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GKU Adhesion Roll Finger (Purchased)

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I always liked the look of these when they came out so decided to give them a go. I ordered them via the GKUnion website and they arrived next day which was excellent.



Roll Finger



I'd say these fit slightly large but after a pre wash it wasn't really noticeable in my usual size 10



4mm Giga Grip



Bandage Closure

Anatomically placed grooved foam on the backhand provides the perfect punching surface.

Latex & Air Mesh Backhand

Flat wrapped thumb




http://www.gkunion.co.uk although they only have size 8 left as these were a limited edition but I beleive they may be re released with a couple of changes.



£24.99 (original price)




The glove is very comfortable on the hand. I also think they look really nice always been a fan of plain white gloves.The latex and mesh backhand means they are nice and breathable on a warm day yet they don't seem to let the cold and wet in either. They felt very slightly powdery out the packet so as usual I gave them a pre wash but there was no residue seemed to come out of them at all. I have used them in all conditions from dry and sunny to very cold and wet/muddy and they have held up superbly. I feel as confident in the wet as I do in the dry in them.



I've worn them in 7 games and a couple of training sessions on grass and 3g turf and there is hardly a mark on them which for such a soft latex is outstanding, been really surprised by how durable these are




The glove is excellent. It performs well in all conditions. The overall fit, finish and overall grip in a variety of conditions would make it worth giving them a go if you can find them in your size or indeed if they are re released



Outstanding grip in a variety of conditions





Not a lot to be honest



RATINGS (Out of 10)

Dry Grip: 9.5

Wet Grip 8.75

Durability: 9.0

Fit: 8.5

Cushioning: 9.0


Overall Rating: 8.95





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Had the CGS pro and I really don't like it, grip has died after a few uses so I won't be buying any new gloves.

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