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Drew scots 4-3 intensive match

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Hi it was my second game of the season today the first game we one 4-1 and today we won 4-3 there team had a little player with long hair needless to say he reminded my of messi a bit fast good dribbling anyway the I had already had one big warm up before the match a hour of goalkeeping training we started the match well and scored first then they had a quick 2 v 1 I turned my back completely stu

I'd I know I still kick myself for it we scored again fine at this point then they get a corner after quite a bit of fathing about it gose through my legs I continued to kick myself now because I knew I should have done better we luckily equalised again there's about 10 minutes remaining about now we then score 5 minutes later their players start to go down here and there made a save to keep the score 4-3 the last three minutes seemed to last a enternity

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