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felt sh*t played awesome

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So its about 5am in the morning, and ive just had to fork home 40 quid to get home from london, so im rather annoied, next i get in and theres no food in, so im getting a bit wound up, so then i go to the bathroom for a shower, and guess what, the water, well theres no bluddy water, stupid shower head. Finally catch some sleep when my phone starts ringing, and its my manager, hes like oh you up yet, *looks at watch* its 9:45 oh F**k.

Roll out of bed in the clothes i went out in last night, feel really rough and now am feeling dizzy, so i drive down to this ground where the match is, i drove around in circles for 25 mins so im now so angry, like just swearing at everything and everyone. Get to the ground, 15 mins to go before a 10:30 kick off, so slowly take my time in getting changed, and oh for some reason ive got my brand new adipures in my bag, and they're white, and this pitch is just mucky and awful, and now im fuming, So i walk onto this pitch with a few mins to kick off, i feel awful, ive had no warm up, but oh hello coffee, so i drink a bit of that and off we go. Im feeling so sore and hungry and just crap.

So i start moving around my area shouting at defenders and mopping up, and slowly i get into the game, ding 1-0 down their tricky forward beats three of our defenders and hits the shot, straigh at me, i get ready to save it when a defender thinks its funny to put his foot in the way, hits his foot bounces onto my head and off the bar and in. So now i think ive never been so angry in my life, but hey lets get on with it, soon its one-one, our semi pro center half just goes up for a corner, and to this day ive never seen him loose a header and its one one, so now im thinking this could be intresting, play goes on they get a free kick about 35 years out on the right hand side, so everyone just piles in as you do, i come out claim this ball catch it drop it dunno where its gone, then think behind me and their players got it, hes about to pull the trigger and i just throw my hands and head in the way and hold it, now im in the game, so another five mins goes by and now were 2-1 down, again mr tricky forward beats two players and then just falls over in the box, like he just fell over, no one near him, and the ref gives a pen, and im stood there actually in shock at what has happened, so he slots it left and i go right, nothing i could do really. Off we go again, again we get a corner, and our centerback heads his ball over the keeper, and we bundle it in, like what you see on a sunday morning, just 20 players in a melee. So 2-2 at half time, and then we get briefed, so this teams 4 divisions above us, its a cup game and the local newspaper are here. Nice one, when i look like crap they want to take pictures. So we go out again, and i forgot to tell you, i was getting changed before the game and most of the team forgot they're socks, so as im the only one with black socks i have to switch, for some blue ones, now i look like a right numpty now.

So anywho we start the second half 2-2, 10 mins goes by nothing happens and all of a sudden ball over the top they're tricky stiker is one on one with me trys to dink it over me and i tip it over, and all my defenders come and pat me on the back, i thought it was an easy save im blumming 6ft5 haha :).

So now im feeling a bit better and just collecting everything that comes to me corners free kicks everything. BANG, another ball over the top and tricky stiker has it again, and it was a 50-50 ball i shoulda come for it but i didn't , and he slotted it past me,and i just thought BGR*GBGGNEHT*GHBDBG*B*GE*NG*NG*NG*****begohrotebe***

so now im looking like an idiot, im hugnry, im so angry and we are loosing. Anyways we get on with it 3-2 down, so i come collect this ball, and wow i can kick in these adipures jeeesus, i kick this ball over everyone, and what do you know our striker latches on and slots in in 3-3. Now im happy, got a spring in my step, everythings getting better. So now theres 25 mins left, and the next goal really makes a difference. They get a freekick about 25 yards out, and they ping it straight to the left and we all step up apart from one of us, so now its three on one, so this cross comes in and their center back is about 7 yards out and he nods it into the far corner. *stop, so now im thinking i dont want the camera man behind me showing ive let in a goal, and even im thinking this is a goal, our midfielder shouts oh its a goal* so in about a quater of a second all of this has gone through my head, and ive just got my big frame down and pushed this header around the post and just laid there, and god i feel so good, its the best save ive ever made, even to this day i think about the saves ive made and wow it was decent + im now in the newspaper full length making this save, yes i feel good. Get more pats on the head people calling me spider man, even the other teams players patted me on the back saying brilliant save, so now im buzzing. Again ball over the top and this time i come and claim. and everything is going well, another freekick about 20 yards out on the right so going across me, you'd cross than shoot from this position anyways the guy crosses it in and doesn't touch anyone and ive seen it so late and ive just tipped it onto the post and ive through yes, and its bounced on the line and spun and now im thinking brilliant they've scored and the balls spun and come back to me, and wow my lucky just changed didn't it,

so we go and grab another goal, just rolled it out to our 16 year old winger, who runs about 85 yards and chips it in, i get no congrats for finding him with the throw, but i know ive just made a goal. So now its about protecting the lead, and nothing really happens as we just press and they press, sort of like a game of chess, where your waiting for the killer move. And now it rains again so the ball is skidding of the surface, and im using uhlsport absolutgrip, so not really the best thing to have on in a wet game, so this guy has a shot from 30 years maybe, and its bounced just before me so ive had 0 time in correcting my body position, so im in the long barrier position, and basically my bodys not behind it, so it hits my hands and goes past me and ive thought its a goal, and i turn back and its just grazed the top of the bar, and now i know its just my day, so we go down the other end and grab another goal 5-3 and life is now good, just to wrap it up i get around 5-6 shots of myself in the newspaper claiming corners and so on. But the full time whistle goes and im a happy man, i cant help but smile, im drenched, just ive just had a brilliant game, and im just so happy :), and i turn around to look to the fans or the lack of fans, and i have a mate there, his name is wojech :P that is all you need to know haha !

theres my match report for a game i played about 2 weeks ago. hope you enjoyed my ranting and so on.

Cheers people :)

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sorry for the bad spelling and possibly the poor language, i will add more to this when i start playing after the new year :)

hope you enjoyed!

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Great read, sirajdurrani12345!


Who do you play for?



ummm i play for a team called taplow united on a saturday with is semi pro, and on a sunday i just play for a local pub team, but we are all semi pro haha :P

so its rather fun

but im moving to uni this year well next year so, im possibly playing for afc bournemouth, ive had successful trials and so on, so lets see :)

but ahh thanks for the read :)

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Alright so i thought i'd add to my angry ranting :)

this week is more relaxed so dont worry haha!

Got a early night went to bed about five in the afternoon woke up around 9 o clock in the morning so had a huge sleep, felt really fresh, had a nice full english breakfast, not something i'd advise before football but what the hay i was up early, had a shave and got a haircut so i feel really good now, i had problems with confidence in my game and i went to address these problems this week, anyways i got to our ground around 12ish just had a chat and a drink, left for west reading which is over an hour away from us so which is farrrrrrr, its just a drive on the motorway and it doesn't stop basically. But the jist of it was i was dropped to the reserves are coping the wrong end of the stick in my first few games, manager had a chat with me just before leaving saying i wasn't at fault for any on the goals in the games, but he just wanted to perk me up, so we leave for reading, with 11 players the first team managers 15 year old son, the third team manager who is around 50 and the second team manager, so we are pretty short, and everyones winding me up about how this is gonna perk me up haha!

Anyways we get to this ground about an hour later, lovely place to play, thatcham football club, very swanky place, but i feel good after sitting in the front with good leg room and a bit of metal playing doesn't hurt.

So get in the changing room and we get a chat from the manager, and its not a normal chat, our first team keeper left for afghanistan a few weeks ago after seeing his son being born so i took his place, and he was involved in an ied attack, where he lost his legs, and is in hosptial, so we were told that we should play for josh, if we get tired just think of him and we went out there with this in our minds, we were really geared up, but this team looked decent, they had five subs, looked the part warmups ect, as we had got there late there wasn't much time for a keeping warm up, just a jog and a stretch. So the game gets underway, few shots go wide, but i could tell as we had the wind coming towards us kicking would be hard, but as i found it kicking from the floor was really easy, kicking from hand was a problem though, but nothing much happened in the first half, got down to a few balls, distribution was good, claiming crosses was the best ive done all season i felt really good, half time comes around and we are 0-0 doing well had a few chances to score, so we get a talking to again, we are all really tired, but atleast we have the wind with us, our centre, they take the ball 6-4 at the back shot comes in from around 8 yards out, not the best shot but i tip it onto the post and its tapped in, i really think i should of done better, but ah well its gone, and now at this moment we could of easily collasped, but we played well we got a goal back almost instantly, ive thumped it from my hands into they're box (wind assisted) balls been headed out , someone has a shot its fallen to our forward about 12 yards out and first time he's placed it in. So now we are on top after scoring, they have a few chances, nothing major really apart from a 2-1 with me, they've ran around the back thy're winger has crossed it in, he's about 4 yards out centre of the goal and im running across, and hes just rammed it, and i've dived past it but save it with my face haha, im sorta dazed from it but i dont care, point blank saves are awesome, we go up the end and grab another one, our left back scores a stunning left footed volley from a corner almost scholes beckham esque, but we take the lead and now its plain sailing as we have the wind with us. Nothing after that, my kicking and claming was amazing second half the best ive done all season, change of boots i think, but with only 11 players and the fill in's we had it was an amazing win. We get back to the club and our first team manager asks how i played, asked the reserve manager, and he gives me a good wrap, and what do you know im in the first team this weekend <3

Happy days

That victory goes to josh!

i'll keep adding as the season goes on :)


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