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Thomas Adams vs Hadley Learning difficulties

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it was my first school game for over 6months, i was not in good shape coming in to the game. The day before i had just played in a hard thought loss for my sunday leauge team. So the warm up began and straight away i felt it..... my hamstring was gone, i knew i was a gonner. the manager named the team and i was in it, as the tricksy winger. i new i couldnt let my comrades down, after all ive carried the team for so long. the game began slowly i was covering some miles down the left flank and bam! i was mugged of the ball by the number 10, he attacked down his right whipped a ball in the mixer, at this stage our keeper stokesy a seasoned veteran had fallen to pieces, stood at his near post, wobbly knees. i new he soiled himself i could smell it!!!! the cross came in he flapped at it with a pair of weak risks which the striker casually followed up and lashed in to the centre of the goal. kick of was taken i bombed down the left as you do, played a slik 1...2 and whipped a lame left booter in to the side netting. i couldnt go any further, i pulled up injured, at this point my team were staring defeat in the face. after being replaced i watched on nervously, the tackles flying in we pulled a goal back through our lb. blah blah blah

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