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Found 1 result

  1. Oneglove - Geo Flux Cut : negative Latex : 4mm Aquasoft Internal Latex : no Wrist Strap : MidSplit strap Wrist Entry :Bandage, Glove Body : micromesh I think whatever a nice material Finger Protection : Yes removeable, Price : £34.99 plus postage & packaging Where from : https://www.facebook.com/TheOneGloveCompany/ First Impressions Weather this needs a prewash or not I gave it my normal 2, the latex felt amazingly tacky. I think these gloves look nice… To be fair there not to my taste… But hearing about the embossed backhand on there new range 2 seasons ago really interested me. It's stitched onto the backhand beautifully. The fit is perfect I'm a 10 and with the fingersaves in or out they are nice and snug. All though one glove advise to go up a size with spines… I have tried them with spines and there fine. I have used these gloves so many times I can't remember. They are 2 seasons old at least and have been used to coach play at least 10 11 a side games… But also endless 7 a side games on astro.. A death surface for an aqua soft palm. In the wet and dry they are smashing. The shock absorbing is just right with a nice thick palm.. Durability well I'm baffled is all I can say… Yes I do look after my gloves but…. 2 seasons no way??? Well yes way…. and people I coach have used them and somehow don't ask me how they are still tacky and still going strong! Looks - 6 - Not to my taste but other colour ways do look smashing Fit 9.5 bang on! Build Quality - 8.5 Dry Grip - 7 Wet Grip - 9 Durability - 10 Surely I had to put 10 that's bloody ridiculous….. Or Is it…. Total score 8.333 Conclusion Fantastic natural feeling, snug negative cut glove, a very lightweight frame with an innovative backhand that supports the fingers well without finger saves, very clever stuff the embossing on the backhand. One Glove really do offer an amazing range of gloves and this is one of them. Can't wait to try there super flat? palm Pictures hope these work http://s927.photobucket.com/user/funkretchdesign1/library/oneglove%20Geo%20flux%20negative