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  1. Copy Cats put to the Test

    First look at them has the roll finger cut being a much more modern design than Reusch used for anything roll fingered in the 90's-2000's. They are mesh body based... quite comfy actually. The gloves were marked at a 10.5 but fit more like a 10 in most roll finger gloves from Reusch. Notice that the "S" is only colored on the top and not through....same as the red. when sewn in place the pressure forces the edges up revealing the white sides. Palms are a 3mm foam that reminds me very much of the foam palms from the 90's ;) They are very comfy and feel very much on the ball like a glove from those days. In the modern market; they would be a solid mid range glove for a park player or a good training glove for higher ups. For what I paid they are ok. A glove junkie would be up in arms about the top hand coloring and nothing special palm. They are comfy and I am looking forward to getting a little catch in them.
  2. Copy Cats put to the Test

    Coming from another thread. There is a Ebayer that has been selling "pimped" Peter Schmeichel gloves for what seems like forever. I took a chance and had a go for a pair. His asking price was 70 pounds... we bickered down to 35. After shipping and all to America; they cost me about 65 USD. They came in the mail within 2 weeks.....which is quite a surprise to me. Here is the first pic out of the package.