indoors last night. Wish I hadn't, was really average and we have a big game this Sunday.