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14 kilograms Lighter!

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Hows everyone doing on here...


So this past summer, i was approached by a successfull club and will soon sign for them(jst working out the papers with my old club). Anyway, the goalkeeper coached asked me to get more in shape and trim down. Im considered to be a big goalkeeper as i have been working out for a while and stand at 6 feet, at the start of summer when i met with him i was at 102 kilograms... Long story short at the moment im at 88 kilograms.


So just wanted to share that and say that i cant wait till goalkeeper training starts and i can 'test' out my new body :P.


Should be a big advantage to me being that much lighter, i would imagine im faster on the break, getting to high balls easier, and having an easier time getting those fingertip saves!

Not to mention less prone to injury as i have that much pressure off my knees and joints!


What do you guys think?



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i fancy losing a stone so im at lighter weight. so im ideal weight. the extra size is good for challenges but reactions and speed should be slightly better with less weight.

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