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Reviewing Goalkeeper Gloves

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Below are some helpful tips to writing your first review of goalkeeper gloves -




Cut: (include the details of type of cut)

Fit: (How did you find the glove fit? Was it tight? Also in relation to your hand size, have you got big hands? thin hands etc?)

Latex: (The thickness and brand of latex)

Features: (this includes wrapped thumb, backhand material, any finger protection etc

Availabitlity: Where can/did you buy them?

Price: How much do they cost?


Please not most of the above you will get in the product description


Review: A paragraph or so on your experience using the glove. How did they cope with your first few games and training sessions? Did you do any prewashing? What type of ground were you playing on?


Durability: How long have they/will they last you? Is there any wear on the latex? What about the stitching on the rest of the glove?


Summary: A sentence or 2 concluding your results. Were they worth the price? Would you reccommend them for any particular weather situation?


Pros: a short list of pros about the glove

Cons: a short list of cons about the glove

Ratings (out of 5) -

  • Durability
  • Fit
  • Cosmetics
  • Value
  • Overall


Please note the above is just a guide. You can add anything you feel is relevant to your review.

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