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dh-one Thomas Taylor fp

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Heres my review on the Dh-One Thomas Taylor FP glove. these gloves are available at www.dh-one.co.uk


Cut: Negative with Rolled Thumb

Palm: 3.5mm Giga Grip Latex

Backhand: 3mm Supersoft Latex

Wrist: Elastic with Latex Strap

Features: Removable Spines with Zip Enclosure


First things first iv got to say the service was first class, once the details were sorted out which gloves and size etc dan gets the gloves shipped out straight away and i received them the next day which was excellent.


In my search for new gloves im of the school that finger protection is a must jus feel the security gives me the confidence needed to make the save some may agree some may not. After seeing dh-one mentioned on here thought id have a look and came across the Thomas Taylor FP which is a negative cut which iv been wanting to try for a while.


Once these gloves arrived i gave them 3 pre washes as advised by dan and on the 3rd wash these gloves became really tacky.


Size wise i ordered a 9.5 n they are very true to size and are a lovely fit.


On the first use of these gloves i instantly fell in love, the grip was superb, the fell for the ball is excellent and the palm is soft enough to absorb the impact of harder shots.

The best thing about these gloves is the more you use them the better the grip becomes im on about my 10th use now and the grip is better than ever extremly tacky and great in the wet. There is hardly any signs of wear on the glove, which is excellent as they have mainly been used on astro turf pitches which usually carve up gloves very quickly. there is a slight colour fade on the finger of the gloves but to be fair they have been washed regular and have once been used in terrential rain.


I cant fault these gloves one bit and i would highly recommend them to anyone out there. I would go as far to say these are the best gloves iv ever used.



superb grip

excellent feel for the ball

great fit

wrist bandage feels nice and secure



slight fraying on the inner of the wrist bandage


Ratings out of 5

Durability 4

Fit 5

Looks 5 (imo)

Value 4

Overall 5


This is my first reveiw so please take it easy on me :)

sorry for the lack of pictures struggled to upload for some reason. hope this review is helpful :)

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Great review Petros. I have had a pair of DH-One gloves since August and there is no sign of wear on them despite wearing them so much. The grip is as good as ever as well.

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You don't have a single bit of wear of your gloves despite using them regularly for two months?

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Cheers Andy


Shuyin honestly these gloves are extremely durable. I play 5 a side league on monday on astro in which ya up n down like a yoyo for 40 min n then train on astro for a hour on a wednesday usually by now theres clear sign of wear on the base of the palm but these are still pretty fresh to b fair. not had as much use on grass as i would of liked but wen they have been used they stood up very well, after a lot of use iv got very minimal wear

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