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Coaching Disagreements

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So as a lot of you probably know, or think. There isnt always one technique used for situations. 

Right now I am at a clinic being trained by a pretty renouned coach in the area, but find myself disagreeing with out of his teachings. Feel free to mention a dif than technique i use or let me know if these coaches are correct. Let me preface this post by saying that this coach is pretty solid. 

1. he suggests for Breakaways, using the "K" technique (where you drop one knee) in a 1v1. Im not saying this in incorrect by any means. i see pros use it frequently. I was tought by Brian Jones of st louis goalkeeping (pretty renouned coach in medwest) that this technique leaves you too vaunreable to some taking a touch around you and prohibitts you from taking the ball w your hands if he loses control or react to a shot w footwork and a dive. i respectfully explained my rationale for using a different technique, but each 1v1 rep i woul use the technique i use and did quite well, but was still lectured even after i made saves. not sound arrogant, but when i was playing as forward, i would simply fake a shot and take a touch around the GK in "K" position or even nutmeg a few. none of these GKs faced criticsm i did. 


2.The thing i disagreed was this

We did a situational drill where someone takes the ball to the touchline and slots the ball across the box to an open striker inside the 18. my usual response to this was to move as quickly as possible forward to narrow the angle as much as possible and get set when the shot somes (as it will most likely be one touch shot) this coach told me to shuffle back to the goaline and face it as it was a normal shot amd just react to it. imo i thought this was absurd. facing a 1 touch shot at the penalty   spot while remaining on your line. Unless you have the fastest reflexes or its right at you, i dont think u have much of a chance to save this.

A side note, these coaches are very conservative and dont like player expression. during possesion or when im playing as forward for some drills, i get dirty looks for doing skill moves. same w distribution. When i get back passes, i am comfortable enough to play short receive it back and play a driven ball to someone on the wing. from the back I will try long throws to generate an attack or a side volley. of course this always doesnt find the exact target, but it usually doesnt end up in a clear giveaway putting my team jeapordy. my coach wants me to go long on every passback. only throw to wide open ppl at medium distance, and volleys are always just long clearances.

Sorry if i sound very concieted.i dont mind to undermine authority, but i just see eye to eye on everything w this coach. its not my teams coach so its just for a week. should i just follow his rules for this short period of time? 

Let me know if you im way off on any of this. id love feedback.





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Hi dombrowski32

Sounds like you've already finished your time with that coach, but thought I'd drop a line anyway.

My initial reaction is to say that yes, take what that coach is giving you and really give it a try. You can do anything for a week. And honestly, learning another technique could be really helpful in the end. Why not add another skill to your tool box?

I personally train my keepers on the k technique as I think it's more effective when facing a shot from just a few yards away. If the attacker is further away than a few yards, I think a nice, low ready position is fine.

In general I think your observation is right, in that there are plenty of ways to achieve the desired result (a save). So don't shortchange yourself by not giving other methods a chance. Who  knows, maybe after a little work you'll get better results, from this or another different way of playing the position.

Best of luck!

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