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  1. 19 minutes ago, Bucks13 said:

    Sean have you actually worn these in games?

    I ask as any pictures of you playing you seem to be wearing KA gloves. You're not exactly selling the product if you aren't even willing to wear them yourself to be honest.

    Hi Buck13. 

    Thank you for your email. 

    I have been injured for 10 months and still am at present with a hip issue. I wore my gloves in training every day while designing my glove for perfection before injury. Before I got injured I was sponsored by KA. Moving forward, I will be wearing my glove once I am back fit. They are fantastic and a whole new innovative concept. The design is patent pending. Hope to have you on board. 



  2. Hi Funkretch,

    Thank you very much for your response and honest opinion. 

    It’s been a common question. At the moment the backhand is 4mm thick which is thicker than a lot of gloves on today’s market. I am still designing a possible removable finger save for both sides which will be my next model. 

    I have trial and tested the product vigorously for many months. For me to get the best durability out of the glove and full use, I would use one side one training session then the other the next and so on. 

    Please trust me this concept works. With Nike and Adidas going down the lighter glove route my glove Airor fits niceless in to the balance of this. 

    Thank you once more. Please ask me any questions or if you would like to try the glove. 

    Many thanks

    Sean Murdoch

  3. On 4/10/2018 at 3:20 PM, fraserb said:

    Hi Sean,

    thanks for your reply, if you want to upload more pics you can use photobucket mate and post the link.

    I can see what your trying to do but IMO it won’t work, I may be wrong

    Also at your price point you are going into the territory of some of the well established brands and that at almost double the price of some of the independents which IMO you won’t get many takers at.

    good luck though 



  4. Hi The Joker,

    Thank you for your feedback. 

    I have designed 3 models which will be launched. I am also in the process to design a basic white as you have echoed some other Gk’s feedback. 

    With regards to the overseas. You have again echoed other members feedback. I personally think this will be the case especially in some countries where AstroTurf pitches are installed everywhere. 

    With regards to the wet weather. They feel the same as normal glove in the rain. We use finger elastic borders which doesn’t get heavy during wet weathers and is flexible and durable. The good thing about my glove is I can make a 4mm latex one side and a 2mm the other side while mainting the two sided usable glove. We really do have many options.

    I have to be honest. I haven’t been able to test them out yet in the blazing sun so can’t answer that question. We haven’t had enough sun in Scotland to date. 

    Thanks again for your feedback. Please hit me with any questions you may still have. Your feedback is immensely valuable. 

    Please feel free to add me on Skype. I have many other pictures and videos on my models. 



  5. Hi Dave,

    Thanks got the reply. 

    Yes backhand was an area where I looked at to make it as thick and sturdy as possible while maitinkng the use of the two sides. If you look at the new Nike & Adidas Gloves they are virtually identical to mines. I think the big brands are going down the route to a thin glove where you can feel the ball better.

    Time will tell. Like I mentioned earlier it has been trialed and tested intensively and it holds up very well. 

    Thanks again for your feedback. 


  6. Hi Fraser,

    Yeah it’s a really saturated market at the moment. With being a goalkeeper all my life I have always wanted to design my own gloves. I didn’t want to follow the trend and wanted to improve the goalkeeper glove hence the reason I have developed Airor. 

    I feel I have done this but really looking forward to the feedback after my crowdfunding campaign. 

    Thanks again for your time. 


  7. Hi Fraser,

    Thank you for the reply. 

    Thanks for the honest feedback. 

    Yes price point is a tricky one. I am using premium latex and materials hence my costs are on the expensive side. My thoughts were to do a premium range then a lesser quality range so my gloves range is completely diverse. 

    Thanks for your time Fraser. I hope to prove you wrong and hopefully you become a customer when launched. 



  8. Hi FraserB,

    Thank you for your response.

    I have only uploaded one photo from one model from one side as the forum wouldn't allow me to upload any more. If you want to add me via Skype or Whatsapp then I can send you more images / videos and you will be able to see the full extent of my innovation and can decide then if they look terrible or not but you can't say that based on one photo from one side.

    I am looking to Crowdfund for people to join my journey and be a part of Airor. This is the whole point of Kickstarter the crwofunding site. I have paid many thousands on IP Audits, Patents, Packaging Design, Designs, Manufacturing which all doesn't come cheap.

    Most people can't afford £80 - £200 every 4-6 weeks unless you are financially backed from your family. Gloves SHOULD last longer than 4-6 weeks. Would you expect a pair of boots to last 4-6 weeks? I have seen gloves lasting as long as 4 sessions when used on AstroTurf especially the lesser brand gloves who use poor latex. It is shocking!!

    I am aiming at around the £50 - £60 mark for my gloves. I have trialed them for months. Other professional GK's have trialed them for months. I have designed certain cuts, materials that helps with the flexibility to make both sides usable.





  9. Hi Jacob,

    Thank you for your reply.

    The two cuts I can do is Negative & Flat Palm cut. Most professional gloves have a backhand on 2mm supersoft while I have a 4mm CONTACT latex so in hindsight I have more backhand protection than most gloves on the market.

    I trialed a prototype for over 3 months and the backhand doesn't get damaged one bit. It might get dirty but as for torn this is not the case unless GK's have bad technique and dive with their backhands on the ground which could potentially result in injury.

    Thank you for your feedback.


  10. Hey Everyone,

    Thank you all for taking the time to read my post!! It is an honor.

    My name is Sean Murdoch and I am 31 years old, Scottish professional footballer playing as a goalkeeper for Dunfermline Athletic FC in the Scottish Championship.

    I have designed my own range of Goalkeeper glove called Airor. My gloves are totally unique and I currently have a patent in place for the use of a double sided glove. That means you can use the glove both sides which provides durability and is price effective for the consumer.

    People might ask why? Well with the costs of glove ranging in today's market and the little wear you get out of them due to AstroTurf pitches being installed, customers are simply getting no value to the high prices. AstroTurf pitches are very unforgiving to your gloves especially when the pitch is dry.

    My gloves range in NEGATIVE cut and Flat Palm cut. I use predominantly CONTACT latex which is more to the premium market while maintaining price sufficiency. I have trialed my glove for many months with many other goalkeepers. We really think we have something here. I only managed to upload one picture and I do have videos and many more images so please feel free to add me on twitter; sean_murdoch_ or whatsapp 0044 7540636613.

    I will be launching a crowdfunding campaign via Kickstarter. Please spread the word and ALL feedback is much appreciated. We have 3 models that we are launching and couldn't be any more excited.