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George Anag

EDGE AW1 Classic Review

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My review for Martin Edge Paquin's EDGE AW1 Classic gloves with photos included! Any questions feel free to ask!

Glove Make & Model : Edge AW1 Classic


Cut :  Hybrid Cut


Latex : 4.5mm Contact


Internal Latex : No


Wrist Strap : Latex


Wrist Entry : Elastic wrist entry


Glove Body :  Micro-mesh, 3.5mm German latex backhand


Finger Protection : Yes removable


Price : C$46+ C$10 postage (30.5 pounds) (got them for 22$ CAD or 12 pounds inc. postage from a promo offer)

Where from : edgegk.ecwid.com



First Impressions

As said in their name, they are definitely a classic!! Combination of white and black, you can’t go wrong with them look-wise. Fit-wise I am a size 11 but I felt I could easily fit in a 12 in these. But I generally like a snug fit for my gloves so I wasn’t so bothered of this. Otherwise felt great on hand with no edges (get me?) from the inside making them uncomfortable and plastic film was easily removed. Having small wrists was always a problem for me but these didn’t feel too bulky, instead they fit very well when having some wrist protections on! Concluding, I had them prewashed by hand 2 times before using just to be sure!!


These have been used 12 times in games, on grass pitches from real hot to heavy raining weather. Really muddy pitches when raining and stone rough when in a drought period. Having only used big brands (Adidas, Nike, Puma to be precise) before I wore them in my first game without expecting much with reserve gloves on the bag. 12 games after and I am not so keen on changing them in the near future! Grip was the best I had ever gotten with the only exception being the first 2-3 nike profi uses. They are stable enough so no need to drag them back to their place after every shot saved. Dampened them usually 2-3 times in each half when it was not raining and that was more than enough to keep the grip alive. In rainy conditions as long as the huge amounts of mud was wept with a towel, grip had little difference as to the dry conditions one. Definitely the glove I’ve felt most comfortable playing with! Shock absorption is good, no problems facing even the hardest shots. After 12 games these have very few scuffs on the one palm which I was surprised by considering all of my previous gloves had palm problems after maximum 10 games. Only problem is a fading of the colors on the backhand which is no problem for me. That’s the reason I don’t intend on degrading them to training gloves in the near future as I said!


Ratings (out of 10)


Looks 9


Fit 7.5


Build Quality 8.5

Dry Grip 8.5


Wet Grip 7.5


Durability 9


Overall  8.5




Overall a great glove. Design by Martin is outstanding and innovative while retaining the classic part!! Never let me down grip-wise, it is a pleasure wearing them every time! Would definitely recommend them, value for money is next to none when comparing with the big brands!! These were my first independent brand gloves so can’t compare with other such brands!






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