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Dean Stokes keeper Journal

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Game: Thomas Adams School vs Hadley Learning Community Secondary School (some sort of cup)

Date: 07/11/11

Time 3:20

Score: 3-2



I started the match in goal and didn't start to bad, not having anything to do, but i was bricking it because i was being watched by a scout from the centre of excellence in shrewsbury. after about 10 minutes there was the first goal, conceded by me, there no 9 or 10 scored past me, he was offside and i thought the ref said he was offside so i didn't put in much of an effort, i saved the initial effort but he buried his second chance with ease and the goal stood, this was a downer but i kept my head up. later on in the first half there player was in the corner of the box and pinged an effort into the top corner, i made an excellent save and kept the score at 1-0. Then as we were approaching half time we scored an equaliser from a corner through Jordan. Half time and i was subbed. but i will finish the story because it is quite good, in the second half it wasn't long before we conceded a penalty that was placed nicely into the bottom left hand corner past our sub goalie jack. but again we equalised with not long to go, it was a great ball an parksy finished nicely. Then with penalty's looming we scored in the last minute to win, a nice finish by dan.

so the next round of the cup awaits but i might not get a chance to play because i denied our other goalie a chance today and he deserves one. I will try to get a pic of the kit i wore because it was terrible.

next up is my match on thursday, i will probably write abit about it but the scores are normally quite big so i will have to give it my best shot.

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