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  1. Precision gk giga elite

    Glove Make & Model : Precision goalkeeper elite giga Cut : Negative cut Latex : 4mm giga grip Internal Latex : No Wrist Strap : Single wrap around Wrist Entry : Mesh Glove Body : Lightweight fabric, I would certainly say this is more of a summer glove. However they are very lightweight and comfortable. Finger Protection : None, however they do have silicone punching zones. Price : £49.99-£55 Where from : www.prodirectsoccer.com First Impressions : Aesthetically these are absolutely stunning to look at, it actually took me ages to get a good bit of use with them as every game I was looking at playing was called off and work commitments, so these were unused in their packaging for over 6 weeks. The first use however I gave them a pre wash a few days previously, the glove was fantastic. The giga latex like all precision gloves I have used was an absolute dream. (I’m am massive fan of precision) due to recent experiences. The negative cut was snug, it gives an lovely fit while still give great ball contact. I would however stick with a surround cut or roll finger from now on. First time I’ve tried this cut and I prefer the aforementioned cuts. I would recommend precision to all out there at least once. Use So far I’ve had about 7 games in these, the grip is still very good. However there signs of abrasion coming out which is to be expected. These are used only on the Saturday and are washed straight after. Ratings (out of 10) Looks 9 Fit 10, true to size and fit so snug. Build Quality 8 Dry Grip 10 Wet Grip 8 Durability 7 Overall 8 Conclusion Another glove from precision that hasn’t disappointed. I like the cut, but wouldn’t stick to it again. I would definitely say it’s a summer glove, it’s very light and airy. Pictures https://www.prodirectsoccer.com/products/Precision-Elite-Giga-Mens-GK-Gloves-PRG821-White-Dark-Green-Slime-177065.aspx