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FLine S Line Glove

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FLine S Line SMU


Glove Make & Model : FLine s Line SMU Neg cut


Cut :  Negative cut


Latex : 4mm super wet weather


Internal Latex : No


Wrist Strap : Latex


Wrist Entry : elastic Bandage


Glove Body :  Neoprene


Finger Protection :None


Price : Not currently available, think I paid £30 approx


Where from : https://www.f-linegk.com/



First Impressions

Another stunner from FLine with a nod back to the European colourway that the great dane wore back in the day, very simplistic and clean looking. They are a true to size fitting glove with the negative cut on these conforming to the hand perfectly. Another extremely comfortable glove that oozes quality. The SWW latex on these felt good to go straight from the packet but I gave them a pre wash anyway.



I have used these around 10 or 12 times now, they have been used in both wet and dry on grass and astro. Using these I felt very confident even in the worst of conditions, the SWW latex is superb, it reminds me very much of Uhlsports Absolutgrip both in terms of performance and durability. The 4mm foam gives excellent shock absorption without sacrificing feel when catching. Durabilty has been very good, barely a mark on them, even after being used on dry indoor astro which can be very hard on gloves.


Ratings (out of 10)


Looks = 8


Fit – 9


Build Quality -  9


Dry Grip - 9


Wet Grip – 9


Durability – 9


Overall  -  8.83





Another quality offering from Fordy. I have yet to have a bad experience with any of the gloves he puts out a quality product time after time. These are not available unless you do an SMU order but the latex is used on several of his range so well worth a purchase




Link to my photobucket album of the gloves as they sit now


http://s194.photobucket.com/user/superstar_tradesmanp100/library/Fline S Line SMU

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7 hours ago, Del Keoper said:

Lovely looking glove mate, need to give F-Line a go in the future.

You really must mate, they are superb

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