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Hi guys, i'm new in the forum (obviously)!


My name is Steven, i'm 27 years old, and a hobbyist goalkeeper. I prefer playing 6vs6 matches, what we here in Chile call "futbolito". It's a smaller goal, on a smaller field, and it's faster and with much more sweeper skills than the traditional. Although i'd love to play some big matches some day, I have always played this kind of game, and it feels like a start from scratch, which, at my 27 years is kind of hard.


Anyways, first off to congratulate the creators of this forum. We keepers get little props which we deserve, and it's awesome to have a community starting out which will help us support each other, and more importantly convince younger players of the joys of goalkeeping!


So keep it up, keep the ball out and fly on!



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Welcome to the forum.


Yeh smaller sided games are definately a lot of fun, more actioned packed and generally get much more to do as a Keeper. Certainly helps to build up quick reactions.



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