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Sells Wrap Elite Exosphere

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Glove Make & Model : Sells Wrap Elite Exosphere

Cut :  Roll finger

Latex : 3.5mm Adhesion Ultra Absolute with 4mm memory foam backing

Internal Latex : no

Wrist Strap : Latex with window for personalisation

Wrist Entry : Neoprene

Glove Body :  Neoprene with outlast technology

Finger Protection : None

Price : rrp £100 but can be picked up a lot cheaper on various websites

Where from : I got mine from ebay



Exclusively developed for Sells in Germany, Adhesion Ultra Absolute is the next generation of Sells all-weather grip latex.

Continuing Sells philosophy of innovation through technology this 3.5mm latex with a 4mm memory foam backing provides exceptional, unrivalled grip in all conditions.

Bio-Flex channels on the backhand permit unrestricted movement and finger flexibility while the roll finger cut with surround thumb ensures maximum latex to ball contact.

Originally developed for NASA astronauts, the Outlast body fabric regulates the internal temperature of the gloves to keep your hands warm when it's cold and cool when it's hot.

Neoprene  style wrist with embossed latex strap ensures a comfortable, easily adjustable and secure fit.

First Impressions


I was a big fan of the original wrap from sells but was put off by the model from about 5 years ago as the experience I had wasn’t good. The grip was insane for about 3 uses then just die so I never used another pair of Sells until now. I saw these on ebay for fairly cheap so decided to give them another go. Aesthetically I’d say these are very pleasing on the eye. Trying them on they feel very well made and comfortable and true to size having got them in my usual size 10. The latex didn’t feel powdery or anything like that out the bag but I stuck them in the machine on a cold wash before the first use.



These have been used around a dozen or so times now on grass and astro in wet and dry conditions in a mix of training, matches and 7 a side games. The grip on these didn’t disappoint especially in the wet, that is the conditions that the latex uses on these excels in, in the dry they are good but it is a very thirsty latex and has to be kept damp / verging on wet to get the best out it. The  shock absorption on these is excellent as you’d expect with 7.5mm of material between ball and hand but the feel on the balls is very good, they feel substantial but not overly bulky. Durability, this is where my previous experience with the brand fell short, until now. As I said I have used them a dozen or so times now and they are still going strong with only some minor wear to the finger tips and some rubber crumb rash on the palm. A much better experience than my last one.


Ratings (out of 10)


Looks 8.5


Fit 9


Build Quality 9


Dry Grip 9


Wet Grip 9


Durability 8


Overall  8.75



I’m glad to say that my experience of these was way better than my last one with Sells, it’s easy to see why they are the glove of choice of so many top level pros. I’d never pay full retail price on them but they are definitely worth looking out for in the sales. Highly recommended.




Link to my photobucket album of these here http://s194.photobucket.com/user/superstar_tradesmanp100/library/Sells Exosphere Wrap

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