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Sean Murdoch

Unique Patent Protected Goalkeeper Glove / Sean Murodch

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I do like your idea the innovation, personally I don't see it kicking off but as others have said I could be wrong. You obviously really have passion for the idea and to make it work... I have asked this question before. I think you need to protect the backhand (the other palm) can you do this.... Maby some clever removable backhand... That can next be attached to the goalkeepers second pair... 

I coach and technique as you know certainly is something young goalkeepers can struggle with... Damaging the backhand.. 

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Hi Funkretch,

Thank you very much for your response and honest opinion. 

It’s been a common question. At the moment the backhand is 4mm thick which is thicker than a lot of gloves on today’s market. I am still designing a possible removable finger save for both sides which will be my next model. 

I have trial and tested the product vigorously for many months. For me to get the best durability out of the glove and full use, I would use one side one training session then the other the next and so on. 

Please trust me this concept works. With Nike and Adidas going down the lighter glove route my glove Airor fits niceless in to the balance of this. 

Thank you once more. Please ask me any questions or if you would like to try the glove. 

Many thanks

Sean Murdoch

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