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Yugoslavian Goalkeeper

top 5 keepers of the decade

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dude Kahn MUST be the 1st one not buffon, remember him from 2000 till 2008...his performance was great


and i think that Cech shouldnt be in the list, but cassillas should, i dont like him but he's a hell of a good keeper

relax pal, I didnt made this board, that is official, I dont like Buffon but I think he deserves to be 1st, and do not forget, Buffon is the the most expensive GK ever! Kahn started with profesional keeeping in1988, he was the best until 2002, after that he started to geting old, 2006 Jens Lehmann came in German national team, and after that Kahn lost his captain track, and 1st place on national team, just 2 years later he finished his club career.

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