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Found 1 result

  1. GluPro special edition gold

    Glove Make & Model : GluPro Special Edition Cut : ergo Latex : 4mm super contact Internal Latex : no Wrist Strap : double wrap stretch strap Wrist Entry : Bandage Glove Body : Micromesh. Finger Protection : Yes removeable, Price : £24.99 now available in the end of season sale for £14.99 Where from : https://glupro.com/ First Impressions Straight out of the pack remove film from the palm.. Dampen the palms a little and you're good to go… Again the backhand design is simple, but I really like the lines on the latex and the light embossing on the fingers in the centre of the backhand for the gold glupro logo. The palm looks fantastic in gold. Same colour as my teams kit. Use These gloves have been used in 4 11 a side games 20 coaching sessions and 5 hour games on astro. They have been used in both the wet and dry conditions. The natural feel of the glove and the exceptional grip of the super contact In the dry is amazing… What really surprised me was the contact palms performance in the wet I was expecting it not to be good… And they really were great. The glove absorbs powerful shots well and takes the sting away. The durability of this palm really is good its a much harder wearing palm and doesn't seem as soft. The backhand colours have began to fade due to washing. Ratings (out of 10) Looks 7-10 A nice looking glove Fit 7-10 I am normally a 10 in big brand gloves and always find a 9 or 10 in glupro fine with or without spines. Build Quality 8-10 This glove has been put together very well all the stitching is as it should be. Print placed correctly and accurate embossing. Dry Grip 9-10 Absolutely exceptional Wet Grip 7-10 This really did surprise me not something I was expecting Durability 9-10 The palm is extremely durable.. Do moisten and keep in the correct conditions to keep this palm in top condition. Overall marks 7.83 Conclusion Again a glove I love using. The ergo cut is a fantastic fit. The wrist strap is very supportive and the catching feel is great. Another great glove from glupro for coaching, training and games. Pictures http://s927.photobucket.com/user/funkretchdesign1/library/GluPro%20special%20edition%20gold%20super%20contact