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Found 1 result

  1. KA Teknik Negs

    KA Teknik Negs Glove Make & Model : KA Teknik Negative Cut Cut : Negative Cut with Wrap Over Thumb Latex : 4mm Teknik Latex Palm Internal Latex : No Wrist Strap : Latex with window for personalisation Wrist Entry : Elasticated Bandage Glove Body : Micromesh with 3mm supersoft latex backhand Finger Protection : None Price : from £32 plus postage & packaging depending on size Where from : https://www.kagoalkeeping.co.uk/ka-goalkeeper-gloves-c1/teknik-neg-goalkeeper-gloves-p59 Description from KA site The Teknik Neg is an elite level Negative Cut Goalkeeper Glove. Featuring a newly developed 4mm Teknik latex palm this model creates exceptional grip, catching security, and shock absorption. The Teknik Latex is so tacky it is sealed under a protective film, once removed this leaves a really adhesive catching surface from the first use. The backhand of this model is a 3mm supersoft latex creating a really comfortable fit and feel, with an ergonomically designed PunchZone aiding traction and direction when punching. The Teknik Neg is a Negative Cut glove, which means the palm latex is internally stitched creating a tighter, more streamlined fit. If you need more information on different glove cuts, please Click Here to view our Glove Cut Guide. The thumb of the Teknik Neg wraps over from palm to backhand creating more latex to ball contact, enhancing catching security. The elasticated wrist bandage of the Teknik Neg ensures perfect closure, fit and comfort. As with all our gloves the Teknik Neg can be personalized just like the pros with your Name, Nickname or Initials. First Impressions Every range from KA has been an improvement on the last and since joining forces with Kaliaaer you can really see a difference again and certain aspects of design being incorporated into the KA lines, in my opinion these are a really striking glove, quite minimalist but with a hint of colour in the right places. These feel extremely comfortable on the hand, they are well made with quality materials. Size wise I went up a full size in these as I had found previous negs from KA just to be a little snug for me but I know others who have stayed with their normal size and find them comfortable, just depends how you like your gloves to fit. Out the bag when the film had been peeled off they felt good to go. Use I have been using these for about 5/6 weeks now at least twice a week mainly on astro in small sided games but they have had a couple of outings on grass in 11’s as well. They have been used in both wet and dry conditions with no real noticeable difference in performance when wet. They are a very confidence inspiring glove that give great shock absorption without sacrificing the feel for the ball. The durability has blown me away on these, as I say these have been mainly used on Astro and they are still in superb condition, I have been using another brand of gloves along side these for a few weeks, maybe 3 and youd think they were the ones that I had used for longer when compared with these. I really cannot fault these at all and as a few folk that I have recommended this latex too will know why I swear by these. Ratings (out of 10) Looks 9 Fit 8(just due to me going up a size) Build Quality 9 Dry Grip 9 Wet Grip 8 Durability 9 Overall 8.67 Conclusion I really do swear by KA, the way Kenny and Greg go about their business has to be applauded, they strive to put out the best product for extreme value for money, these are a top top glove and I have no hesitation on recommending them Pictures Link to my photobucket album of how these look now http://s194.photobucket.com/user/superstar_tradesmanp100/library/KA Teknik Negs