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Glove Review Template

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Glove Review Template


The following has been put together as a guide / template to help and encourage more people to do glove reviews. As a general rule of thumb a review should be based on a minimum of 5 uses and ideally in a variety of conditions and surface types. This will allow for a fair and balanced review. Once you have done your review upload it to the page as file and also put it on the main forum www.goalkeepertalk.com


Glove Make & Model : e.g Uhlsport Elliminator


Cut : e.g Roll finger


Latex : e.g 4mm Aquasoft


Internal Latex : e.g yes or no


Wrist Strap : e.g Latex, double wrap stretch strap etc etc


Wrist Entry : e.g Bandage, Neoprene etc

Glove Body : e.g Micromesh , Neoprene etc


Finger Protection : e.g Yes removeable, none etc


Price : e.g £39.99 plus postage & packaging


Where from : e.g www.great-save.com



First Impressions

Give a description on how they look, feel, fit etc. Did they feel good to go or do they need a pre wash?



State how many times you have used them, on what surfaces and conditions, was it training or matches? How did you feel using them? Did they give confidence in wet and dry conditions? What was the shock absorption like? What was the feel like on the ball? What has durability been like?


Ratings (out of 10)




Fit (deduct marks if not true to size e.g if have to go up or down sizes)


Build Quality (deduct marks if had any colour fade or popped seems / stitches)

Dry Grip


Wet Grip


Durability (deduct marks if latex has torn up particularly badly or grip dies suddenly)


Overall (Add up your total marks and divide by 6 to give overall)




Sum up how you feel about the gloves and whether you would recommend them or use them again.




Add in any pictures you have taken, ideally before use and as you go along using them, highlight any good point / features and any damage etc here


(if uploading to the forum you will have to use photobuck and copy & paste the image URL)

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