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Insanity Blackbird Review

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Insanity Blackbird Negative Cut  Review



Glove Make & Model : Insanity Black Bird Negative


Cut :  Negative


Latex : 4mm German Motion Contact V2


Internal Latex : no but do have silicone anti slip nodes in the finger tips and 3mm memory foam lining


Wrist Strap : Double wrap stretch strap


Wrist Entry : Mesh


Glove Body :  Mesh


Finger Protection : None


Price : €42


Where from : http://www.insanitygloves.com/product-page/black-bird-negative-alround-glove


First Impressions


Well once again another stunner from Insanity, from the get go their design has been superb and these are no different, I tried the original Napkins which unfortunately couldn’t match the looks with performance. Initially carlos didn’t take the criticism to well but he has listened and worked on a lot of things one being a new version of the latex used so when he asked if I would be up for trying it I jumped at the chance. Trying them on the first thing you notice is how comfortable they are, the silicone pads in the finger tips feel very good and stop the glove moving about on the hand, in all honesty it’s probably not needed as these are a very good fitting negative glove. The double wrap stretch strap is a perfect length for me on these. They are a true to size glove so stick with your normal size.They feel extremely comfortable when on and the latex once the film was peeled was really really tacky. The rubber punch zone on the back hand is another good feature on these, it is substantial yet doesn’t make the backhand overly bulky.




These have been used around 10 times now all on 3G but in both wet and dry conditions. The grip I have to say has been very good compared to the last ones I tried, they are excellent in the dry and the performance only fades ever so slightly in the wet which is  normal for a contact foam but nothing like what the napkins did. The 4mm latex along with the 3mm memory foam give great shock absorption but they don’t feel anywhere near as bulky as you might think with 7mm total material between the ball and your hand. Durability wise there is actually very little damage to the palm which has really surprised me, just the usual rubber crumb rash and the normal wear to the finger tips you get with a neg cut, there is an abrasion zone on the palm similar to what Adidas use but it is still intact.


Ratings (out of 10)


Looks 8(not normally a fan of blackout gloves but these work for me)


Fit 9


Build Quality 9


Dry Grip 8.5


Wet Grip 7.75


Durability 8.5


Overall  8.5




A much better performing glove this time around from Carlos at Insanity, if you are a fan of blackout gloves then these should definitely be up near the top of your to try list. At €42 they are very very good value for money and I have no problem recommending them at all. Well done Carlos and Insanity for acting on the previous feedback to improve your product.




Link to my photobucket album of these to come when I get them uploaded


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16 hours ago, GKJacob said:

Great review Fraser, just a heads up that the title and the review don't match. 

Lol cheers mate, copied the wrong word doc onto here sorted now

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