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3 or 4 Hours before you play it is great to have some pasta. That releases energy slowly.


For half time, jaffa cakes, jelly babies or a cup of tea with 2 sugars are all good ideas.

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My matches are usually morning so on the rare occaision where the managers fair and lets me play (or has no one else :( ):


Light cereal - weetabix, shreddies, shredded wheat, meusli, and not too much of it,

A banana

Maybe a small bit of chocolate or something for a bit of quick burst "wake up" energy.


Cranberry juice then Orange juice for breakfast and water (used to use lucozade hydro energy (the transparent one) but they stopped selling that) during the match



Training is in eve so at lunch i have a footlong Subway - I've always done it, it's become a tradition, even to the point where i think if i have the "spicy Italian" (which i used to have) that i'd play better!



Bananas are great btw - you see tennis players muching them in between sets, because they give energy. Limit sugar though, and STAY AWAY from Energy drink like Red Bull etc.

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