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Peak Focus 2.0

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Peak Focus 2.0










Glove Make & Model : Peak Focus 2.0




Cut :  Hybrid Roll finger




Latex : 4mm Platinum-Q Quartz




Internal Latex : No




Wrist Strap : Elastic stretch strap




Wrist Entry : Lycra




Glove Body :  Latex topped subliminated lycra




Finger Protection : None




Price : £70 plus postage & packaging




Where from : https://store.peakelite.co.uk/products/focus-2-0




Spec from Peak Website




The Focus 2.0 is like no glove you've seen before. Continuing on from the success of our Focus Pro, the 2.0 goes way beyond. The SET cut creates the illusion of making the hand appear bigger whilst offering the closest of rolled cuts..

Palm - 4mm Platinum-Q Quartz latex gives excellent grip in all conditions thanks to its moisture absorbing properties which channels the dampness away from the surface.

Body- For the first time in the market PEAK bring a full latex body topped with high grade fully sublimated lycra. The closeness of this glove is unrivalled in its second-skin like feel.

Additional - Easy-fit technology to the wrist.










First Impressions

Well what can you say about these but absolutely stunning. Scotty continues to knock it right out the park with his designs which if being honest I expect from him. These feel extremely well made and of the highest quality materials, they have a rubber punch zone on the backhand that feels very similar to the Adidas ace gloves only better, there is a more solid surface area where punching and after 10 uses there is no signs of them peeling off like happens with the Adidas. Fit wise they are a slightly roomy glove so if you normally wear a half size I definitely recommend going down not up in size, the one thing that I really feel lets these gloves down is the wrist strap, the Velcro on the actual strap that fastens to the piece on the glove body is so small it gives very little scope for adjustment so I cant get the strap as tight as I would like. I have spoken to Scotty about this and he is revising this on the next batch I believe. Out the bag they did feel a little powdery so gave them my standard run through the machine for the pre wash, after the dried a little so they were just damp you could feel the grip was there and they were good to go.





These have been used 10 times in all, all on astro in a mix of wet and dry conditions and in a mix of games training and 7 a side matches so they have seen a lot of use.Grip wise these inspired a lot of confidence no matter the weather, there is no noticeable drop off performance wise in the wet, the quartz on these is definitely one of the best ones I have used. These gloves although a 4mm latex feel very thing as the backing on the latex isn’t the thickest, I actually quite like that as it lets you get an excellent feel on the ball whilst shock absorption is still good. With this being such a soft latex I wasn’t expecting the durability to be the best if I am honest but surprisingly it has been excellent, only some minor grazing on the heel of the palm(due to my technique more than anything) and some minor colour fade on the printed latex parts on the tips of the fingers / backhand. As I touched on earlier the rubber punch zone and rubber PEAK letters on the back hand are all still attached and not even the slightest sign of coming away.




Ratings (out of 10)




Looks - 10




Fit – 8




Build Quality 8




Dry Grip 8




Wet Grip 8




Durability 8




Overall  8.33





A lot of people will baulk at the price of these but when you compare it to the price we are now seeing with some of the mainstream brands Id say these actually prove to be great value for money, if looked after they will last you ages and they give superb grip, when the strap issue is fixed I’d be hard pressed to find a better glove I’ve tried recently.





http://s194.photobucket.com/user/superstar_tradesmanp100/library/Peak focus 2

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24 minutes ago, Bucks13 said:

I really want to try the Tim Krul VG3 a like model.

You'll like them, I'd drop a size in those though as quite a loose fitting glove

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