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Minutes Applause for Dale Roberts

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Not wrong there mate! A real gentleman who had so much passion for what he did, unlike some of these louts in the prem today.


I know we shouldn't really call footballers legends or heroes....but Dale was, he was so loved and like i say had so much more to give and would have been playing in the championship or premiership today if he hadn't been taken so soon.


God takes the best first 'ey!?... :-/




He just had a higher calling,

rest in peace Dale,

afrom what I've heard he is a really nice man, and I hope the best for him.

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Dale was something special. It's not easy with this run up to Christmas, it'll be a year since we lost him and I'm not gonna be too happy having to consider that. It's been a difficult year, and I feel privileged to have known the guy.


I have to say that I do find it sickening, Dale invited Paul Terry into his house to help with the recovery and because they were friends, and the dude had an affair with his girlfriend while he was out of the house, it's disgusting and it makes me feel gutted that he's been through that, he didn't want to have his first Christmas in nearly 15 years away from her. It's such a sad thing, and I think that it goes to show that things like depression and mental instability aren't seen through the changing room banter.


Anyway, there we go, in the end it shows that he was THAT nice, that's how it all started. He'll be doing exactly the same up in heaven, god bless him.

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