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Found 2 results

  1. Seismic - Queltic Emerald Protect

    Seismic - Queltic Emerald Inferno protect Cut : Roll finger Latex : 4mm agt (aqua grip technology) Internal Latex: yes and ribbed Wrist Strap : 1 lock standard beautifully embossed latex strap Wrist Entry : Bandage Glove Body : some type Micromesh/mesh Finger Protection : Yes removeable Price : €45 plus postage & packaging But nearly out of stock so get the last pairs here. Seismic Emerald Protect glove there is a non internal latex version the Emerald Protect available for €32 Where from : Seismic Goalkeeper Gloves - Ireland First Impressions When i got these I was baffled by there beauty…. A fantastic piece of artwork and embossing on the backhand along with the embossing on the wrist strap and pull tab. The workmanship on this glove so stitching etc is well outstanding… way way better than I've seen from bigger brands. I gave them the normal 2 pre washes and the agt wet weather latex came to life. Fit at first was to tight on the hand I felt to much pressure and my pinky finger began to ache….. THIS WAS MY FAULT! Seismic advised to go up a size and I decided to stick with my normal 10… there customer service was exceptional a return and replace was offered….i got lazy so stuck with them…. Very glad I did.. I purchased these gloves as a keeper that actually needed protection in 4 fingers and a really bad thumb injury… I Do not normally use finger protection. They were with the spines in a snug fit… The internal latex obviously adding to this. But all the same a very flexible glove.. There was no doubt from the off this glove was a completely different beast! for me… Very padded.. Not something I'd usually go for. This glove again is at least 2 seasons old, and has been used in 23 11 a side games… countless 7 a side games in the wet on astro.. With the protection it's a great glove for this. And lots of coaching sessions. I now much better wearing them without the finger protection. These install confidence in the goalkeeper and the internal latex after a few good training sessions adapts internally to the shape of your hand. The roll finger cut suits the glove and the catching shape of the glove is very good even if the feel on the ball isn't natural your hands feel in a great shape to hold onto the ball. Great shock absorption… You can barely feel some shots, which I wasn't sure about…. But this is a protection glove after all. Durability well amazing… there still going strong even if they do stink to high heaven. The agt latex is tough stuff and as long as they are kept damp and stored properly will outlast any big brand glove. These may look a little yellow in places but the are still performing. Ratings (out of 10) Looks 9 A beautiful piece of artwork… Different lovely embossing. Fit 8 The internal latex is a lovely thing when worn in… Listen when your told to go a size up. Build Quality 9 Of course the backhand colours have faded due to washing a quality latex backhand. Dry Grip 7 Wet Grip 9 Durability 10 For me if a pair of gloves is tacky and performing 2 seasons later, showing little signs of palm wear how can you give less than a 10? Overall score 8.6666 Conclusion Yes own a pair… Little late now but some pairs still available I think? See link above! A fantastic glove from a fantastic brand simple… In my opinion seismic are at the top of the game.. There new range looks well bloody great… Innovation new ideas. Design to the highest standards and quality well top notch. Pictures http://s927.photobucket.com/user/funkretchdesign1/library/Seismic - Queltic Emerald - Protect Take the spines out fantastic in fantastic. BAD THUMB INJURY - tip Also a hint to anyone if you can get hold of a puma thumb protection spine your onto a winner.. This spine is apparently patented which kinda sucks a bit because if you ask me its the best and seems to suit any independent glove I have tried that allows for a thumb spine. I found a single spine didn't do as much for the thumb as it does with a finger.
  2. Seismic Cygnus X-1

    Cygnus X-1 Blackout Where from: Seismic Goalkeeping www.seismic.ie Glove Make & Model : Cygnus X -1 Cut : Latex : 4mm supreme contact Internal Latex : No Wrist Strap : The gloves comes with 2 interchangeable straps; latex and stretch Glove Body : Hybrid cut Finger Protection : yes, fingers and thumbs- removable via a zipper Price : €55 Where from : www.seismic.ie First Impressions: These gloves took a while to grow on me as i'm not really a fan of blackouts but over time, i was tempted to pick up a pair and judge them in the flesh, as it were. As with all gloves designed by Seismic Steve, it became clear that a lot of thought had gone into the design and construction of these. The space theme was cool and elements of the backhand reminded me of a scene from the sci-fi classic"Aliens " film directed by James Cameron giving an overall aggressive feel to the glove- a beast that means business! Use: I have used these about 6/7 times on astroturf in mainly dry conditions, no wet weather use worth discussing. Ratings (out of 10) Looks : 7.5 Fit :9 Build Quality :9 Dry Grip : 8 Wet Grip - did not test Durability: 8 Overall : 8 Conclusion: This is an excellent glove, the fit even with the spines is superb . I only used the middle two finger and thumb spines as i don't need protection for every finger - at the moment lol Grip is very reliable and i always feel confident catching in these- a combination of the latex and the hybrid style wrap feel. The interchangeable straps is a great idea, i prefer the standard one but even the stretch one is excellent and i felt it was of a higher quality than stretch straps i've tried on bigger brands in the past. The punch zone is top notch too and you can barely feel the spines when making a fist , in comparison to some other FP gloves which can hurt the knuckles a little. I was a bit dubious about the contact latex as i prefer a graphite/quartz style palm but these haven't let me down. Needs to be kept damp though. My only real complaint would be due to the fact that i like colour in my gloves but this is a blackout so it does what it says on the tin. Also, it can be hard to detect any dirt for the same reason but these have really only been rinsed after each use and are still performing well. The pics here were taken after today's game. Another excellent glove from the Seismic camp. Update- Pics would not upload but are included in the link to the review on the GK Talk Facebook page ( Colm)