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Found 3 results

  1. GluPro Hasta - giga - Box Roll

    Glupro - Hasta Cut - Box roll Latex : 4mm giga Internal Latex : no Wrist Strap :, double wrap stretch strap etc etc Wrist Entry : Bandage, Glove Body : Micromesh Finger Protection : Yes removeable, Price : 29.99 plus postage & packaging Where from : https://glupro.com/ First Impressions I like the simple design and embossing. Nice silver red and black features on a good soft latex backhand. I gave these gloves my normal 2 pre washes and the giga palm sprang to life. The fit feels great the box roll cut is lovely.. I am a big fan of the classic roll cut and this adds a little something. Use State how many times you have used them, on what surfaces and conditions, was it training or matches? How did you feel using them? Did they give confidence in wet and dry conditions? What was the shock absorption like? What was the feel like on the ball? What has durability been like? These have been my match day gloves for the majority of this season… I I play Saturday and Sunday… I have also worn them in at least 16 7 aside games on astro turf. And a few times to coach in. Ratings (out of 10) Looks - 8 for me.. a really nice looking glove, I as a designer am a fan of the glupro logo… the features are simple but create a great looking glove. Fit - 7 I do find there really isn't much difference between a 9 and a 10 in glupro although I'm a 10 in bigger brands.. I'm fine with a glupro 9 Build Quality - 8 Looks good stitching holding well, the backhand colours are beginning to fade due to washing… I'd expect that from a nice latex backhand anyway. Wet Grip - 8 Far far far better than I expected. I thought the palm may have been an aqua so double checked and its a giga… Something I personally normally wouldn't go for in the wet… But it's been fantastic. Dry grip - 8 Exceptionally good grip in the dry there are better contact latexs for dry weather that probably do wear better. With good technique. Durability - 8 The palm has worn brilliantly over time… the fingertips are starting to show signs of wear and I have buggerd the base of the palm recently with a few dodgy dives. But the grip is still 100% there. Overall score - 7.833 Conclusion Well u may be aware by now I like glupro gloves. This brand was my first dip into the independent market and Chris a glupro has not let me down since the day I bought my first pair very early on in the companies development. I wear them and so do a lot of keepers I coach… I just get a lovely feeling from there gloves I've said it before and will again a natural glove. You feel at one with it. And this Hasta Box Roll is no exception to that rule. It installs confidence in the things it should… No fancy punch zones… do u need one? I'm not convinced. A Proper decent grippy latex on the backhand and a really grippy palm in all conditions. The removable spines are flexible and suit the glove, if worn. I will be wearing them again and highly recommend these to all goalkeepers and coaches. Out of stock still available here in a 10 GluPro Hasta on ebay Pictures GluPro Hasta - giga box roll pictures - pics with top and Wear at base of palm most recent
  2. GluPro special edition gold

    Glove Make & Model : GluPro Special Edition Cut : ergo Latex : 4mm super contact Internal Latex : no Wrist Strap : double wrap stretch strap Wrist Entry : Bandage Glove Body : Micromesh. Finger Protection : Yes removeable, Price : £24.99 now available in the end of season sale for £14.99 Where from : https://glupro.com/ First Impressions Straight out of the pack remove film from the palm.. Dampen the palms a little and you're good to go… Again the backhand design is simple, but I really like the lines on the latex and the light embossing on the fingers in the centre of the backhand for the gold glupro logo. The palm looks fantastic in gold. Same colour as my teams kit. Use These gloves have been used in 4 11 a side games 20 coaching sessions and 5 hour games on astro. They have been used in both the wet and dry conditions. The natural feel of the glove and the exceptional grip of the super contact In the dry is amazing… What really surprised me was the contact palms performance in the wet I was expecting it not to be good… And they really were great. The glove absorbs powerful shots well and takes the sting away. The durability of this palm really is good its a much harder wearing palm and doesn't seem as soft. The backhand colours have began to fade due to washing. Ratings (out of 10) Looks 7-10 A nice looking glove Fit 7-10 I am normally a 10 in big brand gloves and always find a 9 or 10 in glupro fine with or without spines. Build Quality 8-10 This glove has been put together very well all the stitching is as it should be. Print placed correctly and accurate embossing. Dry Grip 9-10 Absolutely exceptional Wet Grip 7-10 This really did surprise me not something I was expecting Durability 9-10 The palm is extremely durable.. Do moisten and keep in the correct conditions to keep this palm in top condition. Overall marks 7.83 Conclusion Again a glove I love using. The ergo cut is a fantastic fit. The wrist strap is very supportive and the catching feel is great. Another great glove from glupro for coaching, training and games. Pictures http://s927.photobucket.com/user/funkretchdesign1/library/GluPro%20special%20edition%20gold%20super%20contact
  3. GluPro Neo Punch

    Glove Make & Model : GluPro Neo Punch - sample release 2018 Cut : Ergo Latex : e.g 4mm Super Aqua Internal Latex : no Wrist Strap : double lock latex embossed strap. Wrist Entry : bandage Glove Body : neoprene Finger Protection : yes removable Price : £25 delivered to your door Currently End of season sale! £14.99 Where from : https://glupro.com Out of the pack this palm always needs a good 2 pre washes to remove chemicals from the palm.. My experience with this latex is to do that and bring the glove to life… Your good to go.. I think this is a really nice looking glove. I am a fan of Glupros logo it looks really nice on the backhand. On this glove it's moved to one side and is printed onto the neoprene base in white along with a small piece of artwork printed in gold. It may not be to everyone's taste but I really like its simplicity. The ergo cut is fast becoming a favorite of mine. With the two middle fingers rolled only at the tips with mesh ventilation and the index and pinky fingers are rolled down the finger. This cut gives a snug claw like feel. UseT hese have been used in two 11 a side games on turf 10 coaching sessions on turf wet and dry and hard and 6 1 hour long 7 aside games on astro turf 3 on wet days. They do indeed install confidence within the goalkeeper. The shock absorption is great but not to much padding allowing a natural feel. They are fantastic in the wet which is a great thing we all hate a slippery ball and the palm will exceed other contact and giga palms even in the dry, if kept damp. The feel as I personally think with all glupro gloves is natural. Great gloves to coach in and for goalkeepers being coached. Looks 8-10 all though again not a complex design I do really like the look of this glove. The embossing is lovely and simple printed features I think are classy. Also its good to see a nice chunky latex wrist strap. Fit 7-10 I have to say I'm normally in most big brand gloves I am a 10… and I find with glupro even with the spines in a 9 is fine… i have a feeling that with this brand there's not much difference between a 9 and a 10. Build Quality 7-10 Really well made.. Backhand latex has had colour wear.. I'm always OK with this.. Its normally washing along with wear that creates this.. And on a softer nicer backhand latex (that's not a dumbo) that performs better and is grippier the colours do start to fade. You will see how many games I have played and I do wash after every game. Stitching is good and everything enforced well in its place.. I always seem to find what I call a wobble in most gloves stitching.. And there are couple here.. Where a line of stitching seems a bit off. But nothing to effect the strength and durability of the glove. Dry Grip 7-10I f kept slightly damp.. easily… there are obviously some exceptional dry weather contact, giga extra palms… so and 8 would be to high. Wet Grip 9 - 10A great wet weather palm - do wipe and squeeze your hands on a very muddy pitch.. If your gloves you and the ground are sodden this will always help. Dirt on any palm will effect grip. Durability 7-10 It's a supersoft aqua palm but with good technique a great wearing palm. Fingertips are showing expected catching wear.. And a few marks due to some palms on the ground… doing up shorts laces ect… it's a 4mm latex and even when it does wear maintains it's high level of grip. Overall 7.5 Conclusion I love these I have to say. I've used a lot of neoprene body gloves by big brands and always found them to feel flimsy and unprotective . This is where glupro have got it right the neoprene is thick and supportive. This glove has sustenance which I really like… Without the spines the embossed latex punch zone on the back of the fingers does provide that extra support on the backhand for your fingers on powerful shots.. It's been very well placed and again I like the embossing. The spines in all glupro gloves are one piece flexible spine with the tape across the back.. I know there are people that dislike these spines… But for someone who dislikes spines anyway I find these fit perfectly into the glove and remain very flexible and not rigid… Something again I like. I tend to use them every now and then now due to old finger injuries. To try and get to the point here the Super Aqua Latex that is being used by GluPro is exceptionally good. And the ergo cuts fantastic keepers I coach like the way this cut creates the claw like catching feeling.. Now I have found this latex to be extremely durable in the past on other glupro gloves… I had a pair that lasted 2 whole seasons and with a fantastic year of good technique they were excellent… Palm wear is all relative (I ripped a supersoft palm to bits with, a bad dive on a dry hard pitch just the other day lol) an aqua palm is normally going to be a soft one… And glupros is no exception to this rule. But washed after use properly and kept in the right condition these palms remain extremely tacky… Even with wear.. For the price exceptional value. Please do check my funkretch Goalkeeper glove Facebook for pictures and info on many gloves. https://www.facebook.com/Funkretchgoalkeeper/ See pictures of the Neo punch by clicking the link below. http://s927.photobucket.com/user/funkretchdesign1/library/GluPro Neo punch