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So, I'm finally starting the diary I told you about. I'm just in time to get the first posts online before I'm off to Slovakia.


I'm going to give you a quick review about my "career" so far. As some of you already know, I'm 16 years old and live in Finland. I play for HJK Helsinki U17 and I sometimes train with the U19 and the Reserves, The "Academy". I've occassionally also trained wit the 1st team.


So, I began playing football as a three-year-ol, when I went to this football summer camp, arranged by HJK. That's where it all started. After that I began going to this HJK "Nappulaklubi", which is a team for infants (4-7 year olds).


When I was 6, I joined my first real team. HJK Herttoniemenranta White was the name of the team. We all had good attitudes and our coach was fantastic. He was pretty strict but still awesome. So I played there for about 4 years before all HJK teams from eastern Helsinki were united to form HJK East. I was chosen to the best team, and that's when I started playing more in goal than out on the pitch. I had played pretty much 50/50 before that.


I played in HJK East for 3 years or so, before the HJK-95 team wanted me to join them. It was the representative team in HJK for my age group, which means that the team gathered all the best players from any HJK teams for -95 born boys. That's the teamI've been playing for since then.


Now I'm just a little older, a bit better and a hell of a lot taller! We're now B-juniors (-94-95 born boys) and we're in 1st place in the B-juniors Finnish League.



Next match is on Sunday against GBK. It could be a tight game, but the odds favor us.


I'm off to Slovakia on monday, finally back to the national team business again! (;


See you soon,


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Good diary mate, hopefully you can add on to that and even begin to give it out once you go pro! Good luck in your game and remember to just stay confident, you'll go places. Cheers

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Didn't have a lot to do as we were quite dominant. Gathered a couple off crosses in the first half and a decent save to a header in the second half. This victory took us pretttty close to being Finnish Champions!


So, this is my last day in Finland. I'm off to Slovakia with the national team tomorrow and I'm hoping there'll be wifi so I could post some results for you guys! :) we're playing on tuesday AND thursday. I've got a feeling I'm going to play the game on thursday, so wish me good luck!!! :)

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