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Silly mistakes

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GK20    0

Getting a bit fed up at the moment because I keep making simple mistakes. In training I always play to my best standard i'd say and when it comes to games I just make silly judgements, things that I wouldn't dream of doing in training. For example in last 2 seasons I've:

  • Gone out to head ball clear, hesitated and thought id let it run into the box to handle it...misjudged the bounce and its gone over me and striker got on it and had open goal,
  • called safe only for shot to go in
  • come out for a couple crosses I'm never gone reach
  • saved a shot  with my foot when really all it needed was a step and a scoop... rebound went in to strikers feet and goal
  • dropped a collapsing dive at strikers feet
  • spilt a shot
  • and let a shot under me

It's got to the point now that I fear I'm going to make a mistake in each match. I know a few keepers are kind of renowned for having a silly mistake in them and just wonder how to overcome this because I worry it's holding me back.


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fraserb    3

Easier said than done but you need to put the mistakes out your mind, try to think back to games when you haven't made a mistake and played well. 

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Del Keoper    4

As Fraser says, need to try put the mistakes out of your mind. And work on them at training. My dad always told me concentration was key and some of the mistakes could be down to concentration. He used to tell me to commentate to myself throught the game. Especially when the balls in the other half. It certainly keeps your mind in the game.

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