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Found 1 result

  1. GluPro Hasta - giga - Box Roll

    Glupro - Hasta Cut - Box roll Latex : 4mm giga Internal Latex : no Wrist Strap :, double wrap stretch strap etc etc Wrist Entry : Bandage, Glove Body : Micromesh Finger Protection : Yes removeable, Price : 29.99 plus postage & packaging Where from : https://glupro.com/ First Impressions I like the simple design and embossing. Nice silver red and black features on a good soft latex backhand. I gave these gloves my normal 2 pre washes and the giga palm sprang to life. The fit feels great the box roll cut is lovely.. I am a big fan of the classic roll cut and this adds a little something. Use State how many times you have used them, on what surfaces and conditions, was it training or matches? How did you feel using them? Did they give confidence in wet and dry conditions? What was the shock absorption like? What was the feel like on the ball? What has durability been like? These have been my match day gloves for the majority of this season… I I play Saturday and Sunday… I have also worn them in at least 16 7 aside games on astro turf. And a few times to coach in. Ratings (out of 10) Looks - 8 for me.. a really nice looking glove, I as a designer am a fan of the glupro logo… the features are simple but create a great looking glove. Fit - 7 I do find there really isn't much difference between a 9 and a 10 in glupro although I'm a 10 in bigger brands.. I'm fine with a glupro 9 Build Quality - 8 Looks good stitching holding well, the backhand colours are beginning to fade due to washing… I'd expect that from a nice latex backhand anyway. Wet Grip - 8 Far far far better than I expected. I thought the palm may have been an aqua so double checked and its a giga… Something I personally normally wouldn't go for in the wet… But it's been fantastic. Dry grip - 8 Exceptionally good grip in the dry there are better contact latexs for dry weather that probably do wear better. With good technique. Durability - 8 The palm has worn brilliantly over time… the fingertips are starting to show signs of wear and I have buggerd the base of the palm recently with a few dodgy dives. But the grip is still 100% there. Overall score - 7.833 Conclusion Well u may be aware by now I like glupro gloves. This brand was my first dip into the independent market and Chris a glupro has not let me down since the day I bought my first pair very early on in the companies development. I wear them and so do a lot of keepers I coach… I just get a lovely feeling from there gloves I've said it before and will again a natural glove. You feel at one with it. And this Hasta Box Roll is no exception to that rule. It installs confidence in the things it should… No fancy punch zones… do u need one? I'm not convinced. A Proper decent grippy latex on the backhand and a really grippy palm in all conditions. The removable spines are flexible and suit the glove, if worn. I will be wearing them again and highly recommend these to all goalkeepers and coaches. Out of stock still available here in a 10 GluPro Hasta on ebay Pictures GluPro Hasta - giga box roll pictures - pics with top and Wear at base of palm most recent