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Ok guyz, lets say that today we have a match, as goalkeepers, how's your day rolling?

Write down analytically, what you eat, what you do.

Im not a professional, im in academies, so game usually starts at 11;00am

--> Previous night of the match-day, im watching the best saves from the keepers for like 20 minutes - this is a tecnhique that its impresses saves in my mind and i think is working on your game

--> 7'o clock WAKE UP

--> 7:30 having a brekfast with a snack from bakery which accompany with an energy drink (usually gatorade) - do you suggest something else?

--> Then listening a bit to music, i chose accompany kind of music to get me up - what do you suggest by the way, what music..to increase your confidence?

--> 9'o clock i usually starts get in stress so i would like to give me some ideas to what to do or what to think, for make me feel confidence and kick the stress..

--> ...........................

--> 10;55 eating a banana and a kit kat.

--> 11 fight!!!!!!

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Well !! When in the changin rooms before kickoff 15 mins precisley I woukd start to.imagine me takin a in swingim cross from the left and from the right ! Then out swinging from both side but.i.also make sure I expect the worst Nd have. Back up.plan incase somthing unliley goes wrong !! My supersticsions are.to put everything.on left first and !! When.i arrive at the away team I also.play for academys !! I touch the left post run to the right and side step.towards the edge of the pitch !! I wont take my gloves of. Even on the coach :/

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