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Direct quote from hibs keeper Graham Stack - ' kicking is a skill that will develop as he gets older and stronger, the biggest thing is to get his technique right. Run up should be about 5 or 6 steps back with an angle, important to try and elevate the ball by getting underneath it to get height and to kick through the ball for extra distance. Accuracy will come later with practice.'


Personally I find making sure you put your laces through the ball, anywhere below the middle of the ball should do the job. I Lean back slightly with my weight on the standing foot when I kick it. The mistakes people usually make is either "chipping" the ball which will generate lift but not the distance, particularly if you're kicking into the wind or trying to hit it too hard meaning the weight is forward over the ball causing it to be hit too low or that they slice the ball. As Stacky says get the basic technique down and the rest will follow!

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I'd agree with that, theres nothing worse than chipping the ball and watching it loop into the air half way between the 18 yard box and half way line. To be honest, kicking has never been a personal strong point but I never have trouble with it. I sometimes end up kicking the ball too far and it lands straight in the hands of the opposing goalkeeper, absolute nightmare. My technique is simple, but it works for me... just smack it. Put your laces straight through the ball and continue with a good solid follow through.


If you've got no options on and its down to you simply smashing it up field then find a nice patch of grass, not too elevated though because you'll end up looping it, and just put your foot straight through it. Your standing leg is incredibly important so make sure there is somewhere beside the ball that is pretty level and solid that wont force you to lose balance.


Practice makes perfect! Make sure you've exhausted all possible leg muscle stretches before the game so your legs can go that bit further. (and to avoid injury obvcorse!)

I would recommend that until you're personally comfortable with your kicking you dont try and pick out that right winger who has pulled off his marker and looks in miles of space.. Accidents can happen! You'll be fine though that I'm sure, all goalkeepers go through a frustrating period of kicking difficulty but if you stick to a technique that works for you you shouldn't have any problems in the long run.

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