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Found 1 result

  1. An introduction

    I am still playing Saturday and Sunday 11 a side, at the ripe old age of 36. And coaching 8 young goalkeepers and 2 teenagers. I work hard at improving my coaching techniques by always keeping up to date. I am very proud of the development of my goalkeepers they are enjoying it as am I. Do you currently play for a club? Yes I am currently goalkeeper for 2 clubs And a Wednesday day 7 a side team Favourite/least favourite thing about being a goalkeeper? Favourite?? There's so many… example… I love 1 on one's… I Am a bit old school when it comes to technique in this situation but for me getting your timing perfect going in full pelt at a strikers feet with confidence hands 1st getting the ball and flattening the striker….. Very satisfying…. Least favorite…. Not being listened to…. (midfielders normally the culprits here) I've played with some great defences in my time… It's normally the lack of support… and moments of ahhh I'm I midfielder I will just stand here lol Something interesting…. Well here goes another person bahahaha yes I am going to start my own goalkeeper glove brand. I have had my head down designing and researching for about 5 years now… I have been a graphic designer/printer my whole working life … 20 years now I enjoy the creative side of what i do… But I am fed up creating…. Sometimes utter shit… Because that's what the customer wants…. The customer is always right…. Blablabla is the customer a designer no! I say there wrong lol. I want to do something for me. I am a goalkeeper, I have been so interested In the fantastic gloves being created in the independent market… I admire the work of GluPro, Seismic, Edge, dh1, F-Line, insanity, Oneglove… There are others… I Want to join the pot.. The pot of brands that care… Want to be creative and innovative and create beautiful affordable gloves…. Please do go and like Funkretch Goalkeeper Gloves Facebook page. This is just a page I set up a while ago where I've been posting pics etc… Go scroll down have a look… U May be interested u may not… You may learn something u may learn bugger all… Anyway that's me people… Glad to be part of the forum. Some pics of me in my England kit as a youngster lol http://s927.photobucket.com/user/funkretchdesign1/library/me%20in%20my%20prime