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Edge Gk Silver (Quartz) review

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Edge Silver Quartz Review




Glove Make & Model : edge Silver Quartz


Cut :  Negative with double wrapped thumb


Latex : 4.5 mm quartz


Internal Latex : No


Wrist Strap : Single wrap stretch strap


Wrist Entry : Bandage


Glove Body : 3D Mesh, latex backhand with rubber punching zone


Finger Protection : Yes removeable,


Price : C$65 plus postage & packaging (approx. £40)


Where from : https://www.ecwid.com/store/edgegk/Silver-Negative-Cut-p95802504


Tech spec from edge Site

The Silver glove is a superb masterpiece of design using technology to better suit your everyday game conditions. Choice of Contact or Quartz grip and a 3D Mesh construction. Get yours today!

Zipper locked removable finger spines
4.5mm palms with choice of latex (Contact-Quartz)
3.5mm german latex backhand
3D mesh construction
Negative Cut
Double wrapped elastic wrist strap with 3D rubber logo
Rubber Punching Zone
Unique backhand ID window
Sizes 7 to 10


First Impressions

I think these are a good looking glove although I do know they are not to everyone’s taste, the only let down for me aesthetically is the personalisation window on the backhand, that aside the design for me is very good and once again you can’t say that Martin isn’t being unique  .Fit wise these are true to size, I know some people found the sizing to be off in the previous range. Feel wise they do feel very well made just like the AW1 I tried previously. The latex did feel slightly powdery out the packet so I gave them my usual pre wash of running them through the machine, once I had done this and they had dried a bit they were good to go.



They have been used around 10 times all on astro in both wet and dry conditions. In a mix of 11 and 7 a side games. I’ve found this version of the quartz latex to be superb in both wet and dry conditions. It was a latex that previously I wasn’t sure of but having used it now from a few brands it really is a great all-rounder. The 4.5 mm latex gives great shock absorption without feeling clumsy/ bulky. The durability has been excellent with a little abrasion on the palm which is to be expected given my technique isn’t exactly flawless, there is a little  colour fade on the backhand which doesn’t tend to happen with coulour printed latex but no way affects performance, there is no popped stitches or anything else I could knock any marks off for.


Ratings (out of 10)


Looks 6.5 (Not to everyones taste but they are original)


Fit 9


Build Quality 8 a couple of marks off just for the colour fade


Dry Grip 9


Wet Grip 8


Durability 8


Overall  8.08




Another good glove from Martin at Edge, I think edge as a brand are very good, from the very get go Martin has been original and innovative design wise not always to everyone’s liking but you can’t please everyone, I think each of his ranges have been an improvement on the last which is what it should be like, constantly striving to improve. This particular model are very good and I have enjoyed wearing them, I would recommend them. The price translates to approx £40 which definitely puts them in the higher end of the independent brands but they give good value for money. As is with most of the Indy brands they give excellent customer service and Martin does go above and beyond to help folk where he can




Link to photobucket album will be added in due course

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