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  1. Kaliaaer XLR8AER

    my pair of the volt version of these gloves arrived yesterday. They feel really decent! Very padded which I like! The wrist strap is much improved aswell. I think they will require a few pre-washes as they felt very powdery.
  2. Jim Buckley (Bucks) Season 2019/20

    I hate this way of warming up! I normally stick to 7 aside and my warm up generally consists of the team smashing shots full pelt from about 10 yards out. Doesnt help at all! Makes such a difference if I have a proper warm up, consisting of kicking, light handling and stretching. Nothing worse than letting in a few easy ones or having handling problems in a warm up! Generally leads to a bad game
  3. Kaliaaer XLR8AER

    Just an FYI chaps. KA has free glove ID this weekend.
  4. Pope's Captor Pure

    I hate these bandwagon fans. Social Media is ruining football IMO. I especially hate all these instagram/youtube goalkeepers who come up with these silly training routines and people are amazed by it. Half these 'Goalkeepers' don't even play non league, let alone professional football. Anyone can look good in training and shooting drills, the real test is in game situations where it's unpredictable. The only one is the Modern Day GK. He actually plays/played professional football in Scotland and can back up the talk. Neuer had a decent preseason and looks to have got back to fitness following what seemed like 2 years of being injured or playing terrible. I guess Nubel should take a view this season. If neuer breaks down again then their is chance he could steal the No1 spot from him, if Neuer looks fit then Schalke will still offer him a big big contract or maybe he would get a move to Dortmund where he would instantly be number one as neither Burki or Hitz are any good. Nubel cannot really lose here IMO.
  5. Pope's Captor Pure

    Not ending well with Nubel and Pope's https://www.footyheadlines.com/2019/08/after-changing-to-adidas-bayern-munich-nubel-supplier.html Seems a little poor on Nubels part to spring this on Popes. I can understand a business decision and no doubt Adidas can offer much much more. But on a human level you would think Nubel would give Popes a bit more respect given they are a tiny company and him leaving will have a bigger impact on popes than him joining adidas will to adidas.
  6. Pope's Captor Pure

    The captors do a have a different latex. They seemed to have moved away from this and are only now focusing on the contact latex with the plastic cover, guess it sells better to the people who watch the silly instagram videos of gloves sticking to themselves straight out the packet and are impressed by it.
  7. Pope's Captor Pure

    That is exactly my thinking. Pope's are essentially at the top end of the independent brands price wise. That is what is putting me off buying them.
  8. Pope's Captor Pure

    It's always the way with small firms, once their assets get some exposure the big boys step in and snap them up. Watching the games at the weekend I noticed Sells looked to have signed up Dean Henderson @ Sheffield United. Good coup by them! He looks a talent and with his personality and aggression I think he will do well this year! Shame Nubel left popes, he certainly looks a talent! Being a German and potentially signing for Munich in a year or so, its a given Adidas would have picked him up sooner rather than later.
  9. Pope's Captor Pure

    Thats a good spot! I think alot of the pro's use slightly altered versions of the hybrid. Kevin Trapp at Frankfurt looks to be different from the retail version. Would be interested to see how much $$ a company like adidas pay their goalkeepers. I bet De Gea, Neuer and Ter Stegen have pretty lucrative contracts. I remember Adam Sells talking about this on how his firm cannot compete with the likes of Adidas and Nike for $$ but offer their goalkeepers a much more hands-on and closer relationship than the big firms can offer.
  10. Kaliaaer XLR8AER

    Just a quick update. Used these again last night for around the 8th time. Still very impressed. The structure of the glove has held up well! Still really tight on the fingers and the internal silicone is the best i've used! Actually feel the wrist strap has got better over time with the bandage section having stretched and making it easier to secure. The latex has held up so well considering its really dry here in the summer (Ex Pat living in Toronto) and all games are on 4G. Still very grippy and confidence inspiring. Will also mention again just how much I love this cut. Feels very nice when making a full stretch save and tipping the ball around the post. Have tried to cut back on buying footie gear but will defo take the plunge and buy the Volt yellow version of these with the more traditional wrist strap.
  11. Pope's Captor Pure

    Did not take long at all! Guess with the money the big brands can throw around, makes it nigh on impossible for the likes of Pope's to compete. Wish Pope's were a little cheaper, they are considerably more than the likes of the One Glove and KA etc. Would you say they are any better?
  12. Pope's Captor Pure

    Also I was going to ask. Have you ever used PROGK? I love the look of their Hybrid cut Aqua glove; But i'm not sure 3.5mm palm will provide enough stopping power
  13. Pope's Captor Pure

    I totally agree. There isn't much difference in Quality between the big brands and the independents anymore. Especially when you take into consideration the cost of the 'Big Brand' gloves now days. Doesn't make sense for me to buy 1 pair of Uhlsport when I can get a pair of One Glove gloves, a pair of KA's and maybe even a pair of F-Line for the same price.
  14. Pope's Captor Pure

    They are a really good looking glove! Be interesting how long he stays with Pope's for. If he gets the long anticipated move to Bayern as Neuers eventual replacement then I'm sure Adidas will make sure he is one of their athletes
  15. Pope's Captor Pure

    Funny you mention this Brand. They are starting to pump out some seriously good looking gloves! I really want to give them a go, but they are fairly expensive for an independent. I love the look of these just note sure if I can justify spending the money on a simple pair of negative gloves with a contact latex palm.