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Del Keoper

Behalt R.14 Review

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Del Keoper    0

Glove Make & Model : Behalt R.14 Green/Blue


Cut : Roll finger


Latex : 4mm Elite Quartz


Internal Latex : No


Wrist Strap : 3mm Embossed Latex


Wrist Entry : Bandage


Glove Body : Embossed Latex with some micromesh


Finger Protection : None


Price : £42 plus postage & packaging


Where from : www.behaltgoalkeeping.com



First Impressions

Nice simplistic glove with nice detailing to the backhand and a few flashes of colour which complements them nicely. They are a true to size fitting and are extremely comfortable on the hand. Straight out of the bag they were very tacky but I gave them a prewash anyway just to be sure.



I have used these gloves between 15-20 times now on and off for 2 seasons in various conditions on both grass and artificial surfaces in games and towards the end of their use in training, Right away these were extremely grippy. The 4mm palm gives the perfect balance between shock absorption and feel. In the dry these are one of the best gloves I have used to date. In the wet of course the grip isn’t as good, but still more than useable in wet conditions. I had complete confidence in them every time I’ve worn them in all conditions. The only negative thing I could say about these is the durability of them. I could see signs of wear after about 5 or 6 wears. Now this may have been down to poor technique and poor surfaces as its mostly the finger tips which have worn, the palm is still in excellent condition.


Ratings (out of 10)


Looks: 8.5

Fit: 9

Build Quality: 8.5

Dry Grip: 9

Wet Grip: 8

Durability: 7

Overall 8.3





I thoroughly enjoyed using these gloves and still do so in training to date. The grip and feel is excellent on these. As I mentioned the wear on I have experienced could be poor technique. I would certainly buy this model again but more recently have opted for the Double B model to give them a go as I was so impressed with the performance of these. I would say they are priced slightly higher in the “Indy” brand market, but definitely out perform some of the “big” brand gloves I have used in the past. If buying these I would suggest using them as a match glove only due to the wear I found and the price. It would make sense to only use them in games to maximise use. I have had these 2 years now and although the fingertips are worn, the grip is still excellent. If it wasn’t for the wear I would still have the confidence to wear these in game.



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Del Keoper    0
On 7/18/2017 at 9:43 AM, fraserb said:

Great review mate, any pics? 

I do mate but haven't had the chance to set up a photobucket account yet and wouldn't let me upload them without it 

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