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  1. Jim Buckley (Bucks) Season 2019/20

    They look really decent. I Messaged Kenny Arthur on Instagram and they will be posting black friday deals soon. KA have really decent sales so i'm hoping i'll pick up a pair of the above gloves any maybe a pair of the extension gloves in black.
  2. Jim Buckley (Bucks) Season 2019/20

    That's interesting. Personally I actually like the idea a more subtle pink on the back hand. Those gloves you listed really look the business. I really like the Xtension cut KA has developed. I actually feel the benefits when stretching for shots and parrying them away! KA normally have decent black friday sales so i'm definitely going to monitor it and pull the trigger if/when their sales start.
  3. Jim Buckley (Bucks) Season 2019/20

    Love the look of those gloves! How do they look in person? I think pink gloves and a black kit is a very nice color combo. Hoping they go on sale during black Friday so I can pick a pair up.
  4. Jim Buckley (Bucks) Season 2019/20

    Those Copa's look class. I've been using the Nike Premier 2.0. Prob the best boot i've used in years, really simple leather upper and fold over tongue, nothing more. I find the premier perfect for playing in goal, very well padded for support and great for driving through the ball on goal kicks. They also come in array of great colours and can be bought for like 50quid off pro direct.
  5. Kaliaaer XLR8AER

    They look great. Im holding off on purchase from KA as it looks as if they are releases more gloves immanently. I love the look of these that Mcgregor is wearing.
  6. Kaliaaer XLR8AER

    Nice! Glad they are decent gloves. KA are really stepping up. I saw on their instagram page that they look to be releasing yet another new glove. Kenny Arthur is imo at the top of the independent glove ranges now. i used to love The One Glove, but their new range looks very cheap and template'esc. a big back step from their neo range
  7. Kaliaaer XLR8AER

    They look really nice! Have to say, Kenny Arthur is knocking the ball out the park with this seasons range. The guys releases so many colorways and styles. Do you notice any difference as they have 'negative stitching' on the back hand? I presume it means they pull the palm closer to the hand compared to say the very lose feeling of a puma flat palm glove.
  8. FLine S Line Glove

    Quickly Bumping this. I purchased a pair of the Fline Euro Classic version of this glove a few months ago. Only to echo what is said above, what a glove this is! I've used them in around 10-13 games on 4G turf and they are still holding up well! Offer good padding, a very solid grip and IMO look class! I'd like to mention just how dam good the wrist straps are on these! A simple all latex wrist strap (Think Ben Fosters SMU Sells gloves) that just works so well. I'm not sure why brands are trying to 'revolutionize' the wrist entry and strap on gloves nowdays. The simple latex strap still works the best IMO. Shame Fline wont ever be producing any more of the above. I think Reusch have been in touch and own some trademarks to the style. Fline also have a massive reduction on their "Arrow" range. Again, Reusch must own trademarks on this style.
  9. Jim Buckley (Bucks) Season 2019/20

    I totally agree with the above post. So frustrating to find a glove that fits well and works great, only for the to stop making it and introduce "Revolutionary New Technology" which makes the gloves worse haha The price of the large brands are disgusting though, Reusch, Sells and Uhlsport are now charging way over 100GBP for a decent pair of gloves. Whilst I would say the build and quality of Reusch and Uhlsport is decent (Sells are really badly made and fall apart quickly) its certainly not worth the huge increase in price over say Fline, the one glove and KA.
  10. Jim Buckley (Bucks) Season 2019/20

    Know the feeling. Problem I have is that I really enjoy trying new gloves etc. I'll normally use a pair for maybe 6-7 games and then want to try something else. I normally keep then in storage and will go back and use a few pairs again when I fancy it. Picked up a pair of the One Glove Pulse SL last week in the big sale they had. Really strange fitting glove, the fingers are great the padding is good, wrist entrance and strap feel nice. The double wrapped thumb just feels strange, if used on a normal roll or neg glove it would fit ok, but because the fingers (Has the reusch freccia cut) are so tight and snug, it feels very lose. Hope it doesnt affect my handling of the ball.
  11. Jim Buckley (Bucks) Season 2019/20

    How many gloves do you own!? I wish I could find a pair I really love and just stick with them. The only time I've got close to only wanting to use a single pair is the original One Glove McGregor with the tight flat palm and internal silicone. I found those amazing. Shame it was the only time that cut was used.
  12. Jim Buckley (Bucks) Season 2019/20

    Tell me about it! Nothing worse than having the ball pinged at you which is supposed to be a warm up! It's just a massive confidence killer for me! Especially if I let a couple of simple ones in. I find puma gloves always feel loser once a bit of water hits them! I only really use their flat cuts and they become way to baggy in a wet game! Normally have to switch out at half time. Makes me wonder how/ Buffon has used the puma flat cut gloves his whole career.
  13. Jim Buckley (Bucks) Season 2019/20

    This is why I stopped playing 11 aside. Playing with the bare 11 and taking a spanking during the game. It killed my confidence. Even if I somehow played well, I'd come away feeling like crap as we would normally lose. How are the Puma gloves btw? I do really enjoy the grip on Puma gloves but the sizing is always mental.
  14. Kaliaaer XLR8AER

    my pair of the volt version of these gloves arrived yesterday. They feel really decent! Very padded which I like! The wrist strap is much improved aswell. I think they will require a few pre-washes as they felt very powdery.
  15. Jim Buckley (Bucks) Season 2019/20

    I hate this way of warming up! I normally stick to 7 aside and my warm up generally consists of the team smashing shots full pelt from about 10 yards out. Doesnt help at all! Makes such a difference if I have a proper warm up, consisting of kicking, light handling and stretching. Nothing worse than letting in a few easy ones or having handling problems in a warm up! Generally leads to a bad game