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  1. Bucks Returns

    I had a pair of Uhlsport Eliminator HN's Absolutes a while back, I agree they are a great glove! The grip is consistent. I recently finished using a pair of KA Hybrid gloves, the grip wasn't amazing, but the comfort and padding made them so comfy and confidence inspiring! Just hope KA can hurry up and release the new McGregor glove, they have been promising for months but still no release in sight. It's a classic white and black glove with a very unique cut and build to it.
  2. Bucks Returns

    If they are like the Uhlsport then I may avoid. Had a pair of the Hugo Lloris SMU's and cant remember a single game I played well in them. As you said, in perfect conditions the grip is amazing, if the pitch is slightly damp or muddy then it's like catching a bar of soap. After having used numberous gloves and latex type over the last few years, I may just stick with a high end giga grip, it's not mega tacky but atleast I know what I am going to get for a whole game. I'm fed up of playing a great game in a pair or gloves, wearing them again the week after only for the grip to have died on me! Kills my confidence
  3. Bucks Returns

    I know given the score it may be hard to answer. But how were the Reusch gloves? They look really nice and comfy, but i'm worried with my history of finger injuries they wont provide enough stopping power and protection.
  4. Adidas URG latex

    I really want to try the new Reusch range as they looked to have really stepped up their game in the last year or so! Think i'll wait for the sales though, they are so expensive when released. I want to try the new Hugo Lloris SMU's. But they don't arrive until the summer.....
  5. Adidas URG latex

    That would make sense with Nike, their retail VG3 models suffer from that. Great out the bag and for a few uses, then become terrible. Havent noticed it with Uhlsport, but I will say. Their 'Supergrip' is anything but, unless it's perfectly dry they don't grip at all. Trying to catch a wet or muddy ball is seriously hard work in them. I would like to try the new Reusch G3 Fusion grip. But I cant bring myself to pay nigh on 100 quid for a pair of gloves.
  6. Adidas URG latex

    I heard rumblings on Social Media which I think was alluding to adidas, is that these companies use special additives and solutions (Similar to glove glu I guess) on the top layer of the latex to give the impression of this mega tacky latex that can hold anything, yet drops off after a few games and is then nigh on useless. The story makes sense with adidas IMO. I always prefer a high end giga grip for that reason, not the most tacky, but is always solid and dependable.
  7. Bucks Returns

    Even on the Pro Direct website in the bio's of some of the gloves they even mention the black tab will come off. Guess it was a known issue with production. Not great for a brand that is consistently one of the most expensive out there.
  8. Bucks Returns

    I had a pair of last seasons Sells Wrap Aqua gloves. They were amazing! They were so comfy and the latex took the sting out of any shot I faced, shame they are so expensive otherwise i'd buy and wear them more often. I'd like to try the total contact cut one day. Be careful with the little black tab on the wrist band, it gets pulled of easy.
  9. Nike Retail vs Nike Promo Shirts

    I have a promo atletico GK jersey, they are much slimmer fitting and very tight at the waist, they also run a lot longer to stop then ridding up when diving. The material is much better quality and would be much tougher to rip or tear. They also have laser cut air holes under the arms and around the collar bone, doesn't do much but looks cool. They are quality though!
  10. Bucks Returns

    Don't worry so much about it. I find the more I think about what i'm doing wrong i end up making more mistakes. No keeper is on form week in week out, especially at training. When i suffered from a spat of nutmegs in games (Mainly 5-7 aside) I looked at keeper videos of de gea, he almost plays like a ice hockey keeper when guys shoot from close and at my legs. That has helped me immensely and has the added affect of keeping you on your feet ready for any other shot that comes in.
  11. Silly mistakes

    I totally agree with the above. I suffered a MCL tear early last year. I rushed back into playing from what was a serious injury and it almost made me want to quit. my catching felt off, reactions were slow and I felt like my spring had gone. My form suffered as a result, where it got to the point I was nervous and hesitant every second of the game, I took some time off near the end of the season (We play through the summer in canada) rested up and eventually found my fitness and the confidence gradually came back. I personally feel you have to enjoy playing, try to take it casually and if you make a mistake then so be it. My thought is, if a pro keeper who is naturally amazing at the game and is being paid in the tens of thousands a week (Gomes, Mignolet, Karius) makes mistakes then any of us who play recreational or at a semi decent level should make way more.
  12. Bucks Returns

    Sounds like a good game. Only conceding 4 is a good effort in 5 aside! On a side note, used my new GEO MCG for the first time last week. Great glove, the grip is amazing but I was most impressed with how secure and padded they were! I felt so confident using them, especially for a flat palm which I sometimes struggle with.
  13. Bucks Returns

    Sorry lol Thought it was Bilbao. They have exactly the same GK kit.
  14. Bucks Returns

    Out of interest. Where do you buy all these different kits from? That Bilbao one is really nice.
  15. Bucks Returns

    I agree with the Invictus. Great shot stopping gloves as they are padded really well. But the grip isn't great at all, cant catch a whole lot. I found mine improved when dirty or wet. Seemed to bring them to life a bit more. Great looking glove though, goes well with the black kits I like to wear.