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  1. Kaliaaer XLR8AER

    Im going to write this now whilst still fresh in my mind. Decided on these for a big game tonight in our 7aside league. Gave them a small rinse down after taking off the plastic film. Im impressed! firstly the wrist strap. After some slight adjusting felt really nice. To my surprise I didn't adjust it once during a pretty busy game. Normally i'm the type of keeper who is always fiddling with the wrist but I didn't with these. They were not mega tight but felt snug and secure. The cut was a pleasure to use! As bucks said above, the internal silicone is really really nice and did a great job keeping the glove tight and secure to my hand. Made some really decent catches from crosses and throws with no spillage or needing to readjust my hands. The extension cut come into play with a smart dive about mid height to my right, got some strong fingers to it and genuinely felt as if the rigid structure & extra length on the tips helped push the ball far around the post. I still think the gloves could do with some work. Firstly i'd make the wrist strap a more stretchy material which would result in less bunching and a tighter fit. Id also look at maybe making the velcro tab larger as it's currently quite small and after a few uses it may struggle to stick. Overall i'm really happy. Washed them straight after so will be interested to see if they stretch out and become too baggy after a few more uses.
  2. Pope's Captor Pure

    Why are they frowned upon?
  3. Kaliaaer XLR8AER

    Nice! Glad the wrist strap was ok, that was my major concern. I may give them a little run out tonight ad see how I get on.
  4. Pope's Captor Pure

    Would you say these are worth a punt then? I'm a little wary paying that much for a small brand. Maybe next time they have a sale I'll dip my toe.
  5. Glove addiction

    I really wish adidas would release more of this new cut. Pretty much 100% of their pros now use it (De gea and Neuer the exception) In terms of being addicted to glove, I would say I buy maybe 5 pairs a season or so. I play mainly 7 aside now so the gloves get beaten up a little more than normal. Currently i'm using the HO supremo Negative and Reusch world keeper with the G2 latex. Recently in the post i received a pair the F-line fusion (strange looking glove but feels nice) F-Line Euro promo (Black and white like Peter Schmeichels old reusch) and the new KA Extension glove.
  6. Kaliaaer XLR8AER

    I think you may be right. The initially showed these gloves before xmas so they were delayed for quite a while for supposed tinkering etc. I wonder if they gave up trying to re design it and released as quick as they could before end of season? I'm going to hold back on further judgment until i've used them, but im not confident they will be a glove I buy again or will use for a long period of time. Shame as the cut and look of the glove are great!
  7. Kaliaaer XLR8AER

    Yeah im slightly disappointed, i tried them on a few times last night, still couldn't find a way of doing them up so they felt comfy and supportive. The fact i'm already concerned about the wrist before even using them is a worrying sign. I was wondering how they would hold up after a few games and washes etc. Gloves always stretch out over time, but if your noticing it already then that isn't good. Think KA should keep the cut and look of the gloves, but revert to a normal wrist entry and strap, gloves have been this way for years due to the fact a simple latex wrist strap work! Classic case of "if its not broke don't fix it"
  8. Kaliaaer XLR8AER

    mine got delivered today. Not really sure what to think tbh. They look class IMO, love the detailing on the back and from a personal standpoint, an all white glove with black detailing is my favorite color combo. The fit on the fingers is class and from first thoughts I feel they will offer good stopping power which I like, to add to what bucks said, the inner silicone feels great and holds the glove well. To reiterate what is said above, the wrist section is poor, I have thick wrists and there is still a load of excess material which mean the latex palm kinda rolls on itself. The wrist tab isn't stretchy enough to offer a tight feel either, it makes the fit feel strange! Really right on the fingers but fairly lose and non supportive on the wrist. I feel it's a kinda gimmick and used to shift more gloves, I can see why McGregor opts for a normal entry and wrist bandage. Also it may be my pair, but the inner lining on the backhand doesn't seem completely stuck to the backhand material, I feel there is a chance that after a few washes or pulling the gloves off with sweaty hands that it'll come away even more and make the glove uncomfortable.
  9. Kaliaaer XLR8AER

    I thought they were a great glove! Sometimes I wish brands would stick with certain gloves and not feel the need to change them each and every year. I really loved the Nova type 1 from the One Glove, went trough a couple of pairs. I tried the 2nd Version (Nova Type 2) and it just didn't feel the same. Not sure if it was the materials or change in wrist strap etc. Just couldn't get on with it. Going forward, when i find a glove i love, i'll pick up a few pairs
  10. Kaliaaer XLR8AER

    haha I know that feeling! I think I normally get maybe 10 game max out of gloves before the latex drys out or I just fancy mixing it up! I think the last pair of gloves I really wore out were the The One Glove McGregor series. I loved the revamped flat cut and the snugness on my fingers, felt like I could catch anything! I normally play 7aside now so like to wear gloves that give me padding and they were perfect! Annoying they never continued that cut.
  11. Kaliaaer XLR8AER

    Nice! I'm an expat who moved to Canada, these were shipped to me early last week so cant wait to receive them! Glad the fingers fit well! I was a little worried they would flap around a bit. Similar to how my dad used to buy me gloves as a kid with the intention of me growing into them! I agree with your sentiments on the extra material on the wrists now days, these easy access wrist's just have way to much material. What are your thoughts on the wrist strap? Baring the extra material mentioned do you feel it offers support and keeps the glove on?
  12. HO Supremo Pro Negative

    Bayern Put a video up on Neuer's gloves a while back; It's a shame most firms don't release the true versions of gloves the pro's use. I've always wanted to try the adidas with the De gea flat palm but I doubt they will ever release that glove. It's annoying when the clothing doesn't match what you think you ordered. The amount of times i've returned Nike keeper shirts due to the sizing being awful, I'm a large in the Spurs keeper shirt, ordered the newer Nike park jersey in Purple and the large is tiny and fits awful. I dont get it.....
  13. HO Supremo Pro Negative

    Thats unfortunate. Wonder if its a quality control issue with HO? The negatives fit odd at first and didnt stretch out until I wore them for a prolonged period. Yes im excited to try the KA gloves! The cut looks very unique, hope the fit is decent as I fear the ends may flap around a bit and my confidence will drop when trying to use them. I'm also looking forward to see how the wrist strap works, I noticed during a game that McGregor uses a traditional latex strap, similar to how Handanovic uses a normal strap rather than the one on the retail Reusch Frecia. This maybe down to more personal preference or the fact the shots these guys are facing in training and games are venomous!
  14. HO Supremo Pro Negative

    I'm interested to see how that cut fits. Looks to have the benefits of the extra latex of a roll cut, but without the annoying stitching at the bottom!
  15. HO Supremo Pro Negative

    haha you didn't hang around! I like the look of their Kontact cut. Going from my experience with Negative version of the glove I can imagine the one you bought being even more comfortable! Looking forward to hearing your thoughts. I have 3 pairs of new gloves in the post to me right now, couple pairs of Fline and the New KA McGregor gloves which look really good! Cant wait to try their new extension cut.