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Found 3 results

  1. Glove Make & Model : OneGlove Nova Type 2 Cut : Hybrid Cut – a rolled fingertip with gussets where the palm becomes a traditional flat palm at the base of the fingers Latex : 4mm Pro Contact Latex Wrist Strap : Mid-Split strap Wrist Entry : Traditional bandadge style wrist strap Glove Body : Hex mesh body for ventilation Finger Protection : Nope Price : e.g £38.99 plus p&p Where from : Available at a few places including www.great-save.comand www.theoneglove.com- I purchased mine from the latter First Impressions The gloves come with a plastic film on the palm, obviously this needs to be removed. The fit is very snug when first placed on the hand but you straight away notice the quality of the materials used within the glove. The cut creates a very snug feel and takes some getting used to so would recommend wearing these in a good warm up or two or even a couple training sessions before wearing them in a game. Use I have got two pairs of these gloves. The first pair has been worn approx 8-10 times on both grass and 4g surfaces. I wore them for a couple of pre season training sessions before I wore them in a game. Due to it being pre season and the ridiculously hot summer we had in England, these were worn in very warm conditions. The latex performed very well as you’d kind of at least expect for a contact latex in dry weather but what impressed me most was the durability and resistance to abrasion that the contact latex demonstrated. The second pair have been worn through the beginning of the season in a few training sessions and games and have held up well in damp conditions. I haven’t been able to use these in really wet conditions yet but due to them being a contact foam, I suspect the grip will decrease as it slightly did when they were used in light rain. The foam backing and internal materials in the glove give a very nice cushioned feel when catching the ball. As mentioned before, the cut gives an unusual feel if you’re not used to it but after a few uses it feels very nice around the ball. The tips of the fingers roll around the fingers and are stitched onto the backhand as per a roll traditional roll finger cut glove but the hybrid element of these gloves is that the base of the fingers is a more traditional flat palm with a mesh gusset. The thumb wrap adds a nice fit and feel to the thumb. The gloves feature a rubber punch zone across the backhand that add a small amount of protection and extra feel for the ball when punching away crosses or shots. The punch zone is not restrictive at all and still allows full flexibility throughout the backhand. The mid-split stretch strap is a nice touch. It has held up well to my persistent strapping and unstrapping of my gloves and gives a nice supportive feel around my wrist. Ratings (out of 10) Looks – 7/10 – Very nice looking glove and the constellation camo adds a detail not seen in other gloves at a similar price point Fit – 9/10 – near perfect fit. Very comfortable gloves that true to size in my usual size 10 Build Quality – 10/10 – no stitching or faults at all so far so can not fault them. Dry Grip – 9/10 – can’t fault them too much. Quite a thirsty latex so keep a bottle of water handy but otherwise very very good. Wet Grip – cant comment entirely, in the damp grip dropped slightly to 7/10 Durability – very good so far, 9/10 for abrasion. Grip has faded somewhat but abrasion resistance is still good. Overall 8.5/10 – Very good gloves. The price isn’t included within the ratings but I suspect that these will rate highly compared to gloves from the bigger brands available. A very solid glove. Conclusion Would happily recommend these to people as a very good match glove. Worn across many leagues and standards of football and they hold their own in a very competitive market. One of the most progressive brands out there at the moment. For Images of the gloves - https://photos.app.goo.gl/JcmDZ1kZDoWC61F79. - The gloves that have a more grey looking palm are the pair that have been worn numerous times. The other pair still have flecks of grass on them and have been worn 2-3 times
  2. OneGlove GEO Typhoon Review Glove Make & Model : GEO Typhoon Goalkeeper Gloves Cut : Negative Latex : 4mm Black Contact Internal Latex : No Wrist Strap : Latex with an elastic mid split infused section with window for personalization Wrist Entry : Bandage Glove Body : Neoprene Finger Protection : Removeable with lifetime warranty on the spines Price : £37.99 plus postage & packaging Where from : https://www.theoneglove.com/goalkeeper-gloves-c3/geo-typhoon-goalkeeper-gloves-p146 Description from Oneglove Features 4mm black pro Contact latex Pre-curved Negative Cut MidSplit® strap Removable finger save spines with velcro easy-access Incredibly comfortable neoprene lining Stunning 3D embossed backhand Double-wrapped thumb Lifetime finger-spine warranty - your spines replaced for free Aqua green fade colour way Description Inspired by the best-selling GEO Tempest, the GEO Typhoon updates the pro proven design and spec with a new aqua/green colour-way with slick black detailing. Our Contact latex ensures pro grade all-weather grip, while our unique MidSplit® strap and neoprene lining deliver the most optimal level of comfort on hand - an absolute must for any goalkeeper. The Typhoon utilises a negative cut palm which is a snug fitting style suited for those who like a more "true" feel of the ball, additionally this model comes with removable finger save spines accessible through a quick-release hidden pouch. Not a finger save fan? A few seconds and they're gone. First Impressions Another stunner from the current Oneglove range, it has to be one of my favourite glove designs on the market at the moment. This colourway works so well. They are a true to size glove without the spines in, with them in they are snug but not so snug I’d say to go up a size like you have to with some FP gloves. The black contact latex on these was good to go after just peeling the protective film off Use I have used these over a period of 6 or 7 weeks now 2 or 3 times a week, they have been used on dry astro, wet astro, muddy grass in matches & training. Using these I felt very confident even in the worst of weather/ conditions which once again for me debunks the myth that contact is poor in the wet. This in my opinion is the best coloured contact I have used. There is not a huge difference in the performance of the glove from dry to wet although they do need to be kept moist in the dry to get the best out them, it’s quite a thirsty latex which dries quickly so keep damping them during use. The 4mm foam gives the perfect balance shock absorption and feel on the ball. Durabilty has been out of this world compared to some other gloves I am using at the moment, Just your typical finger tip wear you get with negs and a few nicks and grazes caused but the good old astro and rubbish Scottish pitches. I can’t comment on the finger protection as I never use spines, just can’t get on with them at all. All in all a very comfortable glove that has been great to wear. Ratings (out of 10) Looks = 8.5 Fit - 8 Build Quality - 9 Dry Grip - 9 Wet Grip - 8 Durability – 9 Overall - 8.58 Conclusion Once again a true elite level glove for a bargain price, anyone still to try oneglove this would be a perfect glove to start with Pictures http://s194.photobucket.com/user/superstar_tradesmanp100/library/Oneglove Geo Typhoon
  3. Oneglove - Geo Flux Cut : negative Latex : 4mm Aquasoft Internal Latex : no Wrist Strap : MidSplit strap Wrist Entry :Bandage, Glove Body : micromesh I think whatever a nice material Finger Protection : Yes removeable, Price : £34.99 plus postage & packaging Where from : https://www.facebook.com/TheOneGloveCompany/ First Impressions Weather this needs a prewash or not I gave it my normal 2, the latex felt amazingly tacky. I think these gloves look nice… To be fair there not to my taste… But hearing about the embossed backhand on there new range 2 seasons ago really interested me. It's stitched onto the backhand beautifully. The fit is perfect I'm a 10 and with the fingersaves in or out they are nice and snug. All though one glove advise to go up a size with spines… I have tried them with spines and there fine. I have used these gloves so many times I can't remember. They are 2 seasons old at least and have been used to coach play at least 10 11 a side games… But also endless 7 a side games on astro.. A death surface for an aqua soft palm. In the wet and dry they are smashing. The shock absorbing is just right with a nice thick palm.. Durability well I'm baffled is all I can say… Yes I do look after my gloves but…. 2 seasons no way??? Well yes way…. and people I coach have used them and somehow don't ask me how they are still tacky and still going strong! Looks - 6 - Not to my taste but other colour ways do look smashing Fit 9.5 bang on! Build Quality - 8.5 Dry Grip - 7 Wet Grip - 9 Durability - 10 Surely I had to put 10 that's bloody ridiculous….. Or Is it…. Total score 8.333 Conclusion Fantastic natural feeling, snug negative cut glove, a very lightweight frame with an innovative backhand that supports the fingers well without finger saves, very clever stuff the embossing on the backhand. One Glove really do offer an amazing range of gloves and this is one of them. Can't wait to try there super flat? palm Pictures hope these work http://s927.photobucket.com/user/funkretchdesign1/library/oneglove%20Geo%20flux%20negative